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Interview: Brioni

Interviews | April 19, 2019 |

Interview: BrioniImage courtesy of Brioni

Interview: Brioni

Luca Curci talks with Brioni during ANIMA MUNDI FESTIVAL 2019 – RITUALS at Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi.

Brioni is a European artist London – based. She combines music and art developing her own synesthetic concept: the painting is not a copy of what she hears; rather, when she listens to music, she perceives more colorful textures than she normally perceives and she is able to depict them in the painting. She is solo on stage playing her paintings as an electronic drum, connecting everything with a keyboard, a controller and the laptop. “Piece of me” and all her single tracks were released a few months apart from each other, totaling up to more than 20.000 plays and views on YouTube. Her artworks were exhibited in London, Rome and Venice.

Luca Curci – What is art for you?
Brioni – Art is why I wake up in the morning. Art is beauty of life. It’s an alternative way of describing visual experience and an attempt to reproduce an illusion of visible reality that we don’t like or we want to enlight. Everyone would have to do it!

LC – What are you currently working on?
B – I’m currently working on new commissions and a new project combining paintings, 3d perspectives and sounds. Also, I’m working on engagement: I would love to create something to connect more with people, to allow them to embrace my vision and art in general. My elements are always water and vibrations produced by my music.

LC – Do visitors’ suggestions enrich yourself and your art?
B – Always! Everyone is giving suggestions. Sometimes it seems totally unrelated or out of line, but it’s never like that. Everyone has its own point of view and if we can combine our vision with general public’s one we can make art for everyone, as it is. Art has no property and it has to be part of everyone of us.

LC – Did your style change over the years? In which way?
B – My style is still constantly changing. I’m ispired by people, feelings and other artists. I’m defining my own style following water’s flow and my original music. I’m constantly looking for new sounds and new shapes made by water.

LC – Which art themes do you pursue? What is your preferred subject, if there is any?
B – My theme is in between water and music. I like water because it’s the most adaptable element in the world and I like everything and everyone who can transform itself and find new ways to be. I’m fascinated by the water because it is teaching us to be always fluid and always adapting, while remaining true to who we are. Water raises and lowers, crashes and stills but in the end water is always true to its make up. As Lao Tzu said “Remember: what is soft is strong”. I’m also a synesthetic artist: I’m painting abstract combining music and art developing my own concept: the painting is not a copy of what I hear; rather, when I listens to music, I perceive more colorful textures than I normally perceive and I’m able to depict them in the painting. Every painting is inspired by music and water’s movement.

LC – In which way the artwork presented in our exhibition is connected with the festival’s theme?
B – I’ve been featured in ANIMA MUNDI with a performance. Everything was focused to the beauty of our planet, promoting renewable energies, recycling and protection and my vision is very much related to this. I’m using recycled items to do my music live set up and I’m painting with water and non-toxic colours to transfrom art in a sustainable and eco-friendly support to our every day life. As an artists, I think that we have the power to develope and spread the consciousness about this important theme, more than anyone else. Art has an essential role in awareness and I think we have to use it as much as possible to make this planet lasts for lots of years!

LC – What do you think about the concept of this festival? In which way did it inspire you?
B – ANIMA MUNDI inspired me because it’s a very important theme, unfortunately, very present. Our life is full of rituals, consciousness and visions. From the small to the biggest things. It’s fascinating to think about our behave and how the planet is changing because of this. Being featured in such a theme it’s a honour for me, I have the opportunity to do my part and feel that art is always current and speaks about our lives.

LC – What is your idea about ITSLIQUID GROUP?
B – ITSLIQUID GROUP is one of the best organization which I worked with. All the member of the staff knows perfectly what to do, everyone is friendly and competent and always available to find solutions. It’s a beautiful community made by beautiful people who works with heart and love for art and artists. Always featuring new people and looking for the new thing to enlight, I can see the research they do to obtain very worthy results.

LC – What do you think about the organization of our event?
B – I enjoyed the atmosphere, the location, the way ITSLIQUID staff have to make you feel at home always. ANIMA MUNDI was really well organized, especially about performances and artworks set up. Being part of this was exciting and I’m looking forward to come again with new projects.

LC – Did you enjoy cooperating with us?
B – I always enjoy being part of your exhibitions and events. A special thanks goes to Luca and Giulia, who committ theirselves to the artists night and day, to make everyhing smooth and lovely. This was the second time I was joining one of your event and I feel its the beginning of a long and passionate relationship. Thank you for having me!


Interview: BrioniImage courtesy of Brioni 

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