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brittany metz 01
Image courtesy of Brittany Metz

Interview: Brittany Metz
Luca Curci talks with Brittany Metz during SUPERNATURAL, held in London at THE LINE Contemporary Art Space.

Brittany Metz is an installation and new media artist creating work through self-awareness that
encourages introspection and contemplation. The short cyclical nature of her video work is meditative,
allowing the viewer to discover connections to the images presented through each cycle. This looping
of multilayered video is somewhat disorienting leaving the viewer questioning the time or place of her
dreamlike spaces and most importantly, their place in this space. Metz received a BA in Studio Art from Rollins College and an MFA in Emerging Media: Studio Art & the Computer from the University of Central Florida. She has exhibited nationally and internationally. Metz lives and works in Orlando, Florida where she is a professor of Art & Design.

brittany metz 02
Image courtesy of Brittany Metz

Luca Curci – What are you currently working on?
Brittany Metz I have been working on a collaborative video project with another artist, combining her figurative videos with my environmental videos. The layering of our work has proven to be very complimentary, creating new meaning and purpose through the synthesis.

LC – How did you get to your current artistic practice?
BM In grad school, I experimented with video and projection and was really happy with the results. As my work grew more conceptual, video allowed me to capture the viewer and hold them in the metaphorical space I create, allowing for an experience different from the interaction of traditional media and the viewer.

brittany metz 03
Image courtesy of Brittany Metz

LC – What are the three hashtags essential to define your poetics that you could not give up?
BM – #presence, #breathe, #meditate

LC – Do visitors’ suggestions enrich yourself and your art?
I love to hear about their experience with my work; after all, it is all about their experience. The visitors and their experience are an extension of my work and why I create it. Providing a moment of presence and mindfulness is the goal, similar to a guided meditation, visually speaking. I often produce sound in my work, with breathing as a component in the composition and singing bowls, enveloping the visitor as they enter the space, encouraging connection and breath.

brittany metz 04
Image courtesy of Brittany Metz

LC – How do you choose your subjects? Is it a reasoned or an instinctive process?
BM –
Yes, I choose my subjects, and much of my video work has included two mannequins (masculine and feminine), a universal symbol viewers can see as a substitute for themselves. Rather than having a specific living being, I use this prop as a placeholder for anyone watching. It is easier for us to put ourselves into these universal symbols of life as a specific being may not resonate or, worse, allude to the narrative explicitly relating to that individual.

LC – How do you feel when you see your work completed?
BM –
Seeing the projection is very satisfying as these works are site-specific, and considerations are made for the location and size of the projection. It is not fully realized until installed.

brittany metz 05
Image courtesy of Brittany Metz

LC – Can you explain something about the artwork you have in our exhibition?
BM –
The video FemWave shows two feminine mannequins on the right and left as a symbol of past and present, submerged in water, and fluid. The mannequins are in nature, surrounded by beauty, and their heads are above water. They remain still as the water moves, remaining unchanged by the seas. This steady, solid presence on the right and the left allows us to focus on the center, the present moment, now. The only moment we are truly living is now; this is a reminder to stay strong, steady, present, and unchanged by outside forces, all while basking in the beauty of the natural world around us. Instead of a video with a beginning, middle, and end, my works are cyclical and loop, moving images, as I call them.

LC – What do you think about the organization of our event?
BM –
This is my second time showing with itsliquid group, and I am always impressed with the professionalism in the organization and marketing of the events as well as the opportunities given to the artists represented. I appreciate the opportunity given to artists working in video.

brittany metz 06
Image courtesy of Brittany Metz

LC – Would you suggest a collaboration with us? What do you think about our services?
BM –
Collaboration with this group is highly recommended.

LC – Do you think ITSLIQUID GROUP can represent an opportunity for artists?
BM –
Yes, the opportunity is much appreciated. Itsliquid has years of experience hosting exhibitions worldwide for artists with extensive marketing and publication.

brittany metz 07
Image courtesy of Brittany Metz
brittany metz 08
Image courtesy of Brittany Metz
brittany metz 09
Image courtesy of Brittany Metz
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Image courtesy of Brittany Metz

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