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Image courtesy of Carla Forte

Interview: Carla Forte
Luca Curci
talks with Carla Forte during FUTURE LANDSCAPES, the third appointment of BORDERS ART FAIR 2021, at Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello.

Carla Forte lives and works in Miami, Florida. Forte, as first trained as a contemporary dancer, received a bachelor degree, earning the highest GPA at Dance University Institute in Caracas – Venezuela (2000-2004). Forte soon established herself as an interdisciplinary artist incorporating dance, film and performance through different media, focusing on the emotions as a starting point. She is the co-founder and film director of Bistoury Physical Theatre and Film (2007 – Present) in Miami, Florida. Her feature films and experimental pieces have been screened at prominent festivals such as: 74 “Festival Internazionale del Cinema di Salerno”, “62nd Rochester International Film Festival” (2020), 37th “Miami Film Festival” (2020), “41st Atlanta Film Festival” (2017). She has also been featured in Galleries including: “OGA VideoArt Exhibitions Roma, Italy (2018); Cube Art Project Lincoln, Nebraska. (July 21, 2017) and Les Instants Vidéo Marseille, France (2014). Her works have been acquired by Gravitas Adventures (2019) and South Florida PBS. Forte has won awards and artistic residencies from prestigious programs such as Dance Miami Choreographers (2020); Knight Arts Challenge Miami (2019); En Residencia Koubek Center (2019); Kulturscio’k Live Art Collective, Domicella- Italy (2018- 2019); FONLAD Residency Program Coimbra- Portugal (2018); Berlinale Talent Berlin (2017) among others.

Carlaforte 002
Image courtesy of Carla Forte

Luca Curci – What are you currently working on?
Carla Forte –
I am currently working on my new project ‘Bird Woman’ a dance performance that fuses dance, film and music, based and inspired in histories of Latina women immigrants that explore the human condition, equality, and gender freedom.

LC – What’s your background? What is the experience that has influenced your work the most?
CF –
At first I was trained as a contemporary dancer at Dance University Institute in Caracas – Venezuela (2000-2004). Then I established myself as an interdisciplinary artist incorporating dance, film and performance through different media, focusing on the emotions as a starting point.

Carlaforte 003
Image courtesy of Carla Forte

LC – Did your style change over the years? In which way?
CF –
I always try to keep my voice in each project that I make.

LC – What is your creative process like?
CF –
I like to develop my work during artistic residency, in that way I get enough time to get deeper into my artistic work. Also I like to merge dance, film and performance.

LC – What is the most challenging part about creating your artworks?
CF –
The challenging part is always making the right decisions for the project.

LC – We were attracted by your last artistic production, has the artwork presented been created for the festival or as a part of preexisting works?
CF –
Femme is a recently work I did during the pandemic. Femme is a work that was inspired and focused by Latin American women in South Florida

Carlaforte 004
Image courtesy of Carla Forte

LC – In which way the artwork presented in our exhibition is connected with the festival’s theme?
CF –
Body, skiing and fragmented identity.

LC – What do you think about ITSLIQUID Platform?
CF –
Is an incredible platform for artists.

LC – Do you think IT’S LIQUID GROUP can represent an opportunity for artists?
CF –
Of course yes!

Carlaforte 005
Image courtesy of Carla Forte

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