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Carlos Arroba Diaz
Image courtesy of Carlos Arroba Diaz

Interview: Carlos Arroba Diaz
Luca Curci talks with Carlos Arroba Diaz during FRAGMENTED IDENTITIES, second appointment of BORDERS Art Fair 2020, at THE ROOM Contemporary Art Space.

Channeler, writer, photographer and personal facilitator, to find purpose in life and release wounds of the soul. I am a certified facilitator of emotional management through photography and use of art as a tool for my sessions. I am in charge of showing the world what each soul hides in its heart. I was born in Madrid in 1976 and I had a childhood marked by the death of my older brother from an illness, which made me extremely sensitive to emotions and empathetic. I was twenty months apart from him and he died when I was 13 years old. That changed my life forever and that of my family. With the death of my father in April 2019 after a leukemia, life wanted to show me a different path and I began to channel energy at the moment of his death. Now I am dedicated to channeling that energy through art to facilitate that which helped me to others.

Carlos Arroba Diaz
Image courtesy of Carlos Arroba Diaz

Luca Curci – What is the art for you?
Carlos Arroba Diaz – Art is what we are, we are the masterpiece of our parents, we are the best version of themselves. Only that each one must find a way to show their true essence.

LC – What topic are you working on?
CAD – In setting up a course that includes texts, photographs, multimedia material and practical exercises, to know oneself.

LC – What is the most challenging part of creating your works of art?
CAD – When I go into catharsis when writing the texts, because it is when I feel emotions, and I release them using my heart. Also when assigning photographs to the text that you have written, it is an exercise where logic and intuition are used in equal parts.

Carlos Arroba Diaz
Image courtesy of Carlos Arroba Diaz

LC – What is it like to be an artist today?
CAD – Something unusual, but something beautiful, because everyone sees that you are not equal to others but at the same time you are the same as them. You only allow yourself to express with your art what you carry inside. It is an ongoing exercise in courage to show what you have inside.

LC – What artistic themes do you pursue? What is your favorite topic, if any?
CAD – In my case, I use art to heal emotions, using technology, philosophy, religion, coaching, logic, technology, writing, drawing, music and photography. All these topics interest me equally and I use them to continue making art, because I believe that the human and the digital are an extension of what we carry inside. I joined the digital part after dedicating myself for twenty years to manage computer systems in several multinationals. It was a frustrating job to discover that there was no creativity, only when something failed was given the opportunity to discover something new looking for the solution to the problem.

Carlos Arroba Diaz
Image courtesy of Carlos Arroba Diaz

LC – What is the message linked to the work of art that you have shown in this exhibition? How does it relate to the theme of the entire festival?
CAD – That anyone can find themselves with art and using their creativity. That you can free yourself from any mental ties or held emotions, expressing what you really carry within using creativity as a tool.

LC – Do you agree with our vision of art and what do you think of the theme of the festival?
CAD – I do have a very similar vision and the theme of the festival has been perfect, it has served me to expose what I do in a different way.

Carlos Arroba Diaz
Image courtesy of Carlos Arroba Diaz

LC – Would you suggest a collaboration with us? What do you think of our services?
CAD – Yes, I really want to collaborate with you, the treatment has been friendly and the deadlines are adequate.

LC – Did you like cooperating with us?
CAD – It has been the only platform that has allowed me to express the art that I carry within through multimedia content.

LC – What is your idea about ITSLIQUID GROUP?
CAD – It is a different gallery that opens up to the possibilities offered by the internet and that serves to show other works that would be impossible to show in a conventional gallery.

Carlos Arroba Diaz
Image courtesy of Carlos Arroba Diaz
Carlos Arroba Diaz
Image courtesy of Carlos Arroba Diaz
Carlos Arroba Diaz
Image courtesy of Carlos Arroba Diaz
Carlos Arroba Diaz
Image courtesy of Carlos Arroba Diaz

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