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carlos azevedo 05
Image Courtesy of Carlos Azevedo

Interview: Carlos Azevedo
Luca Curci talks
with Carlos Azevedo during CONTEMPORARY VENICE 2024, at Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello.

Carlos Azevedo AKA Desassossegado, studied graphic design ar Ar.Co (Art Center &Visual Communication). As a teenger he was the author of fanzines, later joining some musical projects. His occupation is divided between graphic and artistic work, with serveral relevant works carried out over the years.

Luca Curci – What are you currently working on?
Carlos Azevedo
– In this series of works, I found inspiration in the traces of the past, in the traces that resist the relentless passage of time. In a world where time seems fleeting, visual artists have the unique ability to capture the ephemeral and transcend it through their work. However, for me, the white screen represents too abstract a challenge, a blank space that begs for a narrative that may have already been told, a story that may have already been written. In this series of works, I found inspiration in the traces of the past, in the traces that resist the relentless passage of time. The choice to use old paintings as support for my plastic works is intrinsically linked to the concept of sustainability and the concern with the conscious use of resources. This approach is also linked to the preservation of cultural heritage, because by using these paintings, I rescue lost narratives on the brink of oblivion and give them a new life, a new voice.The aesthetic, marked by the brushstrokes of other times, by the patina of aging and by the history that echoes in each plot of the canvas, gives my contemporary works a peculiar dimension. It’s as if new stories are being woven into a fabric steeped in memories, a fabric that breathes echoes of past eras.This interconnection between old and new creates a contrast and complementarity, where painting represents the effervescence of the present, the incessant pulse of life, while old paintings carry with them the emotional charge of a past that no longer persists. Furthermore, there is a deep emotional connection with the family and socio-affective context where these paintings were inserted. In painting these paintings, I explored the complexities of the human condition, unveiling the veils that cover the unexplored territories of the mind and the universe. Each brushstroke is a gesture of restlessness, of the desire to find meaning in my idiosyncrasies and those of the world. It is this hunger for logic that leads me to take what has already been done and thought and to want to place myself in a physical and interior time that is my own. And the old canvases, the old paintings, what already exists and existed become a vehicle for my transformative will. And so I observe existing themes on screen, absorb them, speak to them and subvert and reinvent them. This is how the dance of creation takes place between the legacy I rescue and artistic irreverence.

carlos azevedo 08 1
Image Courtesy of Carlos Azevedo

LC – What’s your background? What is the experience that has influenced your work the most?
The experience that has influenced my work the most is the profound impact of music on human emotions and experiences. Music serves as a source of medicinal aid and relief, occupying a significant place in the mind akin to sensuality and eroticism. Throughout my journey, music has been a constant influence, inspiring my creative process and shaping my artistic expression. The captivating melodies, profound lyrics, and the combination of both elements in music have the extraordinary ability to hypnotize and transport individuals to another dimension. This immersive quality of music, along with its power to evoke and control emotions and thoughts, is undeniably real. As a universal language, music provides me with the opportunity to explore and understand diverse cultures. By listening, I can unleash my imagination, recreating situations and experiences free from the constraints and societal pressures that I have encountered throughout my life. In conclusion, if music has the power to decorate time, then other art forms, particularly plastic arts and painting, decorate space. This understanding underscores the profound influence of music on my artistic work and reinforces its significance in shaping my creative journey.

carlos azevedo 00
Image Courtesy of Carlos Azevedo

LC – What issues do you intend to deal with in the future?
– In the future, my intention is to transcend the boundaries of the self and delve into the vast waters of collective humanity. Much like a bird that soars beyond the confines of its nest to explore new horizons, I aspire to broaden my perspective to embrace fellow human beings as integral parts of my own journey. I envision myself as an intrepid navigator, charting courses through the turbulent currents of social issues, delving into the depths of the human psyche, and emerging with pearls of wisdom that shimmer with the light of mutual understanding. I aim to explore the intricate labyrinths of the human psyche, akin to an archaeologist unearthing artifacts of the past to decipher the mysteries of the present. My quest extends beyond mere comprehension to the sharing of stories that resonate like ancient songs, bridging distant hearts in a harmonious rhythm of empathy and compassion. Like a gardener tending to the seeds of change, I seek to sow ideas that will blossom into solutions for the challenges plaguing our society. My palette is composed not only of hues of hope and optimism but also of shades of reality and complexity, painting a complete picture of the human condition. In essence, my goal is to transcend individuality and embrace humanity as a vast symphony of shared experiences, where each note resonates in harmony with the next, creating a melody of understanding and unity.

carlos azevedo 02
Image Courtesy of Carlos Azevedo

LC – Which art themes do you pursue? What is your preferred subject, if there is any?
– I explore themes of human experience and connection, delving into the complexities of social issues, the depths of the human psyche, and the pursuit of empathy and compassion. My preferred subject is the interplay between individual stories and collective humanity, painting a vivid picture of our shared journey through life.

LC – What is the most challenging part about creating your artwork?
– The most challenging and yet profoundly enriching part of my artistic journey lies in the delicate dance between what has already been created and the pursuit of originality. This is the space where emptiness is most keenly felt, a gap between the known and the unknown, between tradition and innovation. It’s like walking on fertile yet challenging ground, where each step is an attempt to forge new paths and create something genuinely novel. In this threshold between the past and the present, between influence and authenticity, I find myself in constant dialogue with my own creative voice. In this space of infinite possibilities, there is a palpable tension, an anticipation for the emergence of the next masterpiece, the next great discovery. It’s here that I delve into the depths of my soul, exploring the inner landscapes that guide my artistic expression. Despite the challenges and uncertainty this emptiness may bring, it’s also a place of extraordinary beauty and limitless potential. It’s where the seeds of innovation are sown, where imagination flourishes, and where the true magic of creation is revealed.

carlos azevedo 04
Image Courtesy of Carlos Azevedo

LC – In which way the artwork presented in our exhibition is connected with the exhibition’s theme?
– Neither more nor less. We manage to cohabit with our idiosyncrasies, with what we have, in the spaces we create. If that weren’t the case, we would go crazy. And we end up going crazy every day and every day we heal.

LCCan you explain something about the artworks you have in our exhibition?
CA – “I can still breathe in this mess” serves as a visual representation of the physical and psychological metamorphosis of the human being. As we transform, there is a hybrid creature within us, the flesh becomes distorted and monstrous, reflecting the fragility and impermanence of the human body. It reflects our own vulnerability and mortality.

LC – Did you enjoy cooperating with us?
CA –
Participating in a collective painting exhibition was fulfilling and inspiring. It was more than just showcasing my work; it was an opportunity to connect with other artists and viewers. In essence, it was a celebration of human expression diversity and the art’s ability to bring people together.

LC – What are your suggestions about our services? Is there something more we can provide to artists?
CA –
It was a good experience interacting with your services. Thank you!

carlos azevedo 07
Image Courtesy of Carlos Azevedo
carlos azevedo 06
Image Courtesy of Carlos Azevedo

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