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Interview: Christine El Ojeil

Interviews | March 17, 2023 |

christineojeil 001
Image courtesy of Christine El Ojeil

Interview: Christine El Ojeil
Luca Curci talks with Christine El Ojeil during the 16th Edition of VENICE INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR 2022, at Palazzo Bembo.

At a very young age, Christine was fascinated by the art of painting. As a child and teenager, she used to draw and paint on pieces of wood that her father brought back from his carpentry shop. As an adult, and after taking a break from art, she reconnected with her passion at La Maison des Artistes in Beirut, Lebanon. There, she learned drawing basics and fully immersed herself in the art of colour and composition. She continues to perfect her art by widening her knowledge through different art and painting workshops and techniques. Her art style is contemporary and modern. Christine has participated in several exhibitions: at Dunes Gallery in Beirut (June 2018), at Lebanon Pavilion at EXPO 2020 in Dubai (March 2022) and at Qatar International Art Festival in Doha (September 2022). Christine’s Art was also featured in Adventurous Magazine Issue 32, a special edition for Art Basel Miami 2022. As she puts it herself: “Every time I use my brushes, a new story is told, translating my feelings, my emotions, and my thoughts… With every new painting rises a new challenge: my own story to tell. Every painting is a reflection of my deepest emotions, it carries with it a piece of me.”

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Image courtesy of Christine El Ojeil

Luca Curci – What does art mean to you?
Christine El Ojeil – Art is, in a way, an extension of my personality. It’s how I translate my experiences in the world. Art is my way of expressing my feelings and my emotions that can’t be only described by words. It also offers me an escape from my daily life and routine.

LC – How would you describe your work?
CO – My work is a reflection of my thoughts and feelings. I get inspired from life circumstances and express myself through colors and shapes or subjects that I love to share with others. Most of my work is oil on canvas. I sometimes experiment with different mediums, like some works from my Mask Collection that are 3D masks on canvas. 

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Image courtesy of Christine El Ojeil

LC – How did you discover your vocation as a creator?
CO – Drawing and colouring have appealed to me since a very young age. When I was a little girl, every night, I used to trace the lines of the tulips on our bedroom curtains, pretending to draw them. This made me happy and soothed me to sleep!  Later on, I started to draw on pieces of wood that my father used to bring from his carpentry shop, copying anything I could find at home that I thought would be interesting to draw, and then creating my own drawings. I had always known that this is what I want to be doing and the world I belong to, as I was always fascinated by the art of drawing and painting.  

LC – How would you describe your experience as an artist?
CO – My experience as an artist has been a very rewarding one. It has allowed me to explore and express my creativity throughout the years. Whether when I was just a student of art or an independent artist, my experience has allowed me to grow, mature, and be bold and courageous. I have met beautiful people from around the world and there’s a big sense of accomplishment and pride when seeing someone profoundly touched by my art. 

christineojeil 004
Image courtesy of Christine El Ojeil

LC – What technique/media do you feel more confident with?
CO – I am more confident with oil painting on canvas because it’s richly pigmented and has a smooth texture once blended. The colours are vibrant and intense, which is more satisfying to the eye.

LC – What kind of relationship with the public would you like to create through your work?
CO – I believe that art brings people together, whether it is through exhibitions, galleries, museums, or performance spaces. I would like for my art to be a source of connection for the public. In a busy world dominated by social media and the constant information dump, I would like for my art to provide the public with a few minutes of calm, enjoyment, admiration, and true interaction.  

christineojeil 005
Image courtesy of Christine El Ojeil

LC – What is the generating force behind your work?
CO – Undoubtedly, the love and the encouragement of my family. And knowing that there are still people in the world who truly admire Art!

LC – Could you explain to us the different stages of your creative process? 
CO – Before I decide on the subject of my next creation, I usually go through a preparation stage where I brainstorm ideas and consider feedback on previous works. Once I have all my ideas flushed out, I go through an evaluation stage where I see how each of the ideas fits within my overall vision.  This helps me guide my focus and eventually ends with the decision and implementation stage, where I start working on the idea that made the top of the list.

christineojeil 006
Image courtesy of Christine El Ojeil

LC – How has been your experience with ITSLIQUID?
CO – Working with ITSLIQUID has been a great experience! I am very happy to be working with the team. Everyone is professional, helpful and supportive. I would definitely recommend ITSLIQUID to my fellow artists.

LC – Tell us a bit about the piece(s) with which you have taken part in our exhibitions.
CO – I have two oil on canvas pieces that have taken part in ITSLIQUID exhibitions.  They are part of my Mask Collection. The first, “Desire”, is a red flame on a black background mask expressing a desire for connection, love and passion. The second is “Temptation”. Blue shades with gold and gold paper symbolise the appeal, to many, of a peculiar and exclusive world.

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Image courtesy of Christine El Ojeil

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