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christine penon 03
Image courtesy of Christine Penon

Interview: Christine Penon
Luca Curci talks with Christine Penon during the 17th Edition of VENICE INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR, at Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello.

Passionate about colour and interested in working with matter, inspired by the inner life, by philosophical and spiritual research by the inner life, by philosophical and spiritual research the idea of a dream expressed and embodied by the balance of power between colours and structures. I work in cycles with multiple variations on a subject, a feeling, or a story, a sensation. The canvas is always a narrative and transmission.

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Image courtesy of Christine Penon

Luca Curci – What does art mean to you?
Christine Penon –
It’s a revelation of what each human being can carry inside – pieces of humanity projected onto matter… The artist discovers what he reveals of himself while allowing the viewer to discover what is inside him… Art is a revelation and a link of humanity…

LC – What are you working on at the moment?
CP –
I’m working on a series called “Là, je serai bien”. It involves research into both. The presence of the body in the creative process (creation takes place thanks to the body’s involvement in this process, yet it is absent from the final work; creation may only speak of an imaginary world where the body could be)
our relationship with nature as a refuge, which is now under threat and becoming nostalgic. I play with the triptychs: each set of triptychs speaks of a place full of nostalgia for nature, and this creation on a 150 cm format and the technique allow the body to be engaged differently (painting on the floor in particular).

LC – Is there a project you’d like to work on that’s unrealistic or unfeasible, even crazy?
CP –
I’d like to resume a series on the myth of Orpheus, which is precisely linked to the creative process.

christine penon 05
Image courtesy of Christine Penon

LC – What are the three hashtags that are essential to defining your poetics and that you couldn’t abandon?
CP –
Colour intensity – Density, matter – Resonance

LC – Where do you find your inspiration?
CP –
In capturing the moments of happiness and fulfilment that life has to offer, moments taken on the spot that remain in meditation; in the spiritual research that I carry out; in research linked to mythology and symbolism

LC – What is the message behind the work of art you have presented as part of this event? How does it relate to the theme of the exhibition as a whole?
CP –
Sensual, Mediterranean: evokes the sensuality of Mediterranean landscapes and the strong, immediate impression that makes you forget your inner torments and invites you to abandon yourself. Life becomes vivid, the colours impress the eye, and the expanse in the distance brings it back to its own dimension… colours almost make you smell. Eurydice, abandonment: speaks of abandonment to nature and therefore to one’s own destiny. Eurydice’s body melts into the rocks and waves, a premonition of the inner journey she will be able to make thanks to love. The body feels part of the whole.

christine penon 06
Image courtesy of Christine Penon

LC – What do you think of the ITSLIQUID platform?
CP –
It’s a platform that’s very easy to access and attractive; it arouses curiosity…

LC – What do you think of the organisation of our event?
CP –
It’s organised with a real focus on the artists.

LC – Would you consider working with us? What do you think of our services?
CP –
The people involved are very attentive and responsive. I’d be happy to work with you.

christine penon 10
Image courtesy of Christine Penon

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