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Image courtesy of Christophe Szkudlarek

Interview: Christophe Szkudlarek
Luca Curci
talks with Christophe Szkudlarek during CONSCIOUSNESS, second appointment of the ANIMA MUNDI 2022, and during the 15th Edition of VENICE INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR 2022 at Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello.

Christophe Szkudlarek is a textile designer for fashion and houses and an illustrator. He lives and works either in Normandy or Paris (France). He is currently working for various leading trend agencies, lingerie companies, and fashion and furnishing industries. He started his carrier creating decoration items in resin inspired by the vegetal world. His graphic designs illustrate the theme of travel, especially the feeling of love. Diplomas in Applied Arts at level III Ecole Duperré, applied arts public school of higher éducation, Paris BTS / Post BTS Art et impression textile.

Image courtesy of Christophe Szkudlarek

Luca Curci – What are you currently working on?
Christophe Szkudlarek
I am working on the design of erotic visuals. They speak of the relationship between two, love or sexual, desire, of attraction between two beings, and otherness.

LC – How is your creative process?
CS –
I am inspired by nude photography. It is a source of creativity, a starting point for creating my illustrations. As a textile designer, I like to create floral patterns, lace, and patterns inspired by oriental fabrics or ‘toiles de jouy’. I dress and make my characters live with these decorative elements. My artworks are digital works printed on paper or on wood using screen printing, laser engraving or digital printing. I usually engrave my drawing on paper by laser engraving that I realize in limited series. I like the idea of fixing a scene in burning support, like the pyro engraving, like a tattoo on the skin.

Image courtesy of Christophe Szkudlarek

LC – Where do you find your inspiration?
CS –
I graduated from a school of applied arts in Paris. I worked as a textile designer for fashion and furniture brands. I’m therefore very sensitive to decorative arts, ornamental motifs and to the confrontation of colors and materials. I’m very influenced generally by social relationships and strange encounters which give me envy and imagination. Music and photography also feed me a lot and make my imagination vibrate in a very direct way.

Image courtesy of Christophe Szkudlarek

LC – Do you think ITSLIQUID GROUP can represent an opportunity for artists?
CS –
ITSLIQUID took an interest in my work and asked me to join this exhibition. I work alone, so it’s very important for me to be part of a creative community. This gives me a form of confidence in my own work. Through ITSLIQUID, I hope to be able to spread my work more widely and get more visibility.

LC – Did you enjoy cooperating with us?
CS –
Yes of course, I enjoy working with you. I am very grateful to ITSLIQUID for this great opportunity. Thank you for encouraging dialogue, bridging communities, and allowing us to form true connections with people near and far

Image courtesy of Christophe Szkudlarek
Image courtesy of Christophe Szkudlarek
Szkudlarek015.jpg 1
Image courtesy of Christophe Szkudlarek
Image courtesy of Christophe Szkudlarek

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