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claudio davio 005
Image courtesy of Claudio Davio

Interview: Claudio Davio
Luca Curci
talks with Claudio Davio during SUPERNATURAL, held in LONDON, at THE LINE Contemporary Art Space.

Claudio Davio is an Italo-Argentinian interdisciplinary artist. His work explores the notion of masculinity, from an occidental cultural point of view. Searching for new perspectives, for what it means masculinity. About abuse, guilt, shame, denial, resilience and love. He utilizes sculpture, illustration, installations, audiovisual and performance to work on these concepts.

claudio davio 001
Image courtesy of Claudio Davio

Luca Curci – Where did the need to show reality through performance art come from?
Claudio Davio –
As a multidisciplinary artist, it just came naturally. This subject in particular came to me when I was reading Bell Hooks and Paul Preciado. At that moment I remember training Muay Thai with one of my male references, Jesus Perez-Cejuela Garcia (Muay Thai coach) who used to teach me. The sport itself has a lot to do with what I would call masculine energy, in an occidental perspective of what that entails, even though there are many women who practice the sport, with a lot of bravery, the dynamic of it tends to flow through the different aspects of strong masculine energy, and that amazes me. I started searching through sculpture in a conceptual way, working specifically into the muay thai groins using different materials or components like gold or crystal, to rethink masculinity in different layers, economical, political, and philosophical. All of this while I was doing illustrations about the same subject, so when the time was right, I ended up using my own body as a man, and human; to somehow expose in a performative way to an audience many different layers of open questions about the subject. To do that I started working on building music sound art as well.

claudio davio 006
Image courtesy of Claudio Davio

LC – What are you currently working on?
CD –
For the moment I’m working on different aspects of masculine energy, its manifestations and the reflection of it into love. It’s in my plans to keep working on the subject of masculinity among its different perspectives, which could be related to gender, identity, sexuality, politics, spiritual or even economic perspectives. Mainly through performance but also using different mediums like illustration, sculpture or video installation. I’m interested in the immediate provocative shock of the performative live-action. It thrills me to open questions to an audience through this art.

LC – What issues do you intend to deal with in the future?
CD –
As I been accepted to study at MAI (Marina Abramović Institute) I guess that after this amazing a particular experience of having to stay in the greek woods learning, my work might tend to have change, I can see myself rethinking more performative works in a more long durational phase. I’m also looking to work with women in my performance, to be able to keep developing the subject of the masculine energy but among all of us, more like about the notion of being simply humans, whether it may be man, woman, gender fluid, trans, I do believe that this is just an energy and something we need to rethink as a society through different new perspectives.

claudio davio 008
Image courtesy of Claudio Davio

LC – Do you use art to express something in particular? Is it your medium of expression?
CD –
Of course, my main objective as an artist it’s to show new perspectives and make people rethink new possibilities in the way they live their everyday lives. These archetypical questions are about all of us as humans.

LC – How is your creative process?
CD –
As a main performance artist I’m fully aware of my body, so I train Muay Thai and also go to the gym. Meditate, and try to be responsible with the information I consume. Go to my study every day, start with my runes asking myself questions and then just follow a lot of my structure depending on the piece of work that I’m doing at that moment while I follow my intuition as well. Sometimes I read feedback from the people who have seen my pieces and tell me something they felt. I try to go to the woods almost every week, to be in touch with something more spiritual, to rethink. There is a lot of magic in all of our inner selves, getting in touch with the immensity of nature, and that’s when most of my reflection came, so I always have a small notepad with me. I did shamanic retreats as well into the woods among many other men who were working with Ayaguazca to reconnect with their own.I always go back to Bell hooks, and Paul b preciado books or Joseph Beuy’s point of view. I’m fully aware that I don’t have the answers to anything, so it’s a big part of my work to ask the questions. That I think will connect us all through my works as humans.

claudio davio 003
Image courtesy of Claudio Davio

LC – What do you think about the concept of this exhibition? How did it inspire you?
CD –
Supernatural makes sense if you think that there’s magic everywhere, it could be about spirituality, creation itself is a spiritual ritual, a kind of alchemist job, so it did make a lot of sense to me.

LC -In which way the artwork presented in our exhibition is connected with the exhibition’s theme?
CD –
For this exhibition, I collaborated with Eduardo Gianola to work with a singing bowl (Tibetan) sound live and also we built together a small piece that was called THE SOUND.

LC – What is your idea about ITSLIQUID GROUP?
CD –
I see an international platform to gain visibility and exposure in strategic cities from the art industry.

claudio davio 004
Image courtesy of Claudio Davio
claudio davio 007
Image courtesy of Claudio Davio

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