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Cristinabergamo 003
Image courtesy of Cristina Bergamo

Interview: Cristina Bergamo
Luca Curci talks with Cristina Bergamo during the 11th Edition of CONTEMPORARY VENICE 2022, at Palazzo Bembo.

Cristina Bergamo is a self-taught artist who develops work in the field of Geometric Abstractionism and Visual Arts, we can observe in her works an inspiration and deep identification with the movements of Constructivism, Suprematism and Neoplasticism, besides presenting a strong connection with the language of the German school “Bauhaus”, in this case mainly by the minimalist look on modern architecture and the identification she has with the aesthetics of industrial modernist design objects created from this movement. She flows freely between these universes and translates them through colours and basic geometric shapes, mainly the square and the circle, photographing architectural structures and modernist design objects and mixing them with other elements creating her own contemporary dialectics that communicate her vision of the world and her correlation with the whole. There is a conception of the depth of the viewer’s field of vision that is being stimulated all the time, it is very important for the art to awaken this living and continuous feeling between the viewer and the work.”Everything that surrounds us is subject to many layers of perceptions and unravelling them at every moment depends on many factors, such as the amount of light and shadow, our state of mind, our values, and our physical and spiritual view of the world, “the artist seeks to draw this parallel between different universes and the viewer. She uses photography, digital techniques, and graphic design as creative tools, bringing colours, volumes, and graphic and photographic clippings to her works. In this process, she is particularly interested in the illusion of three-dimensionality that results from her compositions. Her creative process begins with the capture of a photographic image, either of an object or a frame of urban architecture that a relater worked with the digital technique, here the work is divided and complemented into two distinct lines: one that she calls “Arch-design Photo” that is developed from photography and in this process the important thing is communication through the choice of selected elements to compose the work. In the ‘Geometric Abstraction‘ line, she uses geometric shapes bringing colours that are preponderantly important to portray the illusion of three-dimensionality that reflect her constructivist vision of the world.

Cristinabergamo 002
Image courtesy of Cristina Bergamo

Luca Curci – What is your background? What is the experience that has most influenced your work? Cristina Bergamo – I started very early to study and be interested in art, but I went through several forms of expression before arriving at the plastic arts. I attended the Universities of Theatre and Music and only after many years I found this form of expression that I can say is my safe harbour here I feel at ease to create and communicate with the whole and with myself. In the plastic arts, I am self-taught, my best working tool is observation and the feeling that the theme, the colours, or the object chosen for the development of the work cause me. I am particularly interested in exposing the three-dimensionality, movement and depth of the objects or scenes portrayed. The multiplication of colours and the graphic and photographic clippings used to seek to represent precisely the possibility of expressing the three-dimensionality of what we experience, and the perception of each viewer depends a lot on the angle and focus he observes the work. The concepts of Constructivism, Suprematism and Minimalism together inspire and influence me in the creation of my works, the geometric abstractionism has a lot of mathematics but can also transport us to a totally etheric experience free from matter, it is like a gateway to a spiritual world, silent and private where what we will find depends only on ours unconscious.

Cristinabergamo 004
Image courtesy of Cristina Bergamo

LC – According to you, what makes a good photograph? What details do you focus on?
CB –
A good photograph is one that has the power to transport you both through the field of vision and the field of sensation to a new place that can be perceived more on a physical or emotional level; the journey is free and totally individual. The details of photographic work for me are related to the subjectivity in the capture as well as the sensation they provoke.

LC – What is the most challenging part in creating your artworks?
CB –
When I choose a scene, object or color to develop a work of art, at that specific moment I need to be in love and totally involved with the choice, it’s as if a ray of light illuminated meat that exact moment.

LC – Where do you find your inspiration?
CB – In architecture, in the streets, in design objects, in colours, in people, in landscapes, in life! because although my work is more focused on abstract geometry, sometimes just watching people relating indifferent ways inspires me to work with specific colours that I capture at the moment I am watching them, so this feeling of creation is very free for me.

Cristinabergamo 005
Image courtesy of Cristina Bergamo

LC -What is it like to be an artist nowadays?
CB – As I have always been very connected to art since I was a little girl, being an artist both today and at any other time will always be about being able to create a work of art that is true and pure to you in the first place, the fruit of your learning and experience, and then finding channels to exhibit your work, I guess in no time it was easy, but when you manage to establish that communication with the public the magic happens.

LC -What do you think about the concept of this exhibition? How did it inspire you?
CB –
It inspired me by the diversity of looks of the artists who participated in the project, each one bringing their particular universe with a contemporary look at life, and this in itself is already a rich experience.

Cristinabergamo 006
Image courtesy of Cristina Bergamo

LC – Can you explain something about the artworks in our exhibition?
CB –
As I said before, they are many looks at the same me that translate into our contemporary life, portraits that are sometimes more realistic and other times more subjective, but always with the same line of movement and feeling about what happens in the world today.

LC – Do you think ITSLIQUID GROUP can represent an opportunity for artists?
CB –
Certainly, the choice of artists and artworks make all the difference, they create a whole and the same artistic discourse, so people who are interested in contemporary art will feel embraced by this movement. embraced by this movement.

Cristinabergamo 007
Image courtesy of Cristina Bergamo

LC – Did you enjoy cooperating with us?
CB –
Yes, it was a very positive creative experience.

LC – Would you suggest a collaboration with us? What do you think about our services?
CB –
I think we can develop a collaboration and bring this Event to the South of Brazil, later on, I am thinking of talking to Luca Curci about it.

Cristinabergamo 008
Image courtesy of Cristina Bergamo
Cristinabergamo 009
Image courtesy of Cristina Bergamo
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Image courtesy of Cristina Bergamo
Cristinabergamo 011
Image courtesy of Cristina Bergamo
Cristinabergamo 012
Image courtesy of Cristina Bergamo

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