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Interview: David Agudelo-Bernal

Art, Interviews | March 6, 2015 |

David Agudelo-Bernal Image courtesy of David Agudelo-Bernal

Interview: David Agudelo-Bernal

Director Luca Curci talks with artist David Agudelo-Bernal during HYBRID MEMORIES exhibition in Bogotà.

David Agudelo-Bernal is a Sound Artist/Designer with experience in diverse sound creation practices and audiovisual content making. He holds an MA in Sound Arts from the University of the Arts London, London College of Communication and previously did a BA in Audiovisual Media at the Politécnico Grancolombiano. David focuses his work in composition, sound & music design, performance and teaching toward explorations that involve sound discourses and the use of digital technologies. His specific creative research rounds aspects of performance, listening, embodiment and improvisation. Nonetheless, his proposal places sound much more as a medium to dialogue with rather than matter to control and manipulate.

David Agudelo-Bernal Image courtesy of David Agudelo-Bernal

Luca Curci – Your work was exhibited during HYBRID MEMORIES exhibition in Bogotà on January 2015: can you talk about your personal experience with International ArtExpo?

David Agudelo-Bernal – This was my first time performing a sound work in my home country. I had previously played music in some bands and UNMUTING SELENE was also my masters research project during my time in London. I felt so glad and pleased to show this performance for a last time here in Bogotá. The gallery is amazing and I was joined by other marvelous artists. It was a kind of “good bye” and “hello”  thing.  Exciting.

David Agudelo-Bernal Image courtesy of David Agudelo-Bernal

L. C. – Can you talk about the artwork you presented at BAC – Bogotà?

D. A. B. – UNMUTING SELENE is about a group of aspects around The Moon represented in sonic and visual elements exposed in a performance. Avoiding the common modulated sounds of radio signals in space but looking for ritual, religious, popular and even political aspects around a group of aspects around The Moon represented in sonic and visual elements exposed in a performance. Avoiding the common modulated sounds of radio signals in space but looking for ritual, religious, popular and even political aspects around our natural satellite that can be extracted in aural ways. There our natural were cyclic clips of video with The Moon in many timing representations, a tibetan singing bowl, a Hail Mary, the Star-Spangled Banner, and lots of looping with embodied and improvised noises.

David Agudelo-Bernal Image courtesy of David Agudelo-Bernal

L. C. –  How is it linked with the festival’s theme?

D. A. B. – UNMUTING SELENE meant a very strange hybridization of elements that resulted during listening processes below the nocturnal sky. In Deep Listening (a practice pioneered by Pauline Oliveros which consists on expand listening and sonic awareness in all possible ways) it is even possible to listen to our thoughts and dreams. Then I obtained all those elements to create weird but pertinent associations with The Moon. Although it was not related to be an immigrant or a foreigner abroad I conceived UNMUTING SELENE as the metaphor of a natural marvel with sacred meanings which turned into a sort of colony with the help of the space race. Now it seems The Moon does not have any meaning for anyone. It is glory and tragedy together.

David Agudelo-Bernal Image courtesy of David Agudelo-Bernal

L. C. – What are you currently working on?

D. A. B. – I am currently teaching sound in a university and working on my solo project. I love to make electronic music, sound design, and I am planning to do more improvisation, an installation and video art. I hope to come back to gigs and exhibitions very soon.

L. C. – What is art for you?

D. A. B. – That is a hard question. My idea of art is about a wide variety of forms in which you expose things that you perceive, feel and think but remain hidden or silent to the rest of the world. I have heard and read of more extensive and complex definitions of art but I prefer to think it that way.

David Agudelo-Bernal Image courtesy of David Agudelo-Bernal

L. C. – What do you think about International ArtExpo organization?

D. A. B. – I did not know almost anything of International ArtExpo before the call for submissions moment. Then I started to check their website and social media pages and now I am receiving permanent info about them. I find the work of Luca Curci very focused on specific and valuable themes to explore, research and expose. This is in my opinion the idea of what a contemporary art curator should be. Very defined and neat.       

David Agudelo-Bernal Image courtesy of David Agudelo-Bernal

L. C. – Do you think Inter national ArtExpo organization can represent an opportunity for artists?

D. A. B. – Of course I do think that. In my case their work in Hybrid Memories allowed me to have my first sound performance in my home city. Even being a well prepared and experienced sound practitioner and with a relatively new but moderately active sound arts scene it has been hard for me to enter the local establishment and exhibit my work. Hence, I admire International ArtExpo for their wide attention to many kinds of artists in their selection without any subjective or arbitrary restrictions.  

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