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elysianagel 002
Image courtesy of Elysia Nagel

Interview: Elysia Nagel
Luca Curci talks with Elysia Nagel, the winner of PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE MONTH – FEBRUARY 2023

Elysia is an abstract artist based in Montmorency, Australia. Her work is characterised by a vibrant and textured palette, combined with a unique and innovative approach to composition. Her pieces often explore themes of nature, emotion, and the environment, which are inspired by her appreciation for the natural world, as well as for the beauty of the everyday. Abstract artist, Elysia Nagel, has been honing her craft since May 2020. Her works are known for their bold and vibrant colours, which she skilfully applies to canvases that depict surreal and expressive worlds. Elysia is passionate about exploring the complexity of nature and how it reflects and informs the human experience. Inspired by the beauty of the natural world around her, her pieces often feature sweeping views of rolling hills, colourful forests, sunsets, and seascapes, as well as more abstract elements such as patterns and shapes. Elysia has exhibited her art in galleries in Melbourne and Sydney, has sold numerous pieces locally and overseas, and has been featured in publications such as Art Edit and various art blogs. Elysia continues to challenge herself and evolve as an artist, creating thought-provoking pieces that capture the beauty and complexity of nature and its relationship to humanity. She is committed to creating art that speaks to the soul, and her work often reflects her passion for life, nature, and the world around her.

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Image courtesy of Elysia Nagel

Luca Curci – What is art for you? Elysia Nagel – Art is a way for me to express myself, explore the world and make sense of everyday life. It has become an integral part of who I am. It is a creative outlet that allows me to express my emotions and explore my identity. Art has given me an outlet to express my thoughts and feelings, while also allowing me to explore the beauty of the natural world and celebrate everyday moments. It has become a source of joy and fulfilment, and when I share my artwork with others, it is a bonus. Art has become a part of my life and I can’t imagine living without it.

LC – What are you currently working on? EN – I am currently working on a series of textured photographs that combine elements of painting and photography. I use paintings I have recently created, and objects that I have photographed in my surroundings, to create a unique and thought-provoking series. By blurring the boundaries between painting and photography, I can explore new ways of creating and expressing my artwork.

LC – Among the several techniques you use, which one do you prefer to practice and which of them are most compelling for you? EN – I’m a lover of both painting and photography, and I’m constantly experimenting with ways to combine the two to create my artwork. I use painting and photography to create dynamic artworks that capture the beauty of everyday life. My painting practice is heavily influenced by abstract expressionism, and I enjoy experimenting with colour and texture to create unique compositions. I love to use Photoshop to overlay my photos and paintings to create a unique combination of the two, it’s a creative and powerful way for me to explore and develop ideas that I can’t express with just one medium. This allows me to experiment with different textures, colours, and shapes to create unique artwork. Through my art, I hope to capture the beauty and complexity of the world around me.

elysyanagel 009
Image courtesy of Elysia Nagel

LC – What are the three hashtags essential to define your poetics that you could not give up? EN – My hashtags #artbyelysia and #elysianagel are my way of connecting to the art world. They are my unique way of sharing my artwork with others and showing my passion for the art I create. With the hashtag #abstractartist, I can share my artwork in a more specific context. I use these hashtags to promote my artwork, network with other artists, and build an online presence. I’m committed to using these hashtags as they are an integral part of my digital branding, and I could never give them up.

LC – What is the most challenging part about creating your artworks? EN – It can be challenging to keep up with creating when I’m working full-time in a clothing brand support role. From registering products and assisting with administration, and photoshoots to uploading to websites, I am constantly on the go. I enjoy having my own creative projects, but it is sometimes difficult to find the time and energy to work on them. I relish the opportunity to be creative with my own work. It can also be tough to keep up with the ever-evolving online world. It’s a constant balancing act between staying up to date and pushing forward with my own creative projects. Nevertheless, I’m dedicated to finding ways to make the most of my free time and continue to work on creative projects.

elysianagel 004
Image courtesy of Elysia Nagel

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