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Interview: Evgeniy Chernyshov

Interviews | September 20, 2017 |

Interview: Evgeniy ChernyshovImage courtesy of Evgeniy Chernyshov

Interview: Evgeniy Chernyshov

Luca Curci talks with the artist Evgeniy Chernyshov, the winner of Sculpture and Installation category of IT’S LIQUID INTERNATIONAL CONTEST 4TH EDITION 2017.

Evgeniy Chernyshov – contemporary artist, curator, founder and CEO of SYN Art Group. Was born in Lugansk, Ukraine in 1984. Lives and works in Kyiv, Ukraine. In the age of 17, with his first solo-exhibition “The art of being stranger” had become a winner of national contest “New names of Ukraine” by Ministry of Culture. In 2008 the artist has created SYN Art Group and became a nominee to PinchukArtCentre Prize 2009 with project “Photosynthesis“. Evgeniy became a participant of largest European festival of digital art FUTURE EN SEINE 2017 with a science art project “Enlightenment / The Temple“. Chernyshov was a curator of visual program of international art-festivals GogolFest 2013 and CANActions 2015. Evgeniy Chernyshov is an experimental contemporary artist. He works in genres of science art, cyber art, light art, sound art, media art, experimental art, installation etc.His artworks are very effective. He gives his images, objects and installations internal structure and constructive logic, enhancing the image with the paradoxical sound of the material.


Interview: Evgeniy ChernyshovImage courtesy of Evgeniy Chernyshov


Luca Curci – What is the message linked to your artworks?

Evgeniy Chernyshov – It’s a synthesis of existing categories of art in the uniform mechanism of psychological influence on subconsciousness for the purpose of revival of spirituality and harmony, paying attention to the nature and its Founder, reminding of eternal values and ideals. It’s also reflection of the future, natural phenomena and architectures of Creator by using the hi-tech equipment and the experimental approach, being based on knowledge and achievements of mankind in the field of understanding of fundamental principles of the Universe.


Interview: Evgeniy ChernyshovImage courtesy of Evgeniy Chernyshov


L.C . – What are you currently working on?

E.C. – Right now I’m working on the new artworks from the series “Annual Report”. It is a big project, started in 2015.”Annual Report” – the series of installations that investigates the problem of coexistence of an individual and society and how they form a single social body. The project demonstrates the image of a society consisting of many individuals. All elements-individuals are inextricably linked together by a common goal, forming a causal relationship. Finally, the series reveals the topic of integrating the individual into a team to create the image of a single integral final result that can be summed up at a certain stage. Another project, which I’m developing right now is the series of multimedia installations – “Enlightenment”, started in 2008. For me it is a science-art project, which reflects a modern scientific paradigm in a form of contemporary art piece. It’s the series of multimedia installations, composed of lasers, prisms, mechanisms and multi-channel audio, which creates a large-scale dynamic visualization of light action. This media art installation is working without computers and projectors. Creation of light moving abstractions is carried out by mechanical and optical ways. “Enlightenment” – is a process of transformation of light into sophisticated spiritual forms. It’s an experimental research of light as phenomenon in space and basis for life foundation in the Universe.This project is an innovation in observation of laser ray as unique instrument for contemporary art. It is a science art work, which explores and demonstrates the process of transformation of light ray into three-dimensional moving abstract forms. This project was created with conceptual purpose to unite Art and Science.


Interview: Evgeniy ChernyshovImage courtesy of Evgeniy Chernyshov


L.C. – Are your artworks focused on a specific theme?

E.C. – Specific themes of my artwork are Nature and Ecosystheme, Humain being and Society, Space and Energy. I’m interested in developing SCIENCE art in my artwork. I create my works at the intersection of Art and Science. Releasing my art projects, I aspire, first of all, to attract the attention of the viewer to the beauty of Natural Phenomena, to demonstrate the elegance of the architecture of the World. I want to bring together the Society and Sciences, demonstrating scientific openings in the field of art, and by this, rid the society of fear and, sometimes, a lack of understanding of the experiments of scientists. I believe that the Artist and the Scientist – is the one who anticipates and predetermines the future. Creating my art projects, I aspire to make a person immerse in a sense of true reality and anticipation of the future.


Interview: Evgeniy ChernyshovImage courtesy of Evgeniy Chernyshov


L.C. – What role does the artist have in society? And the art?

E.C. – The artist’s task is to expand the imagination of Mankind about reality. To represent the academic vision of the concept of visual art in the aesthetics of modern times. Capture the process of changing the paradigm and create an elegant form of transition from classical art to the art of the future. The main message is that due to the changes in the paradigm, to expand the Mankind’s ideas about itself, space, nature and its phenomena. Be an attentive witness of a change of eras.


L.C. – What is your creative process like?

E.C. – For me, the main creative process happens first “in the head of creator”. When the idea is born – I see it as a whole, as final result. I start looking for the way to realize the idea and later it becomes only a question of technical perfectionism. I always try to bring the material part of the project closer to its original idea.As soon as a technical solution is found – the further process of project realization represents immersion in a certain meditation.


Interview: Evgeniy ChernyshovImage courtesy of Evgeniy Chernyshov


L.C. – Did you style change over the years? How?

E.C. – I am improving the tool I work with. As a result of experiments, new opportunities are opened to more accurately convey the idea. My original search concept has not changed, but the tool and attitude towards reality are constantly changing. I like the idea of conceptual minimalism, so my principal of evolution is to use a necessary minimum of perfect elements and create the artwork, composed of them.


Interview: Evgeniy ChernyshovImage courtesy of Evgeniy Chernyshov


L.C. – Would you suggest cooperating with us? What do you think about our services?

E.C. – Yes, I would describe It’s LIQUID Group as professional and helpful organization! It was a great pleasure to work with you. As SYN Art Group we advise other artists and curators to work with you too!

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