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Interview: Fred L’Epee

Art, Interviews | November 11, 2013 |

Fred L'EpeeFred L’Epee, Mojave desert, 2013. Video still

Interview: Fred L’Epee

Independent filmmaker Fred L’Epee (born 1976) is a emergent artist within the international film avant-garde. The modality of its work is based beyond the cinematic form in order to resuscitate an altered perception of the visual expression. His films and visual art works are a constant research of constructivity into cinematographic experimentalism through the shapes of human being’s existentialism. Themes of his work describes timelessness and its passage. Alteration of the body as a process of image. Narrative of the post-modernist fables. Fred L’Epee is also co-producer of Helicon Films in collaboration with Ed Alvarado. An Indie Film Label of cinematography and sound design. He is living now between Switzerland, France and Greece.

Fred L'EpeeFred L’Epee, Mojave desert, 2013. Video still

Luca Curci – When you start practicing art and why?

Fred L’Epee – I have always considered art like a physical and psychological necessity. Creativity as a natural progression in itself. A representative form of our psychic observations through the evolution of our being. A vital source of infinite and a definite shape our existential cycles. I started to study fine arts and painting. Then, I finally turned to visual arts and cinematic form during the last ten years.

Fred L'EpeeFred L’Epee, The Passengers, 2010. Video still

L.C. – Can you talk about your artistic work ? Which are your inspirations?

F.L.E. – My work is based on a soluble form over three derivations. Body, time and environment. These are three essential elements of existentialism. Each creative attractiveness is relative to the path you follow. Each artistic step is a logical extension. As the existential cycles forming our perspectives. So it was a personal development. A goal as a necessity. Especially after being painter for over ten years. I had the desire to see the picture still more lively, yet more interactive. My sources and inspirations like Andrei Tarkovsky, Ingmar Bergman and Jim Jarmush among others. I am also fascinated by the avantgarde cinema. From the begin of the light, the artists Man Ray and Marcel Duchamp, as well as pioneers such as Jean Epstein or Germaine Dulac. These filmmakers who know to reproduce an another universe. But more recently i am very influenced by the creativity of Bill Viola, Guy Maddin or Sharunas Bartas. The meaning toward a new visual approach concerning the philosophy of the film and being filmmaker.

Fred L'EpeeFred L’Epee, The Island, 2012. Video still

L.C. – What are you currently working on?

F.L.E. – I am currently working on a project named “Scapegrace”. It is based on a novel from a visual writer. This film is a cinematic work based on the intrapsychic odyssey linked to the movements of memory; an existential journey between the past, present, and future. The film project will be released soon from end of November.

Fred L'EpeeFred L’Epee, The Passengers, 2010. Video still

L.C. – What was the best advice given to you as an artist?

F.L.E. – I’ll be honest when I’ll say that you need to know how to protect yourself from the public criticism. Whether good or bad. It is sometimes psychologically needful to keep some distances and to detach yourself from your films and your creations. This in order to keep your genesis. Then it is a difficult job that induces yourself in a field full of complexity. When you begin there is lot of probability to remain for days without interactions. This is exactly where you must not lose this faith which is your art in an absolute sense. But in a positive way, this domain will lead yourself to know a multitude of people to whom you will share rare and unique moments. This opportunity to discover an another land within an another mother tongue.

Fred L'EpeeFred L’Epee, The Island, 2012. Video still

L.C. – What is art for you?

F.L.E. – Art is undefined. It’s like a belonging to our movements which are expansion of our cycles. Structure of our human geometry. The construction of time and rotation of our existence. These movements are related to the circulation of our emotional system. Through this, the path of our metamorphosis. Without this; world is nothing.

Fred L'EpeeFred L’Epee, Elegìa, 2011. Video still

L.C. – What do you think about International ArtExpo organization?

F.L.E. – I have to admit that International ArtExpo Organization is particularly adapted to the contemporary art domain. The organization have an excellent vision of what Art is. All device offered; like the press office as well like the communication through media; is really effective. The organization brings a multiple number of choices within the cultural domain for each artist in every multi-disciplinary field.

Fred L'EpeeFred L’Epee, In Exilum, 2012. Video still

L.C. – Do you think International ArtExpo organization can represent an opportunity for artists?

F.L.E. – This gives obviously a lot of connections and interactions. The concept of International ArtExpo Organization proposes a variety of choices; with unlimited opportunities and offers of exhibitions in places standing across Europe. This is a mark of quality that must be revealed.


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