Interview: Freja Martis

Interview: Freja Martis

Interviews | April 26, 2023 |

frejamartis 002
Image Courtesy of Freja Martis

Interview: Freja Martis
Luca Curci talks with Freja Martis during BODYSPACES, first appointment of CANVAS CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR, at Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello.

I am a Hungarian artist based and working in North Hungary and Budapest. When I decided artistry to be my profession I moved to California in the United States of America in 2012. and finished my studies at Carnival Cruise Lines Photo College in Photo Department. I became an official photographer and started working with Cruise Lines on luxury ships. Later I won 2nd place in the Canary Islands in a photography competition in photo marketing and selling in 2014. In 2015. I became one of the managers of two islands of the Maldives. For 2 years I have been creating visual cultures in abstracts, I made my own gallery and organized exhibitions in presentations. In the last two years, my artistry started developing by ordering pieces from visitors. More media, TV presents, and National Geographic present.

frejamartis 003
Image Courtesy of Freja Martis

Luca Curci – What are you currently working on?
Freja Martis –
I have just finished an acrylic-watercolor five layers textured fabric visual artwork titled Golden Vintage for a wine production region and another work is also finished and delivered titled Dancing Stars in the Galaxy.

LC – How did you get to your current artistic practice?
FM –
Well, it was asked several times in previous interviews and I can tell that as I have 12 years of experience in photography so having an improvement in different visual arts is much easier in this way. I studied photography and visual art marketing in Los Angeles in the United States of America and I had experience, practice and workplaces in the USA, Europe, and Asia as well from being a trainee to manager achievements in the last 12 years. So step by step I had the hierarchy and I absolutely don’t mind it because it gave me respect and humbling for my profession and the people around me.

LC – How is being an artist nowadays?
FM –
It’s a good question. I would say it depends on many aspects. Sometimes hard, and sometimes it goes very well. For me, if I take it seriously, I have successes and opportunities however I am not an opportunist in every case. Photography has got the events as well. In another part of creating visual art, my priority is quality instead of quantity. It always helps me. If I don t have immediate success or customers, I know that the artwork will find them a little bit later. Never be disappointed. It’s important for me to be patient and give time to find the best way to have the best decisions. For around 2 years I have started expressing abstract paintings with my own method of practice because I would like to make them with my own special style. I use oil, acrylic, silicon, and watercolour, it depends on my mood and my spirit and how it flies. Sometimes it’s not so easy to find the exact materials that I really want. I love to make my own canvases with different layers and then just later paint on them but of course, I use traditional canvases as well.

frejamartis 004
Image Courtesy of Freja Martis

LC – Do visitors’ suggestions enrich yourself and your art?
FM –
Yes. Not always I am listening to them but I have got my main advisers to whom it’s worth listening. Two of my regular visitors to my solo exhibitions in my home country which is Hungary, when they finished my display to study turned to me simply and said So we can see evolution if we compare it to the previous one. They were honest and I loved it. They are teachers. And then other visitors bought those works. My guest’s opinion is always counts for me and I am interested in it.

frejamartis 005 1
Image Courtesy of Freja Martis

LC- Do you use art to express something in particular? Is it your medium of expression?
FM –
I am thinking in two different ways. As I studied I can think as an artist and as I studied later I can think as a manager. Two different ways. Very different. If I begin to create work because I have got the inspiration, mostly in the first 10 minutes I know if the work will be merchantable or not. In Hungary, visitors prefer paintings better than photography visuals but depends. So if I want to do it for a living I cannot always afford to myself creating those things I want.

LC – We were attracted by your last artistic production, has the artwork presented been created for the exhibition or as a part of preexisting works?
FM –
Thank you very much for that. The Motion was created for the Bodyspaces exhibition in Venice. The artwork has not participated anywhere else. Before the Bodyspaces, it had two presentations in my Gallery, in Hungary. It was a little bit close call, but I could manage the artwork’s arrival in time for the show. Let me tell some words about Bodyspaces opening and the whole exhibition as it was so inspiring and a really great event. I could see brilliant works, great selection was that.

frejamartis 006
Image Courtesy of Freja Martis

LC – In which way the artwork presented in our exhibition is connected with the exhibition s theme?  
FM –
So I would refer to one of the previous questions so I think this is the moment when I let the artist come out from me and when I let the artwork hold a message, a dedication and not at least I wanted to keep myself to the title of the exhibition. The pictures show the hand of one of the sculptures around the fountain of the University of Debrecen, in Hungary which are placed with precision at angles, but still, depict interesting and hidden movements. These statues, looking at them, still write stories with their immobility, with which they also exuded tranquillity. The interesting thing about the work is that the two images are the same, only from a different directions of rotation. Two hands reach towards each other, which have multiple meanings. It shows the importance of our relation to each other, in the crucial issues of humanity, but even in our everyday life, it matters whether these hands are facing each other or in the opposite direction. The picture wants to illustrate that we must make our decisions primarily from our human nature, we must prioritize the intention of humanity to help each other, it intends to show the power of togetherness and cooperation and collaboration. So it has a message and a dedication to the faith of humanity.

frejamartis 008
Image Courtesy of Freja Martis

LC – Do you think ITSLIQUID GROUP can represent an opportunity for artists?
FM –
They give the chance absolutely for showing and introducing. For an artist international participation and being among selected artists is a privilege. I love the team, especially because I like that they take deadlines seriously. They are right about that and it makes me also disciplined. They are working on our carrier as well as shows from the Bodyspaces exhibition I got much positive feedback from people in my country. Hopefully, I will be able to visit their more frequently to Italy and visit their organizations.

LC – Did you enjoy cooperating with us?
FM –
Oh, yes, it was temperamental, interesting. Basically, I am a calm person after living in a Far East Asian culture for a while and I loved it. For now, I was just dropped back to the rhythm and movement of Southern Europe and it was really exciting. With the team in Venice, I loved that I could feel free to ask and have questions they focused on it and gave the answers correctly.

frejamartis 010
Image Courtesy of Freja Martis

LC – What are your suggestions about our services? Is there something more we can provide to artists?
FM –
You know in this topic every company and managing have got their own customs, practice and own ideas that s why I usually don t give advice or opinions because I respect the image. What is important I think is good cooperation and good treatment of the artists, good art colleagues relations and we got this attention. Furthermore having a good keep-in touch, and having the intelligence to build great connections is also the point. In artistry the most important to be always nice and live from the soul. Artists are sensitive and sometimes visitors can be more sensitive because they come exactly for having uplifts. So it s really a fragile segment of the professions. And as a Gallerist, I know very well what it means to keep up streaming and the attention constantly. And not least purpose of finding customers helps a lot for the relationship.

Image Courtesy of Freja Martis

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