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Interview: Henryk Welle

Interviews | November 20, 2021 |

Henrykwelle 001
Image courtesy of Henryk Welle

Interview: Henryk Welle
Luca Curci
talks with Henryk Welle, winner of the Honorable Mention of the ITSLIQUID CONTEST 10TH EDITION 2021.

My name is Henryk Welle, born and raised in Germany. My passion is landscape photography and in order to pursue my passion, I travel a lot. Out in nature, in the wild is where I feel most alive. I often find myself in situations that many people would consider uncomfortable, but that’s exactly what I need, what I want, what I love, and where I feel truly free. Almost always I plan my travels to get the most out of them photography-wise. I return to spots more often than most people would, simply to chase the best possible conditions. There are no shortcuts in order to get the most amazing light and outcome. It’s nothing but a huge effort and an unwavering obsession that goes into the images.

I meticulously plan every shot and don’t take images by chance. I’m a perfectionist and invest a lot of effort into planning to make sure I have the best possible motive at the best possible time to shoot images that hardly need any editing. I strive for my images to be remembered. There is an adventurous story behind almost every image because in order to get such conditions I almost always need to head out during the night or stay late at remote places.

Henrykwelle 002
Image courtesy of Henryk Welle

LUCA CURCI – What is art for you?
– Art is a way with which everyone can express themselves, their emotions, and feelings. Art is something that shows the passion and dedication of someone. Art is something special and everyone can interpret it differently, which makes it so interesting to hear the different opinions on some piece of art.

LC – What are you currently working on?
– I am currently working on my new website, uploading my images and most importantly I am working on my next huge trip around the world, starting in summer 2022 in order to create loads of new artworks.

Henrykwelle 003
Image courtesy of Henryk Welle

LC – What is the most challenging part about creating your artworks?
– The most challenging part is finding all the incredible locations. As I am a landscape photographer my photographs almost always require loads of research and hiking in order to get to the location. It’s also always a challenge to wait and find the right weather window in order to get the right conditions. There is no shortcut, you just need an unwavering obsession with chasing sunrises and sunsets.

Henrykwelle 004
Image courtesy of Henryk Welle

LC – What is your creative process like?
– My creative process is getting inspiration from books, documentaries, other photographers, and when I am out in the field, I am always checking the places, mountain peaks, and any other possible spots nearby in order to get a unique shot. I think the light is always most important.

LC – Are your artworks focused on a specific theme?
– I am totally focused and landscapes, as I love to be outdoors and in nature to enjoy the solitude. Sometimes I also enjoy some cityscapes, but it’s more likely to find me in nature.

Henrykwelle 005
Image courtesy of Henryk Welle
Henrykwelle 006
Image courtesy of Henryk Welle
Henrykwelle 007
Image courtesy of Henryk Welle
Henrykwelle 008
Image courtesy of Henryk Welle
Henrykwelle 009
Image courtesy of Henryk Welle
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Image courtesy of Henryk Welle

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