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Interview: Jenny Alexandra Prado

Interviews | October 11, 2023 |

jennyprado interview 001
Image courtesy of Jenny Alexandra Prado

Interview: Jenny Alexandra Prado
Luca Curci
talks with Jenny Alexandra Prado during SECRET SPACES, second appointment of BORDERS ART FAIR 2023 in Venice, at Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello.

Jenny Alexandra Prado Bernal is an artist with a master’s degree in Contemporary Art, University of Barcelona (2020), Philosopher, UNAD Colombia, Surgeon. Nueva Granada Military University in Colombia (2004) with a speciality in Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (2012). In the academic field of medicine I have received multiple scholarships and recognitions while in artistic creation she is a painter and co-creator of the PRACÓ initiative, Contemporary Art Production, (2014 to date), highlighting the exhibition of her work at the Museum of Art Contemporary Ateneo de Yucatán (MACAY) at the International Festival of Mayan Culture FICMAYA 2015, she currently lives and paints in Chetumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico, where she is co-director of Ecomuseo Arte Contemporáneo Eco MACQROO A.C.

jennyprado interview 002
Image courtesy of Jenny Alexandra Prado

Luca Curci – What is the art for you?
Jenny Alexandra Prado
– Art is the human materialized to last on the bodies, creating a life by itself, it is a container of knowledge, feeling and passion; collecting the wisdom of the collective accumulated over the generations. With the particular vision from the feeling of a sensitive being to the incredible details of daily life

LC – What are you currently working on?
– Exploration of new supports for oil painting, allowing passable works, I am also interested in the interaction of my works with technology, not only as mere entertainment, but even to exalt the technical values of painting, the possibilities of expression and criticism to the same media where it is used, for example, Instagram, as is the case of the T filter: Ctrl + i, where the themes are every day, more than what is built and the perfection that is shown as “reality” on said platform, in a certain way it is critical from the action on the same platform.

jennyprado interview 003
Image courtesy of Jenny Alexandra Prado

LC – What issues do you plan to address in the future?
– Continue exploring the filters created on social networks, with direct interaction with painting, issues related to the perception of reality and cosmetic surgery in relation to the canons imposed by the same networks on beauty issues, by the same surgeons.

LC – Is there an unrealized or unrealizable project, even crazy, that you would like to work on?
– Living with a community in the Amazon and painting about that experience, in relation to the aesthetic values of beauty or ugliness.

LC – What are the three essential hashtags to define your poetry that you could not give up?
– #transimpressionism #amosercirujana #amoserartista

LC – Do you agree with our vision of art and what do you think about the theme of the exhibition?
– I love the vision of liquid art, it represents freedom, mobile, changing that challenges and overwhelms due to its speed but at the same time it moulds and unites when it finds a niche that contains it, ItsLiquid becomes that niche that welcomes and like the liquid itself it has expanded into new frontiers, it shares, it is nurtured and it remains free. The exhibition challenges an innovative critique of our reality and the coexistence of the human being in this world that we have created with limits, to create a new relationship with oneself and nature through new internal connections that activate external changes, it is a current theme and necessary.

jennyprado interview 004
Image courtesy of Jenny Alexandra Prado

LC – Can you explain something about the works of art that you have in our exhibition?
– ABOUT THE CTRL+i SERIES. Series with the effect on Instagram: T:CTRL+i
To appreciate the works of the Ctrl+i series by the artist Jenny Prado and MauricioColin Ollincoatl, the participants can observe them in the exhibition room with their natural vision and also through the camera of their smartphone, using the Instagram social network, with the filter T: Ctrl+i. Below, you will find a photo of how the work is appreciated in real life (in the image we call it “without the use of the effect…”) and how the viewer appreciates it with the T:Ctrl+i filter created for Instagram (in We call the image “with the use of the effect…”). To appreciate the “Ctrl+i” works, the T:Ctrl+i filter has been created on the Instagram platform, designed by the artists JennyPrado & MauricioColin Ollincoatl, to transform the digital inverse, that is, the “photographic negative”, thereby generating a critique of the aesthetics of filters used in social networks, in their character of interchangeability of the real. Resulting with it on the screen of the electronic device, a representation of the original color of what is embodied in the pictorial work of the series “T:Ctrl+i”.

With this filter we achieve a new vision, not only of the appearance of color in the work, but also of the environment, since through the filter, the work is seen in its “original colors” while the reality is the digital inverse, so “everything it becomes” part of the work, not only the limit of the dimensions of the altarpiece, the aesthetic experience surpasses the piece itself and alternates realities, thus extending, appreciating composition and form with the use of the filter in the Instagram application, to see the pictorial and apictorial work -altered reality- the experience of intertwined contrasting conceptual momentum, and challenges colors and textures of technique (without being an exact copy of photography), conceptually (the contradiction of society’s modus vivendi current), technological (digital photography with more and more filters), “social network” (the use of social masses from the Smartphone). For JennyPrado, the works, “Iglesia Cocacola”, “Red traffic lights”, “El danzante” and “Copula Libélula” and others of series “T:Ctrl+i”, the experiences take place framed by the peninsular Mayan jungle, and are carried out jointly – concept and multimedia – by Jenny Prado and Mauricio Colin as a result of their experience living as trans-impressionist artists in the south of the State of Quintana Roo. For Mauricio Colin Ollincoatl, The color composition in the Ctrl+i pictorial series responds to the allegory of imagining an entity, with reality in inverse colors to ours, from where he imagines this world and its colors, creating pieces to be appreciated from this reality, inverse to the reality of colors belonging to that.

The work Copulla Libelula wants to be a challenge to the senses, it represents the diffuse edges, being a crystalline river and its reflection, it is difficult to situate oneself, in the real environment or reflection, or what is contained in the water, at the same time life happens and interaction of dragonflies in the eternal game of nature: the act of copulation. Work on the limit of the figurative and the abstract. It is also designed to be seen with the filter created in Instagram T: Ctrl + i, it changes said borders when it “appears” before the visitor with the real colors and the colors inverted to all the rest of the environment that surrounds it, immerses the viewer inside of the work being part of it. The T refers to the description of the movement that together with the artist Mauricio Colin they have called Transimpressionism, alluding to the Impressionists themselves, for whom light and the appearance of photography were the basis of their pictorial innovation, for us light also and digital photography are also the origin of the proposal, with the exaltation of the values of painting and, in turn, a criticism of the cloying of the filters used in social networks, this filter exalts the very reality that unites and shapes the art.

jennyprado interview 005
Image courtesy of Jenny Alexandra Prado

LC – What do you think of the ITSLIQUID Platform?
– It fully encompasses interests in art, design, and architecture, while being inclusive, aesthetically appealing, and conceptually complex.

LC – Would you suggest a collaboration with us?
– Yes, of course, we can do a live, using the Instagram filter T: Ctrl +i where in real time we can show other works created to be seen with the filter and the works that were exhibited in Venice, so that the “ rupura” from the edge of the work itself, from the gallery and from the “real” world.

jennyprado interview 006
Image courtesy of Jenny Alexandra Prado

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