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Interview: Jenny Yanzhi Wang

Interviews | August 10, 2023 |

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Image courtesy of Jenny Yanzhi Wang

Interview: Jenny Yanzhi Wang
Luca Curci
talks with Jenny Yanzhi Wang during MIXING IDENTITIES, first event of SENSES ART FAIR 2023, in Rome at Medina Art Gallery.

“Jenny is a dedicated professional with a passion for designing and creating impactful and engaging interactive media. Holding a BA degree in Applied Psychology and Human Development from Boston College, she is currently pursuing an MS degree in Games for Learning at NYU. Her academic background has provided her with a strong foundation in understanding human behavior and cognition. Driven by a desire to make a positive impact, she is deeply interested in design for both impact and enjoyment, ensuring that users have meaningful and immersive experiences. She aspires to push the boundaries of interactive media and enhance the way people engage with technology. She is proud of being a designer and looks forward to continuing her contributions in this exciting field.”

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Image courtesy of Jenny Yanzhi Wang

Luca Curci – What is art for you?
Jenny Yanzhi Wang
– Art is a highly subjective and multifaceted concept that can take many forms. It is a means of creative expression that can evoke emotions, provoke thought, challenge conventions, and communicate ideas and aesthetics. For different individuals, art can serve various purposes, such as personal expression, social commentary, or aesthetic enjoyment. For me specifically, art is creative expression through keen observation. It’s a manifestation of the human ability to observe, interpret, and communicate the world around us. It’s a means of capturing not only the physical aspects of our environment but also the emotions, thoughts, and perspectives that come with those observations. It’s a way to share my unique perspective and emotions with others, creating a connection that transcends words and taps into the shared human experience.

LC – What are you currently working on?
– Currently, I’m engaged in several exciting endeavours. First, I’m in the process of acquiring skills in digital tools such as Processing to craft digital art, and exploring the fascinating world of digital creativity. Concurrently, I hold a role as a Learning Experience Designer at New York University, where I contribute to shaping educational experiences. Moreover, I’m collaborating with the United Nations on an interactive installation project focused on addressing the critical issue of Climate Change. This project allows
me to merge my passion for art with a strong commitment to raising awareness about environmental challenges. Lastly, I’m actively involved in the development of a tabletop game, an endeavor that blends creativity and strategy, offering a unique and enjoyable experience for players. These diverse pursuits reflect my dedication to both artistic expression and meaningful contributions to education and global issues.

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Image courtesy of Jenny Yanzhi Wang

LC – Among the several techniques you use, which one do you prefer to practice and which of them are most compelling for you?
– Given the digital nature of my work, I find myself drawn to a versatile array of software tools, including Adobe Creative Cloud, Figma, Canva, and Unity, among others. I’m also very interested in human-AI collaboration. These platforms empower me to explore diverse creative avenues and bring my ideas to life in various digital forms. Additionally, I enjoy using traditional paper prototyping as part of my creative process. It’s a hands-on approach that complements my digital work and allows me to explore ideas in a more tactile way. This mix of digital and traditional methods is at the core of my creative process.

LC – What do you think about art on social media? Are they turning into the new showcases of contemporary art?
– Social media platforms have certainly become significant platforms for artists to showcase their work and connect with a global audience. They offer accessibility and the ability to reach a diverse and wide-ranging audience, making them important tools for contemporary artists to gain recognition and share their work.

LC – What issues do you intend to deal with in the future?
– My central focus revolves around the design and creation of interactive experiences that have a profound impact on their users while simultaneously providing a sense of enjoyment and delight. Through interactive applications, educational games, and immersive digital or physical installations, I strive to provide learners with opportunities to explore complex concepts in an enjoyable and accessible manner. These experiences aim to go beyond traditional educational methods, fostering curiosity and a deeper understanding of the subject matter. I believe that the fusion of education and enjoyment is a powerful way to facilitate learning and make it more engaging. In the realm of education, the goal is not just to convey information but to inspire a love for learning. To achieve this, I draw upon a wide range of creative tools, including graphic design, user interface design, storytelling, and technology integration. My aim is to craft experiences that not only serve their functional purpose effectively but also leave users with pleasure. This synthesis of impact and enjoyment lies at the heart of my creative endeavours, driving my passion for designing meaningful interactive experiences.

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Image courtesy of Jenny Yanzhi Wang

LC – What do you think about the concept of this exhibition? How did it inspire you?
– I believe that the exhibition concept of “Mixing Identities” offers artists a rich and multifaceted platform for self-expression and exploration. It’s an invitation to explore not just who we are, but also how we relate to the world, our cultural backgrounds, personal experiences, and even the broader human experience. This concept also provides artists with the opportunity to engage with diversity and inclusion. It prompts us to reflect on how different identities intersect and interact, leading to a deeper understanding of societal dynamics and individual stories.

LC – What is the message linked to the artwork you have shown in this event? How is it connected to the theme of the entire exhibition?
– This project, Super Rolling, represents an innovative learning game that is strategically designed to improve and enhance players’ inhibitory control. It accomplishes this through a unique combination of cognitive mechanisms, employing the Stroop Effect as a fundamental element for learning and rhythm as a central game mechanic. By doing so, it effectively hones players’ abilities in terms of speed of processing and selective attention, offering a dynamic and engaging experience that also holds significant relevance to the overarching theme of the exhibition, “Mixing Identities.” For example, the game encourages reflection on the intricate layers of human identity and cognitive diversity by challenging players to navigate complex cognitive tasks while immersing them in an engaging gaming experience. The integration of rhythm as a game mechanic adds an extra layer of engagement and complexity. The synchronization of actions with musical beats not only makes the gameplay enjoyable but also demands precision and heightened attention; therefore, it reinforces the player’s capacity for selective focus and quick decision-making.

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Image courtesy of Jenny Yanzhi Wang

LC – Do you think ITSLIQUID GROUP can represent an opportunity for artists?
– I strongly believe ITSLIQUID GROUP offers artists promising opportunities due to its diverse range of topics and its prime locations in cities like Rome and Venice. The platform enables artists to engage with varied artistic dialogues, enhances their visibility, and connects them with a global art community. It is effective in delivering the message since you have experienced curators and dedicated market experts!

LC – Did you enjoy cooperating with us?
– I’m delighted and honoured to be a part of “Mixing Identities” with ITSLIQUID GROUP. I appreciate the prompt and artist-friendly responses and services provided by the organization. It’s a great privilege to collaborate with such an efficient and supportive team.

LC – What do you think about ITSLIQUID Platform?
– ITSLIQUID Platform offers artists diverse opportunities within a highly professional environment. Its well-organized exhibitions and global reach provide artists with exposure and connections, contributing to artists’ growth and success. I appreciate it very much.

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Image courtesy of Jenny Yanzhi Wang
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Image courtesy of Jenny Yanzhi Wang

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