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Image courtesy of Jiawei Fu

Interview: Jiawei Fu
Luca Curci
 talks with Jiawei Fu during THE BODY LANGUAGE 2022, at Palazzo Bembo – Venice Grand Canal

Jiawei Fu (b. 1998) was born and raised in Guangzhou, China. She has received a BFA in Interior Design from Pratt Institute NY. Jiawei’s works depict mundanity and emptiness through surrealized reality. Utilize the understated diary to wake up subconsciousness and create new conversation between people. Her dedicated palette exposes the sugarcoating of modern ignorance and relentlessness in all relationships. Yet collision with egg yolk brings back subtle similarity of just being alive. Her works represent a perspective from the invisible side and a mutual language that is meant to be shared together for cherishing the unique sameness. It starts as the reflection of surrounding and ends as the reflection of oneself.

Image courtesy of Jiawei Fu

Luca Curci – What are you currently working on?
Jiawei Fu –
I’m currently working on the new series “The Deceitful Lovers”. These series explore lies that exist in every love relationship. If there are 100 types of love, then there will be 100 types of lies. It just depends on how you perceive it. Inspired by all the love stories that the artist witnessed, this series exposes obvious lies in our relationship by depicting body language, and its relationship to surrounding objects. Yet hide it with saturate and joyful colours to suggest “maybe that is not a lie, but rather a personal fetish; A different way of love”.

Image courtesy of Jiawei Fu

LC – What are your thoughts while you paint? Do you have any habits or rituals while you work?
JF –
I always think about the stories that I’m painting with, every piece has its special inspiration and meaning. There’s not much of a habit or ritual but rather a practice while I work, I like to collect different moments/stories from everyday mundane, usually, translating them into sketches and colours.

LC – Are your artworks focused on a specific theme?
JF –
Yes all my works are about the mundane that we share as human being even in different series. The commonality is the key that connect each individual/community together. I think the modern relationship is too relentless and ignorant that people overemphasize their ego. Yet the simple sameness is what reminds us we are alive. I want to depict those “shared” yet “ignored” moments to inspire people to truly understand each other. To start a real conversation with each other.

Image courtesy of Jiawei Fu

LC – What do you think about the concept of this exhibition? How did it inspire you?
JF –
The Body Language. It is a way to communicate since I always believe that everything that we have can become the medium to covey our thoughts. Our body language is like a silent voice revealing the deep thoughts.

LC – What do you think about ITSLIQUID Platform?
JF –
I think the platform provides a variety of opportunities for both emerging and professional artists/designers.

Image courtesy of Jiawei Fu

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