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jiedai interview 001
Image courtesy of Jie Dai

Interview: Jie Dai
Luca Curci talks with Jie Dai during the third appointment of CANVAS INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR 2023, at THE LINE Contemporary Art Space in London.

Jie Dai is an experienced landscape designer and freehand drawing artist based in Chicago, USA. With over 12 years of experience in the fields of landscape architecture and urban design, she approaches each design challenge with a unique and innovative perspective. Jie has an impressive track record of successfully completing diverse projects, including those in transportation, commercial, residential, and mixed-use developments, spanning both small and large scales – all executed with a commitment to maintaining high-quality standards. Her proficiency in freehand drawing enables her to capture the essence of nature and translate her design concepts into compelling artworks. Jie’s artistic creations are characterized by innovative designs, clear expressions, vibrant colors, and the ability to evoke a sense of delight. In addition to her artistic talents, Jie is also a published author, sharing her design ideas and insights through various articles. Her talent and dedication have earned her global recognition for her contributions to the field of landscape architecture and urban design.

jiedai interview 002
Image courtesy of Jie Dai

Luca Curci – We were attracted by the project you have shown, has it been created for the festival or is it a part of preexisting works?
Jie Dai – Thank you very much for appreciating my work. This particular piece was created exclusively for this art festival. When I first learned about the theme and objectives of the exhibition, it immediately struck a chord with me and ignited my creative spark. I saw it as a wonderful opportunity to contribute something special and tailor-made for this occasion. So, I set out to craft this new piece with the intention of capturing the essence of the art festival and connecting with the audience in a meaningful and engaging way. Thank you for recognizing and appreciating the effort I put into it.

jiedai interview 003
Image courtesy of Jie Dai

L.C – What are you currently working on?
JD – In recent years, I have focused on landscape design projects related to urban parks, plazas, and green infrastructure along highways, streets, and creeks. One of my recent projects involved the landscape design of a creek-side area in the northern suburbs of Chicago. This project was both intriguing and complex, requiring careful consideration of ecological sustainability, adaptation to the existing environment, and the creation of aesthetically pleasing landscape features. Through this innovative design, my goal is to enhance the residents’ living environment on multiple levels, emphasizing visual appeal and promoting ecological development.

jiedai interview 004
Image courtesy of Jie Dai

LC- In what way is the project you presented in our exhibition connected with the festival’s theme?
JD – The theme of this exhibition conveys to me the evolving needs of individuals in response to the rapid development and evolution of society. The increasingly diverse identities have resulted in an urgent desire for new urban spaces, as evidenced by emerging trends such as the revitalization and expansion of older communities. In the process of urban community renewal, there is a dual emphasis on expanding public activity spaces and upgrading the form and content of these spaces. Therefore, selecting the design of a community park aligns perfectly with the exhibition’s theme. In embarking on this park design, I have delved into the various identities of contemporary individuals to explore their social needs in public spaces. This exploration informs the comprehensive functional settings and zoning of the park, with the aim of meeting the diverse needs of the community in multiple aspects.

LC – What’s your background? What experience has influenced your work the most?
JD – My passion for art and design began at the age of four, setting me on the career path I deeply cherish. During my college years, I pursued a degree in Art Design, followed by master’s degrees in literature Artistic Design with a focus on Urban Landscape Design in China, and later in Urban Planning with a concentration in Urban Design and GIS Application in the USA. My diverse educational background has equipped me to engage in a wide range of design projects, spanning urban design, landscape design, architecture, and interior design. My practical experiences have had a profound impact on my design approach, fostering the evolution of my design concepts. Notably, projects like the Bailey Green Neighborhood Revitalization in Buffalo and the Merchandise Mart Park in Chicago have greatly influenced me. They have inspired adaptive design methods and shaped a design philosophy that seamlessly combines functionality and aesthetics.

jiedai interview 005
Image courtesy of Jie Dai

LC – How would you describe your style?
JD – I would describe my style as modern naturalism. It blends naturalistic elements with contemporary aesthetics, highlighting the integration of humans and nature while exuding a modern flair.

LC – How do you choose your subjects? Is it a reasoned or an instinctive process?
JD –
My process for selecting subjects typically involves a combination of rational analysis and instinctual creativity. I start by gaining a deep understanding of the project’s background and objectives. Next, I translate my instincts into hand sketches, allowing my creative ideas to flow freely. Following this creative phase, I conduct a comprehensive evaluation and analysis to pinpoint a theme that aligns seamlessly with the project. This ensures that the final design not only meets the client’s requirements but also resonates effectively with the intended audience.

LC – What do you think about ITSLIQUID Platform?
JD –
I believe that ITSLIQUID Platform provides an excellent international platform for the fields of art and design, facilitating the showcase of outstanding works and global exchanges. This platform not only presents artworks to audiences in diverse and engaging ways but also sparks broader communication and collaboration among artists. ITSLIQUID Platform constructs a unique and vibrant bridge within the global creative community. This appeal is readily apparent not only in the active participation of top artists from various fields but also in the enthusiastic attention and appreciation it garners from audiences worldwide.

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Image courtesy of Jie Dai

LC – Did you feel comfortable cooperating with us?
JD –
I felt very comfortable cooperating with ITSLIQUID. The team’s professionalism and efficient communication brought me great experience. Their dedication not only ensured a smooth collaboration but also contributed to the creation of a visually stunning art experience for the audience. I appreciate the opportunity to work with such a dedicated and professional team.

LC – What do you think about our organization of the event?
JD –
The organization of this event left a profound impression on me. The organizing team demonstrated a high level of professionalism and attention to detail, ensuring that every aspect of the exhibition ran smoothly. The choice of the exhibition venue was also outstanding, providing an attractive showcase for the artworks. Additionally, I am impressed by the selection of the exhibition theme, which not only allows the audience to appreciate the beauty of art but also sparks deep reflections on life. Being able to participate in this event has been an honor for me.

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Image courtesy of Jie Dai

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