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Image courtesy of Nicolaus Dinter

Interview: Lord Nicolaus Dinter
Luca Curci
talks with Lord Nicolaus Dinter during THE BODY LANGUAGE 2021, at THE ROOM Contemporary Art Space.

I’ve been working for ten years with borderline and traumatized people to give them help. My work includes giving information, self-help groups and a talk to stabilize, trying to give a future better than the past. My art is photographing or painting, which are the ways I let my heart talks. If you find one photo or a painting that touches your heart, I have done my work. It is a way to talk, to show my inspirations, my love.

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Image courtesy of Nicolaus Dinter

Luca Curci – When you take photos, are you usually inspired by the situation or do you find inspiration in yourself?
Lord Nicolaus Dinter
– Both. I love to work with people and I am a team player, so I try to catch the emotions of a situation. But sometimes, I got an image in my mind and try to realize it. When I am in a foreign city or meet new people, I try to find a perspective, psychological, emotional, dimension, everything which seems to be possible at that moment.

LC – How much is the editing process important? How’s yours?
– I started with analog photography, so I tried to set my camera according to my inspirations. Of course, I use Photoshop in form of my creativity, not for the mainstream. Normally I do not make teeth whiter than they are or create a synthetic reality or phantasies. I try to do art.

Nicolausdinter 003 1
Image courtesy of Nicolaus Dinter

LC – Do you use art to express something in particular? Is it like your medium of expression?
– I try to tell a story of emotions, feelings, ideas. If I work I am in perfect harmony with my surrounding. It is my way to talk with people. I talk to every people I photograph, and sometimes I meet some models more for the coffeetime than in front of my lenses. I love when humans are in normal habits or make a show which comes from the bottom of the emotions. It is like being a free spirit.

LC – Did your style change over the years? In which way?
– Of course. It depends on the technic I use, the material and my emotions. They are many facts for the changes in my works. I do not know the way, I do not know the future, but I get inspiration.

LC – What is your creative process like?
– Differently, I am a team player. So if I work for a company in a studio it is different than to work on the streets. And I love both. Of course, I need inspiration from people I work with, artists, dreams and feelings.

Nicolausdinter 004
Image courtesy of Nicolaus Dinter

LC – In which way the artwork presented in our exhibition is connected with the festival’s theme?
– The photos are from a festival where humans show which person they want to be. So this is authentic. We all wear masks that determine a different kind of past, but sometimes we are authentic. But we can use our body language to tell authentic stories if we want. Body language is for me more than it is described in behaviors of bodies.

LC – Can you explain something about the artworks you have in our exhibition?
– It was a festival with actors who made the costumes by themselves. And this is a kind of art that people did not often recognize, but I tried. So I took photos of this event.

Nicolausdinter 005
Image courtesy of Nicolaus Dinter

LC – Did you enjoy cooperating with us?
– I love it!

LC – What are your suggestions about our services? Is there something more we can provide to artists?
– Not yet.

LC – What is your idea about ITSLIQUID GROUP?
– It is a good connection. You work perfectly and internationally, so as local. I love to work with your company, it gives me new inspiration and ideas. It touches my heart.

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Image courtesy of Nicolaus Dinter
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Image courtesy of Nicolaus Dinter
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Image courtesy of Nicolaus Dinter
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Image courtesy of Nicolaus Dinter

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