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Interview: Marek Jaśkowiec

Interviews | October 25, 2018 |

Interview: Marek JaskowiecImage courtesy of Marek Jaśkowiec

Interview: Marek Jaśkowiec

Luca Curci talks with Marek Jaśkowiec during PLACES and SPACES, the second and third appointment of SURFACES FESTIVAL 2018, in Venice.

Jaśkowiec, in full Marek Jerzy Jaśkowiec, was born in Myslenice near Cracow, in Poland, in 1974. He studied interior design, Maintenance architecture as well as painting in Cracow (1999-2003). Unruly artist who changed schools and workshops many times. He has never belonged to any artistic organization or group. As he says, he respects the heritage of academic art. He gained reliable workshop and education thanks to it; however, he chose his own, more difficult path. A complete independence and creative freedom. Without any influences and inspirations from other artists: ” we consist of the same kind of particles, energy. Everyone has got their Japan and Moon inside. All you need to do is reach it, walking the bumpy road “. He stays in various countries, various cities. He lived in Italy, England, Sweden. For many years he was experimentig with different techniques. Now he concentrates on his own speciale technique. In 2004, he mounted a big individual exhibition at Wawel Royal Castle ( Cracow, Poland ). The exhibition at Wawel Royal Castle speaks for itself. Of course there were next big exhibitions and projects in Poland, Germany, England, Sweden, Japan. Paintings of the artist can be found in private collections throughout the world, government offices, as well as in the of museum collections.


Interview: Marek JaskowiecImage courtesy of Marek Jaśkowiec


Luca Curci – What’s your background? What is the experience that has influenced your work the most?

Marek Jaśkowiec – Cracow and its environment have always been too small for me. When I was 13 I suffocated there. I wanted to run away from Poland to Austria. I got caught on the border and I spent several days in prison. It was a time of communism in Poland then, the Germans were divided by the Berlin wall. They were shooting at people because it was a big crime to flee a „country of prosperity”. Perhaps it was a breakthrough and paving the way for the entire life for me. Pushing the limits and overcoming my frights. I am a traveller. I am always on my way. I lead rather disobedient and quarrelsome lifestyle. When the war broke out in Ukraine, I got there and I brought a „Holiday” painting. It is becoming an icon in Sweden. Travelling inside of me in my studio is not enough for me. I need adrenaline and experience. I had my studios in different countries, cities, districts. We are living in very interesting times nowadays. Painting flowers or decorative pictures is a waste of time for me. I am interested in a human being and times I live in. I can get inspired by anything. Life, Death, Love, Crime, Loneliness.


Interview: Marek JaskowiecImage courtesy of Marek Jaśkowiec


LC – Which subject are you working on?

MJ – Currently, I am working on a series of paintings presenting a man and his impact on reality, and consequently, the influence of reality he creates for himself. By saing reality I mean the CITY. We create wonderful civilizations, science, culture and art. On the other hand, there are many atomic bombs, wars and death camps. Human. It is a driving force for me. Where do we come from? Who are we? Where are we going? I plan to show my paintings at the individual exhibition at a good gallery next year. Both my paintings are exhibited at SURFACES FESTIVAL, Lazarus and London are just talking about it. Right now I am working on the entire series. I hope to show them in New York.


LC – What is your creative process like?

MJ – My paintings tell a story. I sometimes think about a painting for two years. It is a huge effort and an intellectual journey for me. It is like wondering what laws govern the prime numbers. Do they appear at random or is there any kind of order? In my opinion, they do but trying to prove Riemann hypothesis is risky for your mental health. Simultaneously, I travel literally, I meet people from different cultures, I participate in events that are sometimes dangerous but always inspiring. Painting itself happens very fast and expressively. Afterwards, my studio looks as if there was a storm inside. It is amazing when a well-thought novel, a template is accompanied by some things that still surprise me. I discover them and interpret my own way. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.


Interview: Marek JaskowiecImage courtesy of Marek Jaśkowiec


LC – Are your paintings focused on a specific theme?

MJ – Most of my paintings, regardless of the used techniques, show te movement of particles, energy, some fragments of space. If they are not presented literally – then symbolically – in a form of expression. The cosmos, movement, energy, neutrino, atomic bomb, rocket, internet, information, new york, how to explain it? I cut the surface with needles and tools made by me until I ee IT. In every hundred billionth of a second, neutrinos and other unaxplainable histories are penetrating me and the paitning. I add to the artwork these particles and their movement. I paint cosmos by the use of cosmos. Micro and macro becomes equality. Sythesis.


LC – Did your style change over the years? In which way?

MJ – My style was still changing during my studies. It is complicated but I have always defended my independence and I didn’t want to submit to school, style, etc. I have never belonged to any unions or artistic groups. It is the matter of my character. It has been the way since I remembered. I respect the heritage of academic art but breaking free from the Cracovian school, its styles and workshops was the hardest thing to do for me. It took a lot of years. I left my country, I was travelling, working, thinking and creating paintings in my mind.I didn’t make exhibitions, I was looking for myself. Finally I made it, I came back, thanks to my years of experience, to this original, unspoiled style from my childhood. I am becoming recognizable. My style was changing a lot of times, of course. Now I feel liberated, I can paint and do whatever I want to do. I mix all painting techniques on one field, I add my own techniques and I do everything my way. Once I heard it is not allowed. Some professors told me that was not the proper thing to do. I had to change schools and workshops a lot of times. All you need to do is find yourself. I chose the more difficult path. Independence. It is easier to go with the flow.


Interview: Marek JaskowiecImage courtesy of Marek Jaśkowiec


LC – What is the message linked to the paintings you have shown in this exhibition? How is it connected to the theme of the entire festival?

MJ – The theme of my paintings shown at the festival is closely related to it. I am not going to dwell on that any longer. It is enough to find the description of the festival and watch LONDON and LAZARUS. I could copy the description of the festival theme and paste it in the description of my paintings: ” (…) searching a new vision of contemporary places, related to new human behaviors, city transformations and everyday life needs. “


LC – Do you agree with our vision of art and what do you think about the theme of the festival?

MJ – I am a rather critical and choosy person. However, your vision of art totally appeals to me. The festival theme is very inspirational and developing. It is not for everyone. It is connected with the high level of art.


LC – What do you think about ITSLIQUID Platform?

MJ – It looks very professional and the artistic level is really high. It is really inspirational for me. A lot of creativity, I can feel the energy. Anyone can think he/she is an artist in the Internet nowadays. A professional selection is crucial for me.


Interview: Marek JaskowiecImage courtesy of Marek Jaśkowiec


LC – Do you think ITSLIQUID GROUP can represent an opportunity for artists?

MJ – Of course. It is out of the question. I wish you the highest possible artistic level and a professional selection. Maybe I will be finally able to establish cooperation with some serious gallery that can help me develop my career. We will see. I hope my paintings will reach much wider audience. Inviting me and presenting my paintings in Venice is a great experience for me.


LC – Did you enjoy cooperating with us?

MJ – Yes, I am satisfied with the cooperation. I was in Venice at the exhibition opening. I met with z Luca Curci and I had some interesting talks. My paintings are hung in wonderful interiors. Situations like these give me more power and confidence. I feel I did a right thing choosing my own way in life. It’s like wind in the sails. My paintings will be shown on the next exhibition SPACES. My painting entitled BOGOTA has been chosen to exhibition “VISIONS” organized by ITSLIQUID GROUP, in collaboration with Jorge Jurado Gallery, Bogotà. I hope that this is only the beginning of cooperation.Thanks to ITSLIQUID GROUP for inviting me to take part in SURFACES FESTIVAL. It’s a great honour and distinction for me. I would also like to express my special thanks to my sponsor ORLEN OIL for assistance and support of my participation in SURFACES FESTIVAL.


Interview: Marek JaskowiecImage courtesy of Luca Curci during PLACES Exhbition in Venice 

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