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Interview: Marek Slavík

Interviews | October 5, 2018 |

Interview: Marek SlavíkImage courtesy of Marek Slavík

Interview: Marek Slavík

Luca Curci talks with the artist Marek Slavík, the winner of HONORABLE MENTION of ITSLIQUID INTERNATIONAL CONTEST 5TH EDITION 2017.

Marek Slavík is a Czech painter, born in Prague in 1982. He studied art at High school of Vaclav Hollar (1998 – 2002), and studied at Academy Of Fine Arts (AVU, 2002-2008) in Prague, in studio of classical painting techniques of prof. Zdenek Beran. From 2008 he lives and works in Prague and in Malkov u Berouna.  He is deeply focused on realistic oil painting and his previous major paintings depicted mainly landscapes and the human figure with expressive gestures reflecting life and the world in modern society. Currently, he creates realistic paintings using abstractly shaped masses, which reflect life and reality in a wider context, leaving space for viewers interpretation. His goal is to create a perfectly balanced paintings, where reality meets abstraction, mystery and the desire to explore the unknown – a deep story with a perfect technical performance of the painting. Each theme is carefully created and transformed into a comprehensive visual form, which has only one task: act on the viewer’s emotions through colors and shapes.


Image courtesy of Marek Slavík


His earlier works were, in most cases, composed of realistically painted landscapes and figures. But currently he gave up a mere rewriting reality to the canvas. It’s simply not enough for him at this moment. He tries in his paintings to move away from all that is possible to see around us and insert into them his own unique vision. Everything is still done with a precise technique of oil painting and he believe that gives to his canvases extraordinary depth and weight. His father has been painting since Marek childhood, he loved the smell of paints, oils and varnishes. Especially the unmistakable creative atmosphere hanging in the air, along with a clean white canvas and almost palpable inspiration to which the canvas starts to submit in a short moment. Painting captivated him and he had painted everywhere and everything. He had always tried to make the image the most faithful reflection of reality, along with capturing the overall atmosphere. This kind of painterly expression and desire for improvement has become a lifelong obsession for him. Marek Slavík existing paintings mainly included figurative motifs with deeper meaning planes, landscapes and animals. At the moment, however, he had given up on stark rewriting of reality on the canvas and had begun to explore the parallel possibilities of the same expression in a more abstract form, always using classical painting techniques of layered oil paintings with a carefully prepared theme. He is trying to, through composition, shapes, colours and depth of images, to evoke the impression of a true reflection of a certain part of our world. However, in an intangible abstract level.


Interview: Marek SlavíkImage courtesy of Marek Slavík


The inspiration for his paintings is usually his imagination regarding our or other worlds, other physical patterns and other correlations other than human has designated for the understanding of life on earth. What he is also interested in and what keeps him busy is the search for abstract ways of expression to the real situation or real experience. For him it is literally endless scope with unlimited range of combinations and possible tones of the image. He usually try to view everything around as an observer, unencumbered by human knowledge. Inspiration to him is also study of literature, study of patterns here on the earth as well as the universe, various physical theories, inventions, discoveries, ancient civilisations and a possible life elsewhere in the universe. He often talks about his paintings as realistically painted abstractions. It’s because each painting is preceded by several models and studies that in the final stage are carried out in the final painting through a very precise realistic layered oil painting.


Interview: Marek SlavíkImage courtesy of Marek Slavík


The paintings combine both realistic and abstract elements, while the credibility and convince of the whole theme is enhanced by classical painting technology. Most of the ideas for paintings are developed by creating a central theme/model. This model created from malleable material is embedded into aquarium with water, where with the help of different combinations of colours and swirls he creates then overall atmosphere of the image. He takes photos of all these phases of development. The process is lengthy and usually only one photograph of several thousand photographs approximately fulfils his expectations. Creating the image from such patterns is sorted with brushes and his clear idea. Painting is a means for dreams for him and realisation of unbounded worlds. It is also the absolute freedom of expression where a single judge and defender is himself and the particular medium. It is also a daily discipline and humility, when a person comes into the studio and is aware that there is still lots to learn in life and especially lots to understand. It is an endless search with increasing adrenaline of what else is going to be discovered and identifiedThe finished canvas is some kind of record of what experience and knowledge has been acquired in his mind.


Interview: Marek SlavíkImage courtesy of Marek Slavík


Luca Curci – What’s your background? What is the experience that has influenced your work the most?

Marek Slavík – I am deeply focused on classical oil painting technology. I studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in a classical painting studio where I painted a lot of realistic and hyperrealistic paintings. I insist on perfect performance in realistic or abstract form in which i am now working the most.

LC – Which subject are you working on?

MS – In the last few years, I have been working the most in realistically painted abstraction. Rewriting reality to the canvas is simply not enough for me at this moment. I try to depict something more in my paintings through colors, shapes, atmosphere and composition. My aim is is to depict harmony and balance which can be found in our world and in the whole universe.


Interview: Marek SlavíkImage courtesy of Marek Slavík


LC – What is your creative process like?

MS – I always create a model of plasticine that is differently shaped, soaked in water and dyed with ink. I create hundreds, maybe  thousands of different compositions from which I create studies and sketches. When the composition is really good, I’ll go into the realization  of a painting, which takes me about a month of work.

LC – Are your artworks focused on a specific theme?

MS – I would like every viewer to interpret my paintings in his own way. That is why my paintings are mostly abstract, but always with a clear hidden message. The theme is mostly about “Are we really alone in the universe?


Interview: Marek SlavíkImage courtesy of Marek Slavík


LC – Did your style change over the years? In which way?

MS – Every artist is evolving. Someone complicates their work, somebody simplifies it. I try to get as close as possible to a perfectly smooth painting style and to convince the viewer that the thing he’s watching is more than real.

LC – Do you agree with our vision of art and what do you think about the theme of the contest?

MS – I love every project that supports talented artists. The theme of the competition is always fun, but biased.  Art can not be measured, evaluated or selected.

LC – In which way the artwork presented in our event is connected with the contest’s theme?

MS – I do not understand the question.

LC – Did you enjoy cooperating with us?

MS – Yes.


Interview: Marek SlavíkImage courtesy of Marek Slavík


LC – Do you think ITSLIQUID GROUP can represent an opportunity for artists?

MS – Any opportunity, especially for starting artists, is a fantastic springboard. I believe that Itsliquid has helped, is helping and will help a number of artists.

LC – Would you suggest a collaboration with us? What do you think about our services?

MS – I do not have too much experience with you, so I can not judge yet. But shurelly we will know more each other in the future.


Interview: Marek SlavíkImage courtesy of Marek Slavík

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