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Image courtesy of Matteo Gavazzi

Interview: Matteo Gavazzi
Luca Curci
talks with Matteo Gavazzi during VISIONS – CANVAS INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR 2023 held in Venice at Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello.

Matteo Gavazzi attended the Arte Danza centre in Pistoia and followed the professional training course at the Regional Dance Center-Aterballetto, where he also approached choreography. In 2004 he joined D.A.N.C.E. Europe. In 2015 he made A Cheeky Mirror, music by Thomas Newman, at the invitation of director Frédéric Olivieri. In 2017 the Teatro alla Scala commissioned him a new creation, La Valse, created in collaboration with colleagues Stefania Ballone and Marco Messina.

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Image courtesy of Matteo Gavazzi

Luca Curci – Where does the need to represent reality through performative art originate?
Matteo Gavazzi –
I believe that within each of us resides a creative part, made up of images waiting to be brought to life. Personally, I express mine through dance and the dynamics of movement, accompanied by music. Ever since I was a child, I felt a different energy while moving to the rhythm of musical notes. Thanks to my career as a dancer, this form of energy has taken shape more and more, giving me the opportunity to create choreographies with artistic meaning. It’s as if a moving painting forms in my mind, eager to come to life and find its place in the world of performing arts.

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Image courtesy of Matteo Gavazzi

LC – Is there an unrealized or unachievable project, even an absurd one, that you would like to work on?
At the moment, I have already realized something new and absurd. The use of my invention, the TAP G-T, allows the dancer to dance and play music simultaneously. The unrealizable part of this project would be to create a sort of orchestra composed of dancers who can create melodies and musical harmonies while dancing together. This would mean creating a new form of dance that allows the audience to experience the artist’s creativity from every angle. Alternatively, I create a show based on all existing forms of dance, performing on my dance floor.

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Image courtesy of Matteo Gavazzi

LC – What do you think of the idea behind this exhibition? How did it inspire you?
MG –
I think the idea behind this exhibition is excellent and it has deeply inspired me. I am particularly excited because my personal project involves the use of a small technology to create a performance. I found this exhibition to be perfectly aligned with my work, providing an ideal context to showcase and share my creativity. I am grateful for the opportunity to participate, and I am confident that the experience has been enriching for both me and the audience.

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Image courtesy of Matteo Gavazzi

LC – What is your impression of ITSLIQUID Group?
MG –
My impression of ITSLIQUID Group is that it is an extraordinary channel for fostering connection and sharing among artists. The organization provides a dynamic and stimulating platform where artists can exhibit their works, explore new forms of artistic expression, and connect with a vast network of colleagues and industry professionals. ITSLIQUID Group encourages collaboration and synergy among artists, offering opportunities to participate in collective exhibitions, festivals, workshops, and other cultural initiatives. In this way, the organization creates a favourable environment for the growth and development of contemporary art, fostering the exchange of ideas and mutual stimulation among participants.

matteo gavazzi 005jpg
Image courtesy of Matteo Gavazzi

LC – Do you agree with our idea of art? And what do you think of the exhibition theme?
MG –
I completely agree with the idea of giving space to art, and I believe that allowing artists to connect and interact with each other promotes the expansion of creativity. Personally, I find this approach to be very effective. As Casanova once said, “Art is the queen of passions, as it stimulates the imagination and nourishes the mind.” The theme of the exhibition is fascinating, and I think it offers an ideal platform to explore and share different forms of artistic expression.

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Image courtesy of Matteo Gavazzi

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