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Interview: Aleksander Michelotti

Interviews | September 3, 2015 |

000image courtesy of Aleksander Michelotti

Interview: Aleksander Michelotti

Luca Curci talks with Aleksander Michelotti during FRACTAL IDENTITIES exibition in Venice on July 2015.

Aleksander Michelotti was born in Bolzano on 30.01.1980, currently residing in the province of Modena, no academic journey, a technical and humanistic study done by work and people,from the world that is out there to the solitude of the laboratory. Currently focused on society and on the individual, on their relationships and mutual influences.

001Image courtesy of Aleksander Mihcelotti

Luca Curci – Can you talk about your personal experience in Venice? What did you think about the whole organization of the event, the artists’ selection, the communication management and opening nights?

Aleksander Michelotti – My personal experience in Venice was very nice! For personal reasons and work, I could not attend the opening nights, but I wanted to at least visit the exhibition: so I found myself on a hot August afternoon wandering around the streets of Venice. Only a visit, nothing more, just to frame the situation. What can I say? Not just wanted to see my work exhibited,I wanted to see the place, the people, the other works, try to better understand the entire organization, and I found all adequate: at first, I thought the dual location was something strange; but I was fascinated by the enormous difference between the two sites. So I found a first sign of “liquid thinking”: a reality that can be modeled in different situations, while maintaining its consistency.

003Image courtesy of Aleksander Michelotti

For me is important to see how the exchanged words are realized: the presence and direct contact are the only ways to understand the reality. Everything was organized in a simple and efficient way: I consider it essential to make room for more important things (from the point of view of the artist exhibitor and from that of the public). I would not express an opinion on the choice of artists, it is not my job and I do not have enough data to know how the selection was made; I can only put myself in the public for a moment and ask to me if the exposure was to my liking and in line with its name: my answer is “yes”, then I think the result of the selection is efficient.I only regret not being able to take part in the opening: in this way I would have a more comprehensive view; guilt of my bizzarre appointments. I hope in the future!

006Image courtesy of Aleksander Michelotti

L.C. – What do you think about the collaboration between It’s LIQUID and Ca’ Zanardi/Venice Art House?

A.M. – I do not have much experience in exhibitions and every collaboration is a new adventure: taking part is already a good thing. I found availability, fast responses, good organization: good bases for continuing collaboration. I’m curious to see what will turn.

002Image courtesy of Aleksander Michelotti

L.C. – Can you talk about the artwork you presented in Venice? How is it linked with the festival’s theme?

A.M. – The work that I presented in Venice, P.C.Q.C., was originally an apology of the change. As if I felt compelled to justify, defend or protect my way of being. He kept me company for more than a year, before picking up the self-portraits of me that I was not shaving for a month and taking notes on what it means for me to change, then working with a variety of materials on the print, inputting ideas and finally adding the writing as they presented themselves. Sometimes I was a long time staring at the picture, looking for the right way to put into words the synthesis of something, other times came as a flash, I knew where she was to go and why. And it is at this point that I realized that I was no longer defending my change: was already under way, there was nothing to justify or apologize for, was simply taken for what it is, and I was picking up on that canvas the aspects on which I had to work to begin to make real change in shape, that began to represent the substance.

004Image courtesy of Aleksander Michelotti

The work was presented in the course of “Fractal Identities” and more than being connected to it, try to go further: I personally believe that everyone is born as an empty container; excluding a database of pre-programmed instinct, the ways we doing, think and act are accumulated during the interaction with various types of reality. Fractal realities where each element, while retaining its identity, represents the system in itself. The reason why we find ourselves to be a fractal of some system is varied: events, choice, imposition, vocation. But what happens if you try to be a fractal of the whole system called “World”? What if, for the case or for open mind, you try to get in touch with as many fractals possible (I like the idea that the set of multiple fractal identities, “THE FRACTAL” of a given system is nothing but a piece a fractal bigger. I can hardly explain it in a few words, It would be easier with a drawing) and try to grasp its essence to bring them together in yourself? What happens is that when you try to match the different pieces you realize all the edges that make them remain divided: prejudices, stereotypes, habits that are handed down and prevent the coexistence and growth. I have identified some that I carried below, I started to pin and work on those, using the criterion of simplicity: remains all that simply responds to my nature, the rest is cut as you do with a beard when it is too long and has no more a form. 

005Image courtesy of Aleksander Michelotti

L.C. – What are you currently working on?

A.M. – Currently I’m working on the practice of myself and I think it will be a job that will keep me busy for a lifetime. After finding a technique that suited to my skills, having understood that my interest is primarily intended to the people (including myself) and after realizing that I still have a lot of things to sort out, I put everything in the blender and I looked what came out. I compared it with my ideal and I’ve seen that does not quite match. All my work -a spontaneous birth of the mind, an inspiration or a partnership- is a step in that direction.

007Image courtesy of Aleksander Michelotti

L.C. – What is art for you?

A.M. – Art is Art. Everything can be Art, but the Art is not anything definite. You can try to explain it, but when you define it, it becomes something else. Art is a train that hauls, Art is above everything, is not subordinated. Art is not technique, style or aesthetic: these are only some of its components. At the entrance of my laboratory I wrote “Art: every act, object or representation suitable for expressing a personal concept in a universally way. The purpose of Art is to improve life through the stimulus. Only those who are in the right can and must do the Artist. ” And the more I read, the more I find it incomplete: it’s just the impression I got when I was struck by the great artists of the past, when I realized that I wanted to do something similar. Art is communication, Art is a message in the bottle, art is a powerful tool that goes used with proper manners: it can make life great or do massive damage. Every day that passes, I realize that Art can always be something more. Utopia? Yes. We need a far ending, aware that it is unattainable, that give us direction, otherwise the only option is to go back, regress. I could say that for me Art is that feeling, that intuition that gives me the guide wire in the Life. I could say that Art is Life, and then what is it that gives me the guide wire in Life?Life itself? It is probable.

008Image courtesy of Aleksander Michelotti

L.C. – What do you think about International ArtExpo and It’s LIQUID organizations? Do you think they can represent an opportunity for artists?

A.M. – A single collaboration is not enough to define knowledge, so it is early to speak of a thought that is being still forming. I can say that they acted correctly, that the initial agreements have been met and that everything went the right way. And if I had not thought that it was an opportunity, I would not have participated.

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