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Image courtesy of Miss J

Interview: Miss J
Luca Curci
talks with Miss J during the 10th edition of LONDON CONTEMPORARY 2024, at ELEMENTS London.

Born in France with origins in southern Spain, each journey is a new discovery for me. The world never fails to amaze me, and I enjoy capturing history through my creations. My creations are brimming with profound and genuine emotions. I utilize colours and shapes as the medium to visually express feelings. Being self-taught adds to the significance of my artistic talent, reflecting my unwavering passion and determination. The artworks I produce emit tangible energy, enthralling viewers and immersing them in my distinctive artistic realm.

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Image courtesy of Miss J

Luca Curci – What’s your background? What is the experience that has influenced your work the most?
Miss J –
My influences are deeply linked to life, encounters, places and life experiences. The human element plays an important role in the development of my artistic vision.

LC – What are you currently working on?
MJ – Currently I am in search of the very essence of life and what is our life path.

LC – How is your creative process?
MJ – My creative process, first comes from emotion in relation to a life experience, intense encounters, and the sharing of vibrations. From this comes an artistic vision of this expression that I must translate into painting, as a message to transmit. I sense that each of my works brings a message to a person on his way of life and I appreciate observing his encounters between the message and the person who feels the same reasoning as him, an invisible and instinctive link.

LC – What issues do you intend to address in the future?
MJ – The links between the visible and the invisible, time and its reality.

LC – How do you feel when you see your work complete?
MJ – Soothed, tired, all my energy is used for creation.

LC – What do you think of the concept of this exhibition?
MJ – This a very nice exhibition and experience, London is a fascinating city.

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Image courtesy of Miss J

LC – How did that inspire you?
MJ – There is a very special atmosphere in London between a historic city and an opening to a very powerful future, a freedom of artistic minds established at the very heart of culture. London is the crossroads of all possible.

LC – How does the work presented in our exhibition relate to the theme of the exhibition?
MJ – The 3 works presented are: The painting “Rokh” is an abstract work that represents a person holding a broken umbrella. The brushstrokes are vivid and expressive, creating a sense of movement and emotion. The colors used are mainly dark tones, which reinforces the melancholic atmosphere of the scene. It is a captivating painting that invites reflection and interpretation. The broken umbrella in the painting “Rokh” can have different symbolic interpretations. Some might see the broken umbrella as a symbol of broken protection or vulnerability to external elements. Others might see it as a representation of the fragility of the individual or the obstacles they face. The exact meaning depends on the personal interpretation of each spectator. The title “Rokh” is inspired by the Persian word meaning “failure” or “checkmate failure” in chess. It can be a metaphor for the fragility of the human condition and the challenges we face in life. The choice of title adds an extra dimension to the work, inviting viewers to reflect on the deeper meaning of the painting. The painting “Baby Storm” is a captivating work. It presents a mixture of painting and collage, creating a dynamic and expressive composition. In the center of the painting, one can see a child’s face, perhaps representing the “Baby Storm” mentioned in the title. The bright colours and varied textures add depth to the work. Around the face, there are several elements that seem to float, like bursts of color and pieces of paper. This creates a feeling of movement and energy. It’s really interesting to see this parallel between true love and commercial love in the painting “Baby Storm”. By incorporating references to luxury brands and bits of poetry, the artist may be exploring how our society often mixes authentic love with notions of social status and materialism. This raises questions about the nature of love and how it can be influenced by society’s values. It is truly an intriguing work that invites contemplation and personal interpretation. “Sense of Life” is a truly evocative title for this work! I imagine that the artist wanted to explore the deep meaning of life through this painting. Perhaps colors and abstract forms represent the different experiences and emotions we go through throughout our existence. It is a work that seems to capture the very essence of the creation of the universe. The vibrant colours and abstract shapes perhaps suggest the primordial energy and strength that gave birth to all that exists. One can see a mixture of chaos and order, movement and stability, creating a unique harmony. It is as if the artist had succeeded in visually representing the fascinating process of the creation of the universe.

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Image courtesy of Miss J

LC – Do you suggest working with us? What do you think of our services?
MJ –
Yes, I really appreciate being able to exhibit my creations with itsliquid group, and I hope to be able to participate in other events with you.

LC – What is your idea about ITSLIQUID GROUP?
MJ – The team is very responsive, professional and attentive, everything is done to support artists in.

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Image courtesy of Miss J

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