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Nataliaschaefer 001
Image courtesy of Natalia Schaefer

Interview: Natalia Schaefer
Luca Curci talks with Natalia Schaefer during Venice International Art Fair 2020 at THE ROOM Contemporary Art Space

The pace of modern life accelerates more every day. Most people live in stressful “passing by” without taking the time to appreciate the beauty around us. With my art, I want to give the viewer a moment of mindfulness, a rest, of awareness how beautiful life and nature world are. Delicate mandalas with spiritual and contemplative patterns in glimmering shades of metallic colours illuminate spaces from the walls, alongside expressive abstract paintings and African-style pieces inspired by folk art you can’t pigeonhole Natalia Schäfer. The work of the autodidact, as Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design, who was born in Russia and has lived in Germany for many years, is as multi- faceted as the techniques she has developed. She uses materials such as genuine gold, silver and copper to perfect her paintings. Driven on by a profound appreciation of aesthetics, her gifts to the viewer are instances of beauty and relaxation in our often hectic everyday lives. Natalia Schaefer has taken part in numerous solo and group exhibitions and art shows in Berlin, London, Zurich, Gstaad, Miami and New York. Since 2009, she has produced a variety of calendars, stationery products and gift books to great success, together with renowned German-language publishers. In addition, she regularly runs workshops aimed at encouraging creativity in children and adults. In line with clients’ wishes, she also works as a street artist to design indoor and outdoor spaces.

Nataliaschaefer 00
Image courtesy of Natalia Schaefer

Luca Curci – What is art to you?
Natalia Schaefer
– The possibility for artists to be in flow, to show beauty, to communicate in a wonderful way, to express feelings, emotions, to show the soul, to have a voice, to make people think, to confront. Art is also the possibility to experiment freely, to process what has been experienced, to disconnect from the outside world because it is a world of its own.

LC – What are you currently working on?
NS –
There are several themes that touch me: spiritual art, folk art, experiments with abstraction. For more than 10 years I have been illustrating for German publishers and I am currently designing for our oldest and successful project “African Art” Art Calendar (since 2009) and my own project. Afterwards I am looking forward to painting on the large canvases again.

Nataliaschaefer 002
Image courtesy of Natalia Schaefer

LC – Where do you find your inspiration?
NS –
“There are flowers everywhere for those who want to see them”, as Henry Matisse said, inspiration is everywhere, in nature, in writings, colours, sounds, music, movement, dance…

LC – What is the most difficult part of creating your work of art?
NS –
When the material or color you need is running out and is no longer available.

Nataliaschaefer 003
Image courtesy of Natalia Schaefer

LC – What is it like to be an artist these days?
NS –
Courageous – as a full-time artist, not only today. Same time it is also freedom to live your dream. In the modern age of limitless communication and visibility, many new avenues are open, such as in the Corona pandemic time more online showrooms and virtual exhibitions.

LC – We were attracted by your latest artistic production. Was the artwork presented created for the festival or as part of existing works?
– Thank you, very much appreciated. It was an already existing work.

Nataliaschaefer 004
Image courtesy of Natalia Schaefer

LC – In what way is the artwork presented in our exhibition connected to the theme of the festival?
NS –
The title of the festival is BORDERS. My inspiration for the exhibited artwork “Genesis” was a quote by Leonardo DaVinci: “Learn how to see: everything is connected with everything else”. With “Genesis” I wanted to present the deeper real “borderless”.

LC – What do you think of the ITSLIQUID platform?
NS –
I like to follow and read the articles, reports and interviews of Itliquid . Venice International Art Fair is now my first participation in the event.

Nataliaschaefer 0010
Image courtesy of Natalia Schaefer

LC – Would you suggest a collaboration with us? What do you think about our services?
NS –
Yes and I have recommended Itsliquid several times to artist colleques.

LC – Did you enjoy working with us?
– Yes, I am satisfied. Thank you very much for the organization to the team and to the director Luca Curci for the idea and the realization.

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Image courtesy of Natalia Schaefer
Nataliaschaefer 006
Image courtesy of Natalia Schaefer
Nataliaschaefer 007 1
Image courtesy of Natalia Schaefer
Nataliaschaefer 008
Image courtesy of Natalia Schaefer
Nataliaschaefer 009
Image courtesy of Natalia Schaefer
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Image courtesy of Natalia Schaefer
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Image courtesy of Natalia Schaefer
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Image courtesy of Natalia Schaefer

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