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Il Sogno Di Adama E Eva Di Raffaella Corcione Sandoval
Image courtesy of Raffaella Corcione Sandoval

Interview: Raffaella Corcione Sandoval
Luca Curci talks with Raffaella Corcione Sandoval during ROME INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR, at Medina Art Gallery.

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Raffaella Corcione Sandoval now lives and works in Rome. Her artistic vocation blossomed as she trained very young at the Sancho School of Art in Caracas. In Italy she was a pupil of the artist Novella Parigini and Prof. Emilio Maria Avitabile. She obtained the qualification of Advertising Graphics in Naples and of Stylist from the Fashion Academy in Rome. An artist known nationally and internationally, she has exhibited in Switzerland, the United States, Germany, Spain, China, Arabia and in numerous exhibitions throughout Italy. Raffaella Corcione Sandoval rejects any kind of formal categorization and uses multiple forms of expression, from painting to photography, from video to performance, to prose, using new and original techniques.

Il Sguardo Segreto Di Raffaella Corcione Sandoval
Image courtesy of Raffaella Corcione Sandoval

Luca Curci – What is art for you?
Raffaella Corcione Sandoval – In my art I don’t want to transfer the anxieties and negative problems of existence. This is not my mission. When I was a child and I was asked: who do you want to be when you grow up? I answered: A Saint!!! My mystical nature manifested itself very early and was recognized. Paradoxically, I would like to be an artist Mother Teresa, an artist Padre Pio, a contemporary conceptual Buddha that not only expresses the positive aspect of our reality but through incessant search, inner work, practice and discipline, so that they can spread and expand positive energy in a tangible way, as happens with relics. Works that contain all my existential experience, as if they were drops of blood.

Di Notte In Cielo Di Raffaella Corcione Sandoval
Image courtesy of Raffaella Corcione Sandoval

LC – What is your background?
RCS – Being born in South America, having lived most of my life in Europe, and having traveled the world, not as a tourist but as a citizen of the world, has allowed me to deepen my knowledge of cultures with a great history, such as the Greek culture or that of India. All this combined with my inner research has been an inestimable wealth made of emotions, colors, symbols and traditions that, having become part of me, emerge naturally in my works. My work is the result of my ever-expanding life, constantly a “work in progress”.

LC – What is your creative process?
RCS – I start with the intention of creating works that perform the miracle of love, that are alive and reproduce the essence of the Self, because in the moment of creating a work I am only a channel and an instrument of cosmic energy.

Mandylion Di Raffaella Corcione Sandoval
Image courtesy of Raffaella Corcione Sandoval

LC- Do you use art to express anything in particular? Is it your medium of expression?
RCS – My works can be an aesthetic ornament, a talisman, a good-luck charm, an initiatory or protective element, depending on the will and individual evolution of the observer who has not yet answered his existential questions. For me it was to touch Sai Baba’s robe.

LC – What is it like to be an artist nowadays?
RCS – We live in the greatest work of art “the Manifest Universe” from which we all draw inspiration for our creations with the conscious or unconscious awareness that we are all artists. As I expressed in 2005 in the presentation of my sculpture “La Sindone Partenopea”: “The feeling of loneliness is the specific component of our present time. The understanding of loneliness belongs instead to those who have realized it through the expansions of the soul at the boundaries of demonstrable reason. What, then, do we need to make sense of any kind of occasion? All we can do is immerse ourselves in an ocean of conflict and learn to swim, to float, rediscovering in ourselves the form that most represents us because it is our own. So I let my thoughts flow and let my analyses caress them without anxiety. Being an artist has an incomprehensible meaning for those who do not experience the aesthetic influences that compound imaginary representations at their birth. Knowing one’s emotional chromatic range in some cases makes the awareness of knowledge unbearable, which, being one’s own, does not allow for excuses. This is how a work is born, this is how “La Sindone Partenopea” was born, in a moment of profound observation of the Space-Time in which I chose to act. Being and not being dance in me as tangible entities that pull my existence in its current biological cycle.
Being and non-being want today to rediscover the footsteps of passages indispensable to the final reason. Free is the meaning of the work itself that leaves uncontaminated its silent dwelling, whose only real purpose is: to remember! The epochal clash determines a cognitive abyss that permits the birth of a new vibrational current, generated by the fusion of genes scattered in the ether, ready to germinate in the collective memory. From the One to the many to return to the One. The ancestral path leaves no misunderstanding. The myths re-emerge to regain their primary position, in a perfect balance of harmonic ecstasy to create new opportunities for development. To seize the opportunities means being and non-being participants of the Great Project, abandoning the hindering tensions, in order to toast the only true cup that the Divine Architect offers us, nourishing us with Love.

Mater Matuta Di Raffaella Corcione Sandoval
Image courtesy of Raffaella Corcione Sandoval

LC – Do you agree with our vision of art and what do you think about the theme of the exhibition?
RCS – My adherence to your initiatives confirms my esteem in the conception of the Itsliquid platform, in its members and in the topics that you present.

LC – Can you explain a bit about the artwork you have in our exhibition?
RCS – I chose the work “Birth of the Universe” in which all the Love of the Universe is imprinted through the male and female aspects that give life to atoms charged with radiation illuminating the environment in which it is located and accelerating in those who look at the work the process of universal reintegration which for me means regeneration of the cosmos through all creatures, the ultimate goal of true alchemy and the purpose of my being an artist. Whoever has translated the code of his own reality and has found the way forgets himself and becomes a living torch along the path of return back home.

LC – Would you suggest a collaboration with us? What do you think about our services?
RCS – I am very happy to collaborate with you, you are a group of lovers of life, beauty and its mysteries, expressed through the multiplicity of art forms and aesthetic synthesis. I hope to intensify my collaboration and establish over time a constant presence within the platform through your services at an international level.

Radici E Rami Di Raffaella Corcione Sandoval
Image courtesy of Raffaella Corcione Sandoval

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