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interview 01 shirleyyeung
Image courtesy of Shirley Yeung

Interview: Shirley Yeung
Luca Curci
talks with Shirley Yeung during CONTEMPORARY VENICE 14th, at Palazzo Albrizzi Capello in Venice.

In 2023, Dr. Yeung was invited by SYART Gallery as a Judging Panel Member for the YAA Award 2023. Dr. Yeung was also nominated as Local Change Maker by The International Center for Environmental Development and Community Education (ICENECDEV), a UN Global Compact Member. In the same year, Dr Yeung awarded International #Time2Leap Award Winner, SDG Acceleration Visionary Leader from MSME Summentorpro, recognized by the Ministry of India. Starting from July 2023, Dr. Yeung is a residence artist, at Boomer Gallery, London, UK, and her paintings have been selected to display in the Boomer Gallery, London, July 7 and August 11, 2023. In March 2023, Dr Yeung was shortlisted to display teaching/painting exhibition templates and Chinese calligraphy paintings on the Project “Restore the Nature with Innovations via SDGs/ ESG” in the United Nations UNESCAP 75 SDG Acceleration Pavilion, Bangkok. In 2022, Dr Yeung was a winner of the 8th Young Asia Artist (YAA) SYART Gallery, Singapore, Top 40/150.

interview 002 shirleyyeung
Image courtesy of Shirley Yeung

Luca Curci – What is art for you?
Shirley Yeung –
Art with culture and values can be a meaningful tool for storytelling and communication for Responsible Businesses, helping businesses convey their values and messages to a wider audience.

Art is more than just a form of expression; it is a way of showing your identity in an artistic way to communicate with your inner self and your audience via unique stories, and ideas with vivid use of colors, visual or auditory mediums. As an educator, I believe that art or content creation plays a crucial role in fostering self-exploration, creativity, critical thinking, and empathy in students. By engaging with art and culture, materials and technology, we can develop a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around them, and ultimately become more well-rounded individuals.

interview 003 shirleyyeung
Image courtesy of Shirley Yeung

LC – What are you currently working on?
SY –
Use of a variety of materials, for example, environmental paint with the use of Chinese Calligraphy Painting Style, to arouse the awareness of self-internalization, to understand how you communicate with others, to be a part of Nature, Reconnect self, the Community and Nature for Disruptions, Innovations and Transformations.

LC – Are your artworks focused on a specific theme?
SY –
Restore Nature with Innovations via SDGs and ESG, Environment, Social and Governance via interdisciplinary knowledge and intergenerational experiences.

interview 004 shirleyyeung
Image courtesy of Shirley Yeung

LC – Did your style change over the years? In which way?
SY –
From Chinese Calligraphy painting style to the use of Chinese Brush and Environmental Paint with different materials for transformations and presenting the use of art for wellness, business, and social relationships enhancement.

LC – In which way the artwork presented in our exhibition is connected with the exhibition’s theme?
SY –
Based on information on the website “The 14th edition of CONTEMPORARY VENICE analyzes the relationship between body and space, and the hybridization between identities and cultural/physical/social/urban settings in contemporary times, through two main sections: MIXING IDENTITIES and FUTURE LANDSCAPES”, I believe my artwork of “Fun – Restore the Nature with Innovations via Sustainable Development Goals#3 Wellness and #9 Innovations for #16 Peace with a theme of “Follow the Flow – Fish in the Nature” helps the audience to realise.

Chinese calligraphy painting style with use of Brushes and Nature in context can also be used as a tool for social impact by supporting local artists, preserving cultural heritage, and promoting sustainability in the art industry. Collaborating with artists and communities to create socially conscious art projects can generate awareness and drive positive change in society.

Overall, Chinese and Western styles of paintings and other forms of art have the potential to not only inspire creativity and appreciation but also bring people together, stimulate economic growth, and make a positive impact on society, impacts of SDG x ESG.

interview 005 shirleyyeung
Image courtesy of Shirley Yeung

LC – Can you explain something about the artworks you have in our exhibition?
SY –
Art, specifically Chinese calligraphy paintings, can play a significant role in fostering values understanding, for example, the character of Fun in my painting with lotus and fish, and creating a transformative way of thinking relating art and communities to relearning: Chinese calligraphy paintings or use of Chinese Brushes with Contents of Nature are not only visually stunning but also reflecting the exploration journey of applying Chinese culture in western or multicultural ways of self-expression.

By showcasing these artworks to a global audience like ITSLIQUID GROUP, art pieces can serve as a bridge for cultural exchange and understanding of how to crested unique self-image, for me, lotus for Purity, Egrets for all by myself with tolerance, fish and shrimp followed our flow to grow and glow, bringing people from different backgrounds together for a better world.

interview 006 shirleyyeung
Image courtesy of Shirley Yeung

LC – What are your suggestions about our services? Is there something more we can provide to artists?
SY –
More efforts in Community Engagement are expected via hosting calligraphy painting workshops or exhibitions to bring local communities together, providing a platform for individuals to express themselves creatively and connect with others who share a similar interest in art. This can help in building relationships and fostering a sense of belonging within the communities.

interview 007 shirleyyeung
Image courtesy of Shirley Yeung

LC – How is being an artist nowadays?
SY –
From social business and community perspectives, art can be used to enhance branding, attract customers, and stimulate creativity among employees. Companies often use art to create a unique identity and differentiate themselves with unique identity and common values.

LC – What is your idea about ITSLIQUID GROUP?
SY –
Sustain the business with local and global reconnection via multicultural images with different ways of presenting SDG Acceleration. ITSLIQUID GROUP is a platform that promotes contemporary art, architecture, and design. They organize international exhibitions, events, and competitions to showcase the work of emerging and established artists from around the world. In our personal lives, art can be a source of inspiration, relaxation, and self-expression with i5 of UNPRMEelements, values, fun, social interaction, engagement and iteration. It can also serve as a means of connecting with communities across generations and countries and forming meaningful relationships to co-create meaningful artefacts incorporating art elements into our lives or workplaces with SDG sustainable development goals and ESG elements, stimulating bright ideas for a better world. Overall, the future use of art in lives and business will continue to evolve, as we recognize the immense value that art brings to our society and our everyday experiences. It is essential to harness the power of art to foster innovation, collaboration, and emotional connection in all aspects of our lives. By leveraging art and content creation in innovative ways, social cohesion and new business opportunities can be cultivated, creating a more vibrant and interconnected world. In the future, I believe art/ content creation/self-expression with life experiences and self-projected images will continue to play a vital role in both personal growth and business innovations/transformation settings.

interview 008 shirleyyeung
Image courtesy of Shirley Yeung

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