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Image courtesy of Stella Brajterman

Interview: Stella Brajterman
Luca Curci
talks with Stella Brajterman during FUTURE LANDSCAPES, second appointment of SENSES ART FAIR 2023, at ITSLIQUID Monti – Rome Art Space.

Stella Brajterman is a plural Brazilian artist, who combines her theatre background with cinema, poetry and bodily expressions to create unique artistic productions. Graduated in Performing Arts at UNIRIO and in Cinema by Darcy Ribeiro, throughout her 15+ year career, Stella has researched theatre-dance in Italy with the Potlatch Theater and in London at Trinity Laban, Siobhan Davies and Wayne Mcgregor Choreography Lab. She has also worked with high-profile directors, such as Eugenio Barba, Bia Lessa, Daniel Herz, Nós do Morro, NAI (Núcleo de Artes Integradas). Having most recently focused her creative vein towards hybrid art expressions, her latest creation, the video art and short movie Ava, was presented in the art festivals BORDERS in Venice and Glass Meet the Future (NY and Japan). As a director and scriptwriter, she produced the short movie “E o mundo todo ficou roxo” (“And then the world turned purple”). Stella is also the creator and performer of the solo “Speak Low” presented in Rampa Espaço de Criação, Laban, Galeria Aymore (2019) and Artists For Peace (2020). Graduated in Performing Arts in UNIRIO and Film Editing in Darcy Ribeiro Cinema School. Recently studied and worked in Teatro Potlach (Italy), and in London at Trinity Laban and Siobhan Davies (Contemporary Dance Research).

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Image courtesy of Stella Brajterman

Luca Curci – How much has the city/country in which you grew up/born affected your work as an artist?
Stella Brajterman –
Rio de Janeiro is a big and busy city… despite all the noise, its seaside has always been a safe haven for me, where I find calm to meditate. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to be in contact with the ocean every day and it shaped my work in a sense of freedom, movement and the unpredictable aspect of the waves.

LC – Which artists have somehow had an influence on your work?
SB –
Many known and less-known artists influence my work: Hilma von Klimt, Turner, Pina Bausch, Dimitris Papaionus… As well as others who don’t forcefully express art through classical media, but rather through their craft, working with soil, education, and cuisine. They are agro-ecologists, teachers… Art emerges at all times through those activities and from all the people that I know that reach this point of transforming any activity into Art. I am ever so grateful to them.

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Image courtesy of Stella Brajterman

LC – Is there an unrealised or unrealisable project, even a crazy one, that you would like to work on?
SB –
Definitely. I would love to be able to start a project intertwining art, agroecology and education.

LC – What are the three hashtags essential to define your poetics that you could not give up?
SB –
Movement, Environment, Perspective

LC – What is the most challenging part about creating your artworks?
SB –
Time to immerse myself in the piece. I would love to have the opportunity to “live inside” my next project for a period of time. Our routine affects the way that we approach a project: you need to always be in a rush. I miss having more time to dedicate myself to each piece’s development.

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Image courtesy of Stella Brajterman

LC – Do you agree with our vision of art and what do you think about the theme of the exhibition?
SB –
“Senses” is an extremely stimulating theme, because it makes me think and elaborate the world around me using all my capacities in such a way that challenges my “rational” decision. The origin of the word from Latin is sensus “perception, feeling, undertaking, meaning,” I like how it connects feeling and meaning. In times of AI, it is revolutionary that for something to be understood or to be meaningful it needs to “pass through the zone” of emotions/sensory/sensibility. I believe that is where human creative potential relies.

stella brajterman interview 005
Image courtesy of Stella Brajterman

LC – In which way the artwork presented in our exhibition is connected with the exhibition’s theme?
SB –
My goal with the piece AUXIN is to reach a way of looking so deeply into plants( and the environment) that you can almost smell it, or hear the sound of it breathing, and feel the texture of such different shapes and colors. To be invited to start noticing a different sense, a sense that re-connects all living beings on the planet. As Emanuele Coccia says there is a metaphysics of mixture: plants are the very creator of the atmosphere and have a fundamental position from which we should analyze all elements of life.

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Image courtesy of Stella Brajterman

LC – Do you think ITSLIQUID GROUP can represent an opportunity for artists?
SB –
Absolutely. I think it is a very democratic event that unites different artists with different media from all around the globe looking in the same direction.

LC – What do you think about the organization of our event?
SB –
It is super organized and alive. It is so important to have a variety of exhibitions and art events to give more chances to society to appreciate Art in all media and cities. The communication between the organizers and artists is always clear and kind.

LC – What is your idea about ITSLIQUID GROUP?
SB –
It is a rich platform that connects multiple artists, designers, and architects from different countries that empower the connection between the audience and artists. It is a very active group with an eclectic offer of events, exhibitions and fairs. Also a great platform to connect artists.

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Image courtesy of Stella Brajterman

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