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stephaniebing 005
Image courtesy of Stephanie Bing

Interview: Stephanie Bing
Luca Curci talks with Stephanie Bing during the LONDON CONTEMPORARY 2022 – 5TH EDITION, at THE LINE Contemporary Art Space.

Born 1967 in Germany Stephanie Bing graduates at Academy of Fine Arts in Mainz and passed her exams with distinction. She studied painting and photography at academy of fine arts in master class of world known professor Klaus Jürgen-Fischer and professor Dr. Vladimir Spacek, Prague. Until 2002 she worked as associate professor and counsellor for Bavarian Ministry of culture in collaboration with academy of Fine Arts in Munich and the Bavarian Chamber of Architects. Her priority: prevention of visual illiteracy, aesthetic perception, design, architecture and digital media.
Stephanie Bing shows us her broad artistic tension while enjoying travelling around the world, inspired by southern light and color. She set up her interior paintings to a bright surprising jewel-box, to an unknown sanctuary with high vibes and energy. She loves rhythmizations, uses complementary colors as challenging accents for making her pictorial themes exciting. Her paintings are so much more than assembling colours and patterns to please your eye, Stephanie is building a type of new environment, which suites to nothing you have ever seen before. Her pure aesthetic energy is swapping out of her pictures and will brighten your mind because she is creating pure buzz and delightful excitement.
Since 1991 she shows her work in national and international art exhibitions. 2022 Stephanie Bing wins international 1st prize of art AWARD VIBES in Wiesbaden, Germany with her interior painting “PROPHETIA”.

stephaniebing 001
Image courtesy of Stephanie Bing

Luca Curci – How did you get to your current artistic practice?
Stephanie Bing – I work as an artist for more than 30 years. When I was a little girl, I always was creative. I put flowers together, then later I get to know the principles of Japanese art of floral arranging: Ikebana. That gives me a fresh creative approach to movement, balance and harmony with the elements of line, color and mass. My mother was passionate about pottery, and I participated many craft exhibitions with her. My dad also is a talented painter with hints of abstract expressionism in his youth and later realistic approaches in oil paintings.At the age of 16, I started painting in watercolours: small landscape still lifes and seascapes.Subsequently, I studied fine arts, painting, photography, art history, German, and literature at University and the Academy of Fine Arts. These professional qualifications gave me access to all creative techniques and provided me with art historical background.I started my painting career with strong references to abstract expressionism and reduced myself to almost monochrome, gestural signs in both formal language and colour repertoire. I stopped painting in 2002 and was travelling around the world for 10 years to gather more inspiration.When my beloved mum died, I started to paint again.My style changed completely, as did my technique: from a basic idea of perspective, I created environments and furnished these imaginary rooms on canvas in creating new, unexpected, magical interiors like sanctuaries.This is how I developed my current style over the years.

LC – What are you currently working on?
SB – I’m still working on my interior art paintings. At the moment I try to use a less stimulating colour palette, and tend more towards greys. I also use the Memento Mori motif more often to make people contemplate about our worldwide situation. As a result, my work becomes larger in scale and I also allow the perspective to become absurd in order to further confuse the viewer and make him or her aware, that something is terribly out of place [Ukraine War, pandemic, energy crisis]. We are going through an “interesting” time, not only that the pandemic forced us to value, what is really important. Now we see, feel and experience our homes, our personal rooms and interiors differently. Our homes, houses are now kind of a temple, where we can create, imagine and bring any type of art to life or to get unusual personal freedom from the outside. This is, what I am doing as an artist today: I create rooms, interiors, that are safe and give us a place to refuge from the storms of life, or to contemplate about these storms and get terribly frightened.

stephaniebing 002
Image courtesy of Stephanie Bing

LC – Are your artworks focused on a specific theme?
SB – My artworks theme is the INTERIOR. I work to create incredible new corners and timeless spaces, that you want to return to, or you want to escape from. I’m creating coherent and unique new interiors with my essence of my soul and the paintbrush. A visual journey into my “rooms” is fascinating and magnificent imposing. I metabolise my experiences, observations and impressions in interior pictures via a classic perspective. I composes photos, sea creatures, plants, and images from art history into new spatial structures, and try to achieve a very personal style giving rebirth to the classical interior.My highly detailed paintings, with their tapestry-like designs, reminiscent of Matisse, Bonnard, and Fauvism continue to exuberant expression. Everything in my paintings is playful, ambiguous and multi-layered. I love variations within a theme and image quotations, interiors with fish, leopards, Chinese porcelain, ceramics, baroque furniture and influences from retro styles. I compose bright, surprising settings like a luxury jewel-box, and assimilate my interiors to unknown sanctuaries with high vibes.

LC – Did your style change over the years?  In which way?
SB – Yes, my art style changed much, as life changes, and years went bye. I have gone through many changes in my life, so I developed these changes like marks, beginning of a new phase in life. In the 1990ties my paintings where pure abstract, large scale and with reduced colour palette. Today I present strong contrasts in theme and colour: organic and technical, black and white and brightly colored, large and small, geometric-perspective, freehand drawing, illusion, and collaged reality. From the basic idea of perspective, I develop the layout of the constructed space, which I am literally wallpapering. I over paint my interior compositions with an old master glaze technique, and a structure of shadows and complementary colors to increase the luminosity of my work. I love rhythmizations and use complementary colors as challenging accents to make my pictorial themes exciting. My artwork is much more than an assemblage of colors and patterns to please the eye. I am building a new environment, which relates to nothing seen before. I try to brightens the viewer’s mind with pure buzz and delightful excitement. So I become a bit more radical in my pictures, either I intensify the colours or I take them back. I stick strictly to perspective, or I confuse my viewers with capers in the spatiality. In addition, I’m always influenced by the countries I’m travelling to, and I always have an extra suitcase of painting stuff with me. If I’m more in Northern Europe, my colour palette is darker. If I’m in Caribbean or on the Balearic Islands, my colour palette becomes lighter and more flooded with light. I am just a product of my environment, so are my paintings. I try to turn my motives into bright cheering works of art, like an explosion of colours and organic shapes.

stephaniebing 003
Image courtesy of Stephanie Bing

LC – Which art themes do you pursue? What is your preferred subject, if there is any?
SB – My favourite theme is always the design of an interior. I like the idea to create rooms worth living in or worth thinking about it. My creation depends on my personal mood, the world situation in complete, or in specific, the countries I visited, and their particular historical situation.  

LC – Where do you find your inspiration?
SB – I get my inspiration from travelling around the world, appreciating the sea, the landscape, the people, the smells, the tastes, enjoying every single place where I can collect elements that attract me. I am inspired by these elements, by their shapes, volumes and textures. With my artworks I create signature pieces that express my individual poetic vocabulary. I consider my creation as a method of experimentation, while my paintings are analysing the dynamics of our world. I also take a lot of photos of my surrounding environment, but I don’t follow trends, that’s of no interest to me.  Creating means balancing myself while trying to reflect the visions of our curious and attentive nature. So my art is just the culmination and consequence to my industrious, constantly creative thoughts. Painting fills me with a deep sense of joy and satisfaction and I like the idea to create rooms worth living in or worth thinking about it. While creating, I get an unusual personal and creative freedom.

stephaniebing 004
Image courtesy of Stephanie Bing

LC – How do you choose your subjects?  Is it a reasoned or an instinctive process?
SB – I always have some visions of interiors, designs, or ideas in my mind.My work is essential for me to maintain my individual identity. So it’s an instinctive and important process. While creating, I get an unusual personal and creative freedom. I like to plunge into art, like others plunge into a pool. I do not need an external trigger to start a painting. I have so many visual impressions in my mind from our global travels, that I can just sit down and paintings will emerge.Starting my work is intuitive, I sit down, I have thoughts, but no pictures in mind. To give a frame to the new interior, I draw a small perspective construction on canvas and then I allow myself to pour out aesthetic energy, pure buzz and fun and delightful excitement with colours and collage elements.

LC – Do you think ITSLIQUID GROUP can represent an opportunity for artists?
SB – I think it could be a place for unique and diverse ARTISTS and ART to bring them up, because mostly everyone is inspired by art. I’m personally a huge fan of using carefully chosen works of art to lend individuality and character into my home. I think, ITSLIQUID gallery visitors will admire and purchase works from newcomer artists around the world to get unforgettable fresh experiences and influences if you promote them carefully and with joy.

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Image courtesy of Stephanie Bing

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