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Interview: Susan Holt

Interviews | March 6, 2023 |

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Image courtesy of Susan Holt

Luca Curci talks with Susan Holt during the 16th Edition of VENICE INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR 2022, at Palazzo Bembo.

She is a professional, award winning, published, internationally shown artist living in Mesa, Arizona; she has a Bacheolor of Fine Arts degree from Arizona State University in 2005. Her work is inspired by color and movement; it is about harnessing the chaos and order of life to help collectors have less stress in their daily lives. She calls her creations “Spiralism“. She uses painted acrylic flow backgrounds to create the feeling of chaos, and dot spirals or linear dot designs as the ordered elements. She falls into a meditative state when painting, and she allows the energy in her feelings to flow into the pouring paint. The dot designs are what she sees when she meditates, translated to the canvas. Each finial design at the end of the spiral arms is one of a kind. She first created and honed her spiral and linear patterns on painted rocks in 2018, then transitioned to canvases in 2019. She did not want to recreate the patterns in the dot design books. As she learned the tools and how the paint worked with them, she figured out her own original designs. The goal is for her art to bring positive energy, peace, and joy to the viewer.

susanholt 002
Image courtesy of Susan Holt

Luca Curci- Which subject are you working on?
Susan Holt- I create abstract art.

LC- What are your thoughts while you paint?
SH- It depends on the part of the painting process for me. If I’m pouring the background, I start with deciding what colors I’m going to use, the size of the canvas, and the design I’m looking to achieve. Once I start pouring the paint, I go into a meditative head space. When moving the paint on the canvas, I am present so I can get the effect I want. When I paint the dot designs, I am thinking about where the dots go. Placement is key for my designs so I need to be very present and critical of where I place them.

LC- Do you have any habits or rituals while you work?
SH- First, I turn on some music while I work. Then I put on my apron, then my reading glasses. I take stock of what needs to be done, then I set up my work space and paint until I’m done for the day.

susanholt 003
Image courtesy of Susan Holt

LC- What is the most challenging part about creating your artworks?
SH- Scheduling dedicated time to create. There’s always so much to do as a professional artist that takes up time during the week. I love how and what I create, and am always scheduling time to work on my art.

LC- How is being an artist nowadays?
SH- It’s amazing! I love being an artist, especially now. There are opportunities everywhere, online and in person. The selection of tools and materials to work with has never had this high quality, and they have never been as readily available.

LC- How do you feel when you see your work completed?
SH- Relieved. There’s a wave of relief and satisfaction I feel when a piece is completed.

LC- In which way the artwork presented in our exhibition is connected with the exhibition’s theme?
SH- My art represents the relationship between body and space by being purposefully created to give the viewer an abstract image to meditate to. Meditation blurs the feeling between the body and everything outside the body. It makes people feel that everything and everyone is connected through flow and energy.

susanholt 004
Image courtesy of Susan Holt

LC- Can you explain something about the artworks you have in our exhibition?
SH- My pieces represent the peace, calm, and joy that my art brings to the viewer. I create them specifically for people to look at while they meditate, which lowers their stress levels more than either looking at art or meditating alone. Studies show that when a person looks at art or meditates individually, their cortisol (stress hormone level) drops by 27%. When they look at abstract art, like mine, while meditating, their cortisol levels drop to 32%. The art I create helps people have less stress everyday.

LC- Do you think ITSLIQUID GROUP can represent an opportunity for artists?
SH- Yes, absolutely!

LC- Would you suggest a collaboration with us? What do you think about our services?
SH- I actually have suggested you to other artists. Your services are very polished and professional. Your staff is always easy to work with and very helpful.

LC- What do you think about ITSLIQUID Platform?
SH- It’s a wonderful place for artists to reach audiences they wouldn’t normally have access to.

susanholt 005
Image courtesy of Susan Holt

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