Interview: Tatiana An

Interview: Tatiana An

Interviews | March 4, 2024 |

tatyanaandrosenko honourablemention 006
Image courtesy of Tatiana An

Interview: Tatiana An
Luca Curci
talks with Tatiana An, honourable mention of ITSLIQUID International Contest – 15th edition.

“I discovered my passion for art at the tender age of 5 when I created my first painting. From that moment, I knew that being an artist was my calling, a decision I’ve never regretted. I earned my degree from the Kyiv Institute of Graphics and Printing and later pursued further studies at the Kyiv Academy of Arts and Architecture, all while actively contributing as an assistant to a set designer in the film industry.

Since 2016, I’ve embraced the life of a freelance artist in the Netherlands, operating from my personal studio. My artistic journey has seen me participate in more than 60 exhibitions and fairs, including 9 biennials. I’ve been honored with several awards that hold immense value for me.

I characterize my artistic style as ‘ultra-modern modern.’ It encapsulates the essence of Art Nouveau, with a focus on ornamentation, flowing lines, and curved shapes-elements that echo throughout my work. Dispensing with straight lines, each element seamlessly transitions into the next. I perceive our world as a vibrant tapestry of life, where elements are in perpetual motion, akin to the flowing waters of a stream. Every facet pulsates with life and rhythm. My artistic goal is to capture this dynamic essence-the living interaction of matter and light. Nature and its countless vital forces remain central to my artistic expression.”

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Image courtesy of Tatiana An

Luca Curci – What is art for you?
Tatyana An –
For me, art is the conveyance of my emotions to the audience through visual means. Art is the empathy shared with the creator. If I manage to communicate my emotions to the viewer, then I have achieved my goal. Art is a collaboration and implies the presence not only of the artist in the broad sense but also of the viewer, listener, and reader.

LC – How did you get to your current artistic practice?
TA –
I created my first painting at the age of 5. It was then that I decided to become an artist, and I have never regretted my choice of profession. I graduated from the Kyiv Institute of Graphic Arts and Printing, and later enrolled in the Kyiv Academy of Arts and Architecture. Simultaneously, I worked as an assistant to a set designer in the film industry in Ukraine. Always identifying as an artist, I harboured a dream of pursuing my passion on a more independent path, focusing on what I love most – painting. In 2016, my dream came true. I established my own studio, marking the beginning of my journey as an independent artist.

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Image courtesy of Tatiana An

LC – Is there an unrealised or unrealisable project, even a crazy one, that you would like to work on?
TA –
I have a dream that is yet to be realized. I would like to create ceramic interior columns for a large hall, for instance, in a theatre. They would be completely unique, vibrant, and exceptionally creative. This year, I’ve delved into ceramics, and soon, I’ll have small sculptures coming to life. And you know what? I dream of making them enormous!

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Image courtesy of Tatiana An

LC – Where do you find your inspiration?
TA –
I never experience a lack of inspiration. The desire to draw is always present. However, there are times when fatigue or burnout sets in, and I realize that the outcome no longer brings me joy. In such cases, I set aside the current painting and start a new one. If the result is still not as I envisioned, then I understand the need to allow myself some rest. During these times, I immerse myself in reading, enjoy music, take walks, or embark on a short journey, for example, to Italy or Spain. This approach unfailingly works for me.

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Image courtesy of Tatiana An

LC – How do you feel when you see your work completed?
TA –
When I see my completed work, I feel absolute joy. From that moment on, my painting embarks on a new journey. It will bring happiness to people I may never meet and travel to places I may never visit myself. Beneath it, children will grow, proposals will be made, and hearts will unite. Perhaps it will adorn someone’s office, inspiring important reflections for humanity. This deeply moves me, and it is crucial for me that my paintings carry not negativity but only creative joy.

LC – Which art themes do you pursue? What is your preferred subject, if there is any?
TA –
I explore my inner life as an artist. It’s my journey of self-discovery and expression of my inner world. When I draw, I do it for my own pleasure. It’s like a conversation with myself, a moment when emotions and inspiration transform into colors and forms. I create a closed world on canvas, depicting not only the external world around me but also my internal realm. It’s my personal space where I can share my feelings. Love for color is a central theme for me. All thoughts and reflections often revolve around color because it encapsulates incredible energy and emotional depth. An artwork is a mirror for those who know how to see. It reflects not only skill but also the artist’s soul in the moment of creation.

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Image courtesy of Tatiana An

LC – What do you think about ITSLIQUID Platform?
TA –
This marks my 6th collaboration with the ITSLIQUID Group, and that speaks volumes. I appreciate that many of the group’s projects unfold in the picturesque city of Venice. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting this city multiple times, participating in group exhibitions. Moreover, ITSLIQUID extends its reach by organizing exhibitions and art fairs in other European capitals like Rome and London. It provides a valuable opportunity to gain visibility in different countries. The team consists of energetic professionals in their field, and I’m pleased that they discovered my work four years ago. Trusting my intuition has proven to be rewarding, and I’m grateful for the ongoing collaboration.

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Image courtesy of Tatiana An
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Image courtesy of Tatiana An

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