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Tuula Kallas007
Image courtesy of Tuula Kallas

Interview: Tuula Kallas
Luca Curci
talks with Tuula Kallas during the 10th Edition of CONTEMPORARY VENICE 2022, at Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello.

Tuula Kallas lives in Finland. She has moved to Rauma very recently. She wanted to fulfil her dream: to live in the beautiful Old Rauma Unesco World Heritage site and open up her own art gallery at the very heart of it. Painting watercolours is her passion. She loves the lightness and translucency of watercolours. Elements of nature – air, light, wind and snow – have an essential role in her paintings. Her paintings reflect her own personality – they are calm, and sensitive and reflect inner strength. As a visual art therapist, she surely knows how therapeutic and empowering art can be. She works as an artist entrepreneur and art teacher. Over the years Tuula Kallas has had several art exhibitions of her own and taken part in many kinds of group exhibitions in Finland and other countries, too. She is a member in The Finnish Watercolour Society. In 2019 Tuula won a national art competition. Her paintings belong to a couple of collections.

Tuula Kallas002
Image courtesy of Tuula Kallas

Luca Curci – What is art for you?
Tuula Kallas –
Art has saved my life. I know it’s rather a dramatic impression but I really think so. I’ve had difficult times in my life. Art has empowered me a lot. As an artist and visual art therapist, I know that art can very healing. I express my feelings and experiences through art. I hope that my art touches the spectator in some way.

LC – What are you currently working on?
TK –
I’ve moved to Rauma quite recently. My new neighbourhood inspires me a lot. Elements of nature – air, light, wind or snow – have an essential role in my paintings. Currently, I’ve been working on the summer exhibition of my own gallery.

Tuula Kallas003
Image courtesy of Tuula Kallas

LC – Do visitors’ suggestions enrich yourself and your art?
TK –
Yes, of course. For the first time ever I have a gallery of my own. I can see and hear all the reactions and comments of visitors. It’s very inspiring and enriches my artistic point of view. I’ve heard so many times that customers want smaller paintings so I ́ve done a series of smaller seascape paintings.

LC – Did your style change over the years? In which way?
TK –
Yes, it has changed. The more I do the more and more minimalistic and abstract art I do.

LC – Which art themes do you pursue? What is your preferred subject, if there is any?
TK –
I’m interested in people and I ́ve painted them a lot over the years. Nature is my main source of inspiration and now I’m working with water. Water is my element. I love it in every sense. I swim at the sea the year around even if it ́s freezing cold and I have to make a hole in the ice before swimming. I’m very worried about the condition of the seas. Plastics pollute them a lot and unfortunately, cyanobacteria is very common nowadays.

Tuula Kallas011
Image courtesy of Tuula Kallas

LC – What do you think about the concept of this exhibition? How did it inspire you?
TK –
I love the idea of an affordable art fair. I think that art belongs to everybody, no matter if you are rich or an art expert or not. And I found the theme of “FUTURE LANDSCAPES” very inspiring for me. I’ve been interested in the borders and the structures between mind, soul and space.

LC – What is the message linked to the artwork you have shown in this event? How is it connected to the theme of the entire exhibition?
TK –
The theme of the “Future Landscapes” inspired me to make an artwork “Winter Lace”. It tells my message to the audience. I’m very worried about climate change. I’d like to save all four seasons for future generations. That ́s also the reason I use watercolors. It’s an ecological choice/ medium. It’s healthy for me as an artist and for the environment as well. I don’t want to pollute the Earth.

LC – Do you think ITSLIQUID GROUP can represent an opportunity for artists?
TK –
I think that ITSLIQUID GROUP is a good opportunity for artists.

Tuula Kallas015
Image courtesy of Tuula Kallas
Tuula Kallas001
Image courtesy of Tuula Kallas
Tuula Kallas008
Image courtesy of Tuula Kallas

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