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Interview: Xu Hui

Interviews | April 5, 2019 |

Interview: Xu Hui Image courtesy of Xu Hui

Interview: Xu Hui

Luca Curci talks with Xu Hui during VENICE INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR 2019 at THE ROOM Contemporary Art Space.

Xu Hui is a Chinese artist who has been engaged in creating the original hand-painted silk painting for many years and has formed distinctive artistic characteristics and unique self-style. The silk painting is one of national art treasure in China. At present, she is good at the Chinese realistic painting of flowers and birds. Now, She is appointed as a researcher of Chinese National Academy of Arts, a member of Shanghai Artists Association. Her artworks has been published in the Collected Book of the China Construction Bank Suzhou Private Art Bank for VIP customers, and she has set up the personal website  She has obtained the a Gold Prize in the Japanese International Cultural Exchange for Calligraphy and Painting, the Sliver Prize in the Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition of the Chinese Culture Festival in Brussels, Belgium, the 40th New York international Art Expo held in Manhattan, , the Shanghai International High-end Lifestyle Exhibition and the other large scale of art exhibitions organized by the Ministry of Culture of China. Meanwhile, She had been a fabric pattern designer for a large company of foreign trade, and had engaged in designing corporate image. She also design own LOGO and web page, and redesign new works and art derivatives base on her original hand-painting silk works. Even to match the interior decoration for her own house, through the research and practice on culture and art, changing mind, visual field and using new method, she has successfully and seamlessly integrated her Chinese silk painting artworks with western decoration.


Interview: Xu Hui Image courtesy of Xu Hui


Luca Curci – What is art for you?
Hu Hui – For me, art is free, which is should not to be kidnapped by politics, not to be controlled by religions, not to be captured by money and not to be limited by factions, and it is to release the shackles of thought and soul.
Art is inclusive, which is should be no opposites and be fuse. It has the integration of Chinese and Western culture, the coexistence of national characteristics and foreign exotic feelings, the symbiosis between traditional culture and modern trend of thought, the share with multiple arts and intelligent technology and more.
Art is beautiful, which can make something more beautiful, such as nature things, human living, people’s heart, family and friends etc, and also not superficial beauty. Art can spread beautiful from the small to big, from the personal to group and from the one country to world.
Art is happy, happy to live in the present, sunshine to the future. To pursue infinite art with limited life is the joy by the way of exploring, challenging and embodying the value of life. Art not only makes myself happy, but also brings more people happier, so that people’s life become more positive and optimistic.

LC – What’s your background? What is the experience that has influenced your work the most?
XH – Since I was a child, I’m particularly interested in art especially in the Chinese silk painting. Under enlightenment and teaching of her father, through the study and research, self-awakening, spontaneous and self-creation, I’m able to go out my own artistic road with my unique style. With cultural connotation and artistic conception and Ancient meaning combining with new style, my silk works have obtain many different prizes in some influential large scale of art expo. Besides the creation of silk painting, I had been a fabric pattern designer and had engaged in designing corporate image, package, advertisement, office layout design. I also design own LOGO and web page, and redesign new works and art derivatives base on her original hand-painting silk works. Even to match the interior decoration for her own house, through the research and practice on culture and art, changing mind, visual field and using new method, I has successfully and seamlessly integrated her Chinese silk painting artworks with western decoration.
As to the experience that has influenced me the most, it will well prove that I’m always be deeply touched by the love and concern of audiences on each art expo, and so happy with some people older than me who are willing to take my artworks as the their learning materials, even I has obtained the encourage from a Culture Counselor working for the Chinese Embassy in New York during I participated in the International New York Art Expo.

LC – Which is the role the artist plays in the society? And the contemporary art?
XH – As to a researcher of Chinese National Academy of Arts and a member of Shanghai Artists Association, creation is my artistic mission,using my artworks to spread positive energy and improve people cultural cultivation and quality of life and make their livings positive and optimistic. Contribution is my society mission, I contributed my artworks in the China’s First Painting and Calligraphy Poverty Alleviation Exhibition held by the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation and the China Artists Association.
In the times of contemporary art, I add the fresh contemporary blood into the creation of my silk artworks with the characteristics of Chinese deep culture. In this era of rapid development and competition in the sand, I still persisting in going on my personal glamour artistic road, continuing the Chinese art characteristics, keeping the abreast of development of the epoch, Striving to be an unique artwork in the field of colorful art world. Up to now, in the eyes of collectors, my artwork has always been regarded as an excellent contemporary art with high artistic value and space of increasing in collecting worth.


Interview: Xu Hui Image courtesy of Xu Hui


LC – Where do you find your inspiration?
XH – Art inspiration is applied to everywhere. As long as you’re passionate about life, even minute thing will be motivating inspiration, because the inspiration is the touch of soul on the world. Just like spring brings hope, summer has passion, autumn gains harvest and winter produces indomitable will, to use body to close to nature and let soul to feel world, life is art, art make life more better.
When you see the opening crabapple flowers in my artwork, attracting the bird, it is a spring picture full of youth and prosperity. The opening flowers, the spring smiles and the happy bird, all of them bring you to welcome to embrace each day in life with positive and optimistic mind and smiles.

LC – What is the most challenging part about creating your artworks?
XH – Determining the theme, selection, composition and drawing of my artwork is the one of most important thing for me and also a challenging job. the first is to establish a clear theme with deep meaning and artistic conception, the second is to select the suitable and fresh content, which should match with each other properly and distinguish primary and secondary side. The third is to proper with not too dazzling and no too vulgar. The forth is to make the layout of real and virtual fitful, to balance the contrast, to interact with static state and dynamic state, to mix together two dimension with third dimension. The fifth is to make the artwork frequently exchange with vision, hearing, taste and emotion. Although it’s realistic, but it’s not equal to inflexible and rigid drawing. It should optimize the realistic content and drawing the different felling from the realistic things with my own method which are able to draw the nature, vitality, thinking, felling and artistic conception.
To recreate and redesign new work basing with the original hand-painting silk artwork is the other challenging thing. With the reason of exciting and interesting job, I can see the result that it born the absolutely different new style artworks in various materials and design new artistic derivatives.

LC – What do you think about the concept of this festival? In which way did it inspire you?
XH – Why more artists has more ambitions to go towards the international arena? Because this art exchange festival has being its capacity, diversify, international and Actual effect, and establish the peaceful and friendly platform for artists and audiences.

            gInterview: Xu Hui Image courtesy of Xu Hui


LC – What is the message linked to the artwork you have shown in this exhibition? How is it connected to the theme of the entire festival?
XH – The series of artworks-the theme of spring matches the original hand-painted silk painting with artistic design work, all of which reflect the spring scenery of revivification of nature, the smell of flowers attract butterflies and overflowing with vigor. The artwork has novel conception with the Chinese artistic leaving blank perfectly together with expression forms of Contemporary art, the different directions of butterfly flight, the different bright colors of butterfly bodies, the different postures of butterfly flight, all of that create the visual stereoscopic effect of butterfly flying into painting. The arrangement of flowers is bottom to above: the low one opens slightly to outward, the middle one is the half-side, the above one is the reverse side, the overall layout of flowers forms the half arc shape with upward trend which can make the small size picture becoming to be more extension sense. In addition, The color of flower and picture background is so pure and comfortable that the artwork is looked more lively and steady through comparing with the colors and interacting the space. Using the shape of flower as the outline of the picture, the fresh and elegant strokes and the beautiful and moving color rhyme, Xuhui conveys the common spring scene of colorful Butterfly Flying into the full of love of the artistic conception in spring time. This effect of art vividly pass on emotion through describing the objects of flower-and-bird painting.
the two design works is the re-creation of original hand-painted Silk painting, which is designed the texture of coarse cloth, preserve the exquisite and gentle original hand-painted artwork, the texture of crudeness or fineness and the lattice changing of light and shade, the picture of partly hidden and partly visible, the blossoms and shadows whirling, the bee and butterfly dance together, the virtual and real phase, all of that portray the vivid and beautiful scene of spring day meaning the auspicious and cozy life.
No fragmentation art, all different kinds of art are connected with each other. I try to make the theme of spring series together with original silk painting and design work, to combine original artwork with functional design, to fuse my artworks into various environments, even try to hand in hand cross fields in future.

LC – What do you think about ITSLIQUID Platform?
XH – In the field of art exchange and propagation, ITSLIQUID Platform has many years of experience and industry influences, has fixed show spaces, has prefect network platforms, has wide range of medias, has reliable cooperative partners and has capable service group.

LC – What do you think about the organization of our event?
XH – Artist trust them due to their profession and patient and hope to see the paper brochure and e-brochure refer to the Venice International Art Fair. Meanwhile, we expect them to lead us to participate in other large-scale exhibitions through cooperate with other countries organizations.

LC – Do you think ITSLIQUID GROUP can represent an opportunity for artists?
XH – ITSLIQUID GROUP can well represent for artists and help them to develop the international market and make it easier for artists.


Interview: Xu Hui Image courtesy of Xu Hui

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