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Interview: Yue Baoyu

Art, Interviews | December 23, 2015 |

001Image courtesy of Yue Baoyu

Interview: Yue Baoyu

Luca Curci talks with artist Yue Baoyu during Liquid Rooms – The Body Language exhibition in Venice on November 2015.
Yue Baoyu is a representational painter with an engineering background. He had showed artistic talents since his childhood and concentrated on his ever refined draftsmanship since the early 1980s. His mathematics and engineering experience also benefit his artistic style with strict discipline. His perseverant passion in art led to his academic pursuit in painting at NSCAD University. He attributes his current stage of artistic achievement to the enhanced skill and concept development to the excellent all round fine arts faculty at NSCAD. His first solo show of  portraiture at Anna Leonowens Gallery is exceptionally covered by Chronical Herald on March 7, 2014. After graduating from NSCAD University, he participated in several solo and group exhibitions in Vancouver with an aim to exhibit internationally in the coming years. His current concentration and exploration is to create paintings of different themes in a way that combines ideas inspired by modernism and postmodernism.

002Image courtesy of Yue Baoyu

Luca Curci – Can you talk about your personal experience in Venice? What do you think about the whole organization of the event, the artists’ selection, the communication management and the opening night?

Yue Baoyu – First of all, thank you for your interview. My travel to Venice is an exciting journey of discovery. During the period of my stay, I visit some most beautiful scenic spots in the city, meet with the local people, eat the delicious Italian food, walk in the narrow streets between the buildings and on the bridges of different canals, no to mention so many souvenir shops and sparkling colourful glass works and Venetian masks. More importantly, I visited different museums and galleries, Venice Biennale and some collateral exhibitions, I have enriched myself with so many new inspirations from both the classical and the most contemporary arts. In a word, Venice signifies art, history, literature, peace, friendship, brilliance, and many other mysteries. The organization is very efficient, very successful in operating such an impressive art event, the selection of artists takes into consideration a wide range in the disciplines and media, caters to various static and dynamic tastes in the audio and visual experiences. Paintings, sculptures, photography, multi-media, performance arts, etc, all the art works in the exhibition speak for both the traditional, the contemporary, and interesting interaction of different cultures. The artists come from different parts of the world, I am very pleased to be included in this exhibition as a fine art painter. The communication management per se leaves an unforgettable experience too, the working staff were very supportive and friendly, I could feel the warm response and the festive atmosphere from the large number of people attending the opening night, the gorgeous performance artists added some dynamic atmosphere for this significant international art festival.

003Image courtesy of Yue Baoyu

L. C. – What do you think of the collaboration between It’s LIQUID and Ca’Zanardi/Venice Art House?

Y. B. – It is very successful. The collaborative success lies in that the LIQUID GROUP organization has held the International Art Expo since 2001 and most of the exhibitions were held in this Venice Art House. The exhibition venue well represents a perfect combination of the past and present, the traditional and the contemporary.

L. C. –  Can you talk about the artwork that you presented in Venice? How is it linked with the festival’s theme?

Y. B. – I presented in the exhibition three portrait paintings, the portrayed persons are three
beautiful girls I met in Halifax and Vancouver. In my portraits, I integrate multi-visual elements into the realistic figurative paintings, combine the eastern and western art languages, set a departure from the traditional portraiture looks in which there are the numerous depictions of the subjects situated with the chairs or the window or the interiors, or realist surroundings. In this way, my portraiture works combine realism and surrealism, graphics and abstraction, harmony and discord, I find this way of hybrid combination both original and intriguing. The portraits presented are well suited to the festival’s theme THE BODY LANGUAGE, since each portrait has some connection with it. The hand holding a cell phone, the body pin on the nose, the tattoo on the arm, all speak to the contemporary existence, the time we are living in.

006Image courtesy of Yue Baoyu

L. C. – What are you currently working on?

Y. B. – I am currently planning to work on some smaller size portrait and still life paintings in which I will keep exploring new ways to combine realist elements and multi – visual interactions. I will not  make any boring cliché forms of art. I will draw inspirations from many aspects and create my paintings on the edge with absolutely no boundary.

L. C. –  What is art for you?

Y. B. – Art is the eternal passion and the meaningful fulfilment in my life. I can draw pictures with very much likeness since my childhood. Due to my personal circumstances, I became a student of science and engineering in Northeastern University in China and worked as a steel-making engineer in China’s largest iron and steel complex before immigrating to Canada in 2001. However, art is always my pleasurable pastime. It is this passion that drove me to pursue full – time study in NSCAD University. Besides painting in the studio, I like to spend my time reading art books, browsing in art galleries, or bookstores. I admire those great masters in art history whose paintings are highly rendered and finely detailed (such as Carlo Dolci). I can feel the painstaking efforts they were making in front of the canvases in a way of transcendental empathy. I hope that I will dedicate to create my art in the same way with strict discipline.

005Image courtesy of Yue Baoyu

L. C. – What do you think about International ArtExpo and It’s LIQUID organization? Do you think they can represent an opportunity for artists?

Y. B. – I am so much pleased to have such a great opportunity to be invited to participate in such a significant exhibition organized by the Venice International ArtExpo and It’s LIQUID Group. I am highly impressed by the wide range of visual art forms and artists from different countries selected in this festival, I am much honoured to be one of them. The International ArtExpo and It’s LIQUID organization truly represent an opportunity for artists. This is a landmark point in my professional art journey and international experience from which for me to find some other new opportunities. I hope Venice International ArtExpo and It’s LIQUID group will more gain increasingly international reputation and continued success in the years to come.


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