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ITSLIQUID GROUP is a communication platform for contemporary art, architecture, and design. Starting in 2001, ITSLIQUID GROUP has organized more than 250 events all around the world, involving more than 5000 artists, in more than 60 international venues.

In Venice (Italy) we manage many prestigious and historical buildings such as Palazzo Ca’ ZanardiMisericordia ArchivesMisericordia Abbey, Palazzo Nani BernardoPalazzo Flangini, Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello, Palazzo Bembo and we offer support in the choice of the perfect venue for solo and group exhibitions, as well as talks, meetings, workshops, and courses.

Map Albrizzi 2020

For more information about our locations in Venice contact us by email to or fill the form below


    Palazzoalbrizzicapello 001

    Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello is one of the most known palaces of the Renaissance in Venice. It is a historical building dated back to the 16th century, and it has been owned by several noble Venetian families, as demonstrated by the frescoed ceilings, the artistic stuccos and the fine furniture that enrich its rooms. The Palace welcomes visitors with its beautiful private garden on the ground floor, and then it gathers the guests in its large first-floor salons, in which past and present dialogue together. The restored Old Masters’ frescoes and the contemporary art masterpieces that are periodically shown in the exhibitions hosted here, make Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello the perfect location for the balance between old and new, between ancient environment and contemporary art, architecture and design.

    To have more information about a solo or a collective show, the gallery program and our future exhibition, send your works’ submissions with a CV/biography, some still images (for video-art), links of videos/films/performances and pictures of artworks by e-mail to or fill the form below

      Visions2022 025 1

      Today the building is managed by ACIT Venice – the Italian-German Cultural Association – which is considered one of the most important intercultural associations in Europe. Thanks to the ACIT unceasing cultural activity, Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello has nowadays frequent collaborations with the Goethe Institute and with other local and international institutions, maintaining its ancient reputation. Because of these relations, it presents a huge program of memorable art exhibitions, conferences, congresses and concerts. Among the last institutional exhibitions, is its participation in the 58th Venice Biennale with the Guatemala pavilion, the Dominican Republic pavilion and the Grenada pavilion. ITSLIQUID Group already had the pleasure to hold some festivals and exhibitions in Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello, such as MORPHOS Festival and FUTURE IDENTITIES Festival, both in 2014.


      Fantwenger Solo 001

      ITSLIQUID Monti – Rome Art Space is a Contemporary Art Space in the city centre of Rome. The Gallery hosts solo and collective shows with a rich variety of contemporary painters, photographers, designers, architects, sculptors, performers and video makers.

      ITSLIQUID Monti – Rome Art Space is located in a prestigious historical building, a few minutes walk from Colosseum and Roman Forum. The exhibition space is on the ground floor, with four main rooms and three bright shop windows on the street. Easily accessible, the space is fully equipped for hosting exhibitions and events.

      If you want to have more information about a solo or a collective show, the gallery program and our future exhibition, send your works submissions with a CV/biography, some still images (for video art), links to videos/films/performances and pictures of artworks by e-mail to or fill the form below

        romeartfair6 001

        ITSLIQUID Group is managing several solo and collective art exhibitions in ITSLIQUID Monti – Rome Art Space. Ever since 2001, ITSLIQUID Group has presented a high-quality selection of collective and solo shows in our locations, creating a unique opportunity to exchange new ideas and increase and develop the art market and the dialogue between collectors, art critics, journalists and art lovers. Making contemporary art accessible to all.


        elements logo 950 01

        ELEMENTS is a global network of art galleries specializing in contemporary art, with exhibition spaces in Rome, London and in other iconic cities. ELEMENTS art spaces are part of ITSLIQUID Group that, with more than 20 years of experience, aims to create opportunities and support artists from all over the world thanks to an exciting cultural program throughout the year.

        ELEMENTS Contemporary Art Space in London, located between the Shoreditch area and the financial district, is available to host solo shows and group exhibitions of the most talented emerging and established artists, designers and architects selected by our professional team.

          londoncontemporary6 004

          With its 50 square meters and natural light, well restored with any kind of technical equipment, ELEMENTS Contemporary Art Space offers inspiration to a new generation of creatives: an open space in which to experience contemporary art and where artists, curators and art lovers connect themselves in a unique network by sharing their knowledge and exchanging ideas. ELEMENTS LONDON hosted more than 30 exhibitions presenting a rich variety of contemporary painters, photographers, designers, architects, sculptors, performers and video makers.

          ELEMENTS Contemporary Art Space is a fascinating and prestigious venue where our professional team will be at your disposal to assist you, offering a unique exhibition experience, giving you the opportunity to display your artworks in London, one of the most suggestive cities in the art world, and broadening your artistic career and exhibition background.


          Palazzobembo 001 1

          Palazzo Bembo, based on the first floor and located in the historic district of San Marco, the heart of Venice, is available to host solo shows and group exhibitions of the most talented emerging and established artists, designers, and architects selected by our professional team among the numerous show participation requests.

          Palazzo Bembo is one of the late Gothic Venetian buildings built in the right middle of the famous Canal Grande, a few meters from the renowned Rialto Bridge. Its name comes from the humanist and literary cardinal Pietro Bembo, known for the so-called “linguistic question” during the Italian XV century.

          The facade of the building, with all its gothic pentafore, is as fascinating as the interior which is divided into three floors and characterized by large salons. The seventeenth-century staircase overlooks the internal courtyard that leads to the noble floor, where decorations are dating back to the same century, in Baroque style. The exhibition space, on the first floor, overlooks the Canal Grande and the Rialto Bridge, giving a suggestive view both day and night.

          Palazzobembo 003

          There is no better place to present contemporary artworks: shaped for today’s audience, Palazzo Bembo puts together the desire to be fascinated by a historical location and the willingness of news into the artistic world. Its large and sumptuous salons will give the opportunity to valorize solo and collective exhibitions ensuring a meaningful dialogue between content and container.


          Ca' Zanardi

          Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi (Cannaregio 4132, Venice) is a residential palace dating back to the 16th century which, over the centuries, has been complemented by various noble Venetian families and it has become one of the most evocative and beautiful palaces in the city of Venice. Sumptuous and charming, Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi is located in the most peaceful setting and has its own delightful private garden as well as a magnificent terrace full of sun and colours.

          Ca’ Zanardi is close to Ca’ D’Oro, the splendid 15th-century gothic palace along the Grand Canal. It is easily reachable by foot, two minutes’ walk from the Ca’ D’Oro water bus stop, or by boat using the palazzo’s private pier positioned along the fetching Santa Caterina canal. The refined elegance of the palazzo’s halls and common areas and the beauty of its original 16th-century furnishings create a fascinating setting.

          Ca' Zanardi

          Among the festivals and exhibitions organized by ITSLIQUID Group at Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi the latest ITSLIQUID festival ANIMA MUNDI, realized during the same period of the 58th Venice Art Biennale 2019 has been presented more than 800 works of painting, photography, installation/sculpture, video art, architecture, design and performance art, realized by more than 250 artists and architects, coming from 40 different countries. During the period of 15th Venice Architecture Biennale 2016, Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi has been one of the official venues of the Art and Architecture festival BORDERS, realized by ITSLIQUID Group between May and November 2016. BORDERS involved 180 selected artists and architects coming from 36 countries with more than 500 works exhibited. During the period of the 56th Venice Art Biennale from May until November 2015, hosted the festival SELF with a rich program of contemporary art events. SELF was composed by 11 exhibitions with the participation of 150 artists from all over the world.


          Misericordia Archives

          The Misericordia Archives are located in a suggestive and strategic position, within the vivid hub developing around the area of Scuola Grande della Misericordia. Just next to the Misericordia Abbey Church, the archives were recently restored and turned into fascinating multi-functional spaces, with a post-industrial twist, finished with wooden details, rough plaster walls, and concrete floor. They are provided with an independent access and they are composed by two rooms, which are ready to be used for exhibiting with: professional lightning system, floor heating, walls can be drilled. This space is perfect for temporary exhibitions, cultural events, small cocktails.

          Misericordia Archives and Chiesa dell’Abbazia della Misericordia

          The Chiesa dell’Abbazia della Misericordia is a church of the 10th century situated in the vibrant Cannaregio discrict. The church was dedicated to Santa Maria di Val Verde and bound to the Misericordia Confraternity, who built the school, the hospital and the green areas around. At the beginning of the 19th century the building was in very bad conditions, but was luckily restored by an ex-friar. In spite of this, the church was deprived of most of the works it had in the second half of the 19th century and was eventually closed in 1868. Nowadays, the deconsacrated church is an appealing location to be promoted and appreciated.


          Palazzo Nani Bernardo

          Palazzo Nani Bernardo was built in 1550 by the architect Andrea Vittoria, on commission of The Bernardo Family. What is now the building’s main façade – covered entirety by fresco’ s originally formed the side of the building that overlooked the garden, where Ca’ Rezzonico now stands. Around 200 years ago, the current owner’s ancestors added a new Italian garden to the palace, demolishing a series of houses on the side closest to the Grand Canal in the process and gave the Palazzo Nani Bernardo an entirely new, and harmonious aspect that is still evident today. Built during the transition period between the Renaissance and Baroque, has a facade with extraordinary compactness and regularity, divided into ground floor, two main floors and an attic. Following the dictates of Venetian architecture, organizes its facade around an axis central distinguished by the presence of two trefoils balconies and the portal to water.

          Palazzo Nani Bernardo

          To the right and left pairs of lancet windows are developed, so that betray the interior plan is organized around a portego passing, culminating in an atrium with staircase and identifiable as the central axis for the side rooms. The white face is characterized by the presence of two arms up to the second floor. The building is served by a superb entrance to the Grand Canal and then through a large main staircase that allows access to the two main floors. Another element is the really valuable back garden, very nice and extraordinarily extended in length, made during the nineteenth century.



          Palazzo Flangini (Cannaregio 252, Venice), located in the heart of Venice, nearby Santa Lucia railway station and overlooking Grand Canal, is a luxury, elegant and noble palace, a typical expression of the Venetian Baroque. Built since 1644 and projected by the famous architect Giuseppe Sardi, the palace is still finely decorated with sculptures, “stucchi”, frescos and paintings, with a monumental facade on Canal Grande.

          Palazzo Flangini

          Palazzo Flangini is perfectly and entirely restored and fully equipped for hosting any type of events and exhibitions. In addition to an exclusive entrance directly from Campo San Geremia, it has a private water entrance and a dock alongside the facade. The total area of about 850 sq/mt is divided in ground floor, the typical Venetian Fondaco and the noble first floor, the Portego. Among the festivals and exhibitions organized by ITSLIQUID Group at Palazzo Flangini, CONTEMPORARY VENICE, between December and January 2015 with the participation of more than 50 artists and CONTEMPORARY VENICE, between December and January 2016 involved more than 80 artists from 35 nations.

          For more information about our locations in Venice contact us by email to or fill the form below

            Its Newsletter

            ABOUT US

            ITSLIQUID is a web based information platform, founded in 2001 by Luca Curci, dedicated to world wide distribution of information about calls for entries, exhibitions and events at some of the world’s leading art galleries, museums and foundations selected. ITSLIQUID has already built a readership of more than 250.000 qualified subscribers. Among them architects, designers, artists, collectors, art critics, curators, dealers, and other personalities of the International art, architecture and design world. It provides advertising services, press office services for events and projects, articles and specials published on the website, media partnerships services. ITSLIQUID is the official press office of Contini Art Galleries in Cortina, Venice and London.

            During the last 20 years, ITSLIQUID Group has became a cultural hub between creatives, exhibition spaces and art lovers. Among our international partners, Art Now Fair, Art Vancouver, Design Tokyo, INDEX Qatar, INDEX Saudi, The Big 5 Construct Dubai, The Big 5 Construct Qatar, Photo LA Los Angeles and international magazines like Art Style. ITSLIQUID Group supports some of the most important no-profit organizations, like UNFCCC – United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, SSCS – Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, One Tree Planted, The Ocean CleanUp and Plastic Oceans, with the goal to increase public awareness about environmental issues. Click here to find out more.

            ITSLIQUID GROUP includes a section dedicated to the organization of international art events, managing exhibitions of painting, photography, video art, installation and performance; it organizes solo and collective shows, art residencies and international contests. Its object is to use new technologies to globalize the language of art, to connect artists working in every part of the world.

            ITSLIQUID Group manages a variety of art spaces all over the world; among them THE ROOM Contemporary Art Space in the heart of San Marco Square in Venice and different historical buildings, THE LINE Contemporary Art Space in the London city center and other different partners worldwide. Since its beginning, the group has organized more than 250 events all around the world, involving more than 5.000 artists, in more than 60 international venues in Italy, USA, Canada, UK, Spain, France, etc. Most of the last events have been realized in museums (CCCB – Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona in Spain, NCCA – National Center for Contemporary Arts in Moscow, etc.), galleries and private foundations.

            ITSLIQUID is based on fluidity, motion, connection and accessibility. Making things easy to do. Welcome.

            Are you an artist, architect, designer? Would you like to be featured on ITSLIQUID platform? Send an e-mail to or fill the form below

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