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Partnership Program


ITSLIQUID Group is a cultural hub dedicated to the organization of international art exhibitions, art fairs, competitions, and communication/marketing services in the fields of art, architecture and design. During the last 20 years, it has organized more than 250 events around the world, involving over 5.000 artists, in more than 60 international venues, making contemporary art accessible to all.

ITSLIQUID Group, with its exhibition spaces in Venice, Rome, London and Barcelona, and locations partners worldwide, is looking for new partners, to extend its presence globally. Art curators, gallerists, directors of museums and private foundations, as well as exhibition spaces owners, are welcome to propose their locations to hold contemporary art exhibitions and art fairs. The perfect place can be an art gallery, a historical building, a conference and convention centre, a design hotel and any other place ready to host events (minimum required 70 square meters).

If you are interested in proposing your space, get in contact with our team by filling the form below or by email to ITSLIQUID Group is ready to expand its network!

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The exhibitions and art fairs organized in your art space will represent a forum for the direct exchange of ideas and contacts between collectors, artists, photographers, designers and art professionals, thanks to ITSLIQUID powerful tools of marketing and communication.

As ITSLIQUID Partner, you will have the opportunity to connect, increase and develop the art market and the dialogue between artists, art critics, journalists, collectors, and art lovers: a mutual exchange with the common aim to support art and artists in the world and to gain global visibility.

Are you an organization, an independent curator, or do you own/manage a space, and are you open to new collaborations? Send us an email to or fill the form below.

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Are you an artist, architect, designer? Would you like to be featured on ITSLIQUID platform? Send an e-mail to or fill the form below



Architecture | June 29, 2022

The complex nature of the shapes and articulations of the body of work of German-Swiss artist Paul Klee is reflected in the architecture of the Zentrum. Read more


Design | June 28, 2022

Esma Dereboy, one of the new era designers of Turkey, has achieved an important success by winning the IF DESIGN AWARD and the RED DOT AWARDS, which are the most important of the world-famous design awards this year. Read more


Fashion | June 27, 2022

The Calais Museum for Lace and Fashion presents the first retrospective exhibition dedicated to the Lecoanet Hemant fashion house. lt unveils more than forty years of designs blending the art of French couture with the spirit of the East. Read more


Design | June 22, 2022

The annual presentation at the Vitra Schaudepot reveals the collection of the Vitra Design Museum in a fresh light every year. The new focus topic, which will be on display from May 2022 to May 2023, is wholly devoted to colour. Following an invitation from the Vitra Design Museum, Dutch designer Sabine Marcelis has transformed the Schaudepot in one simple, sweeping gesture by sorting its roughly four hundred exhibits by colour. Read more

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