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Jaime Hayon: InfinitaMente

Design | January 12, 2023 |

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Image courtesy of World Design Capital

Jaime Hayon: InfinitaMente
Valencia, Spain
September 22, 2022 – April 16, 2023

Jaime Hayon: InfinitaMente” will bring together at the Centre del Carme Cultura Contemporània the universe of renowned designer Jaime Hayon, 2021 Spanish National Design Award winner. 

The exhibition, which can be visited from September 22 in the Ferreres and Goerlich rooms of the CCCC, has been organized and produced by the Consorci de Museus de la Comunitat Valenciana and the CCCC and will take place within the framework of the official program of València World Design Capital 2022.

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Image courtesy of World Design Capital

Jaime Hayon: InfinitaMente” will show a selection of the most iconic works of the versatile Madrid-born creator, closely linked to València, including pieces never before presented in our country. From an educational perspective, the project will be a journey through his personal universe and his creative process through materials, tools, inspiration and references.

In the year in which Valencia is World Design Capital, we could not leave out a tribute to the work of Jaime Hayon, one of the most outstanding creators in our country, whose work combines design and art, craftsmanship and industry, showing, from Valencia, the presence of design in people’s daily lives, in everyday and decorative objects, and how artistic pieces can reach all citizens“, says the director of the Consorci de Museus and the CCCC, José Luis Pérez Pont.

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Image courtesy of World Design Capital

This is the first large-scale showcase of Jaime Hayon‘s work to be held in Spain and will be launched to coincide with the World Design Street Festival – one of the most eagerly awaited Signature events on the capital’s calendar – and Valencia Disseny Week. “Jaime Hayon: InfinitaMente” will remain open to the public until April 16, 2023

The collaboration between the Consorci de Museus de la Comunitat Valenciana and World Design Capital Valencia 2022 has made a significant mark on the exhibition program of the CCCC, a place of intense cultural activity in Valencia. The inauguration of the great exhibition “Jaime Hayon: InfinitaMente” meets one of the main objectives of the capital, to bring design closer to the public.

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Image courtesy of World Design Capital

Jaime Hayon: InfinitaMente” will show a selection of the charismatic creators’ most iconic works, both in the fields of illustrations and artistic pieces as well as products for companies. The show also includes works that have never been presented in Spain, such as “Masquemask” – an exhibition of 7 large tapestry-masks designed for the LODZ Design Museum -, “Mesamachine” or “Mediterranean Digital Baroque” – one of the designer’s first exhibitions -, as well as large format paintings and sculptures. 

Visitors will be able to find a selection of products and furniture produced over the 20 years of Hayon Studio, including unique and limited-edition pieces along with samples of processes and raw materials, which will allow them to discover all the details that are not normally visible. 

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Image courtesy of World Design Capital

Glass and ceramics, major players in Hayon’s work, will be the central focus of two of the rooms, whose core themes will be creativity applied to the material and the search for different expressive tools within each of the disciplines.

The central section will be dedicated to the creative process behind pieces of furniture, lighting and accessories of a commercial nature, highlighting the behind the scenes of the creations and revealing freely the references, sources of inspiration and details of both industrial and handcrafted production, which both enrich their story and put the pieces in context. Also on display will be sketchbooks, notebooks and drawings, as well as various objects, samples and prototypes of Hayon‘s most personal works. 

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Image courtesy of World Design Capital

Since he opened his studio in 2000, Jaime Hayon (Madrid, 1974) applies his personal imaginary to everything he does, without distinguishing between the different areas of expertise in which he works: from design to art, craftsmanship, interior design or painting. Hayon is a serious and rigorous designer, orderly and methodical, who effectively and thoroughly addresses the questions of function and use of the objects he designs, but he is also a creator who explores the blurred boundary between design and art in pieces in which responding to a function is not at all the main objective.

Hayon Studio‘s creative base is in Valencia, Spain, with offices in Barcelona and Treviso, Italy. Jaime’s work has appeared in the world’s most prestigious art and design publications. He has won numerous awards, most recently the Spanish National Design Award 2021, as well as multiple Elle Decoration International Design Awards, and has been included by Wallpaper magazine in its “Top 100” list. The author is recognized by the magazine as one of the most influential creators of the last decade, praised as a “visionary” and one of Times magazine’s most creative icons. He is currently a member of the International Advisory Committee of World Design Capital Valencia 2022.

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Image courtesy of World Design Capital

Valencia is World Design Capital in 2022 after the biannual designation carried out by the renowned institution World Design Organisation. The city of Valencia and, by extension, the Valencian Community, is a land of creativity. The work of design, architecture, interior design or illustration professionals over the last hundred years demonstrates a design culture that extends throughout the whole territory.

more. www.wdcvalencia2022.com

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Image courtesy of World Design Capital

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