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From Greece to the world: that is the motto inspiring Kopajos. As a family company, we have found our home in the heart of the Cycladic Archipelago, between Mykonos and Delos, two islands rich in sacred, creative energy. In just a few years, the sunglasses with the “tapered fish” became something the Mykonians are proud of because they carry Mykonos and Greece worldwide. More than just research, Kopajos is the greek spirit.

The story gets lost in time with a local artisan who crafted his own shapes in a small workshop, producing very resistant glasses in various materials. The excellent quality was noticed even by Aristoteles Onassis in the ’60. The legend goes that after a fight he had with Maria Callas, she broke his sunglasses in rage. Still, the old craftsman repaired them, changing the temples with some thicker ones so she wouldn’t be able anymore to destroy them.

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Kopajos today is moving into a new era, bringing its relevant legacy. Mykonos and its international vocation are the perfect scenario to continue this family tradition. Our sunglasses are made in Italy and result from high-quality standards for unique, classic, and innovative designs. This is how our sunglasses got international recognition. In the last 4 years, we had the chance to explore the other gem of the Aegean Sea, Santorini. We have opened two stores in Fira and Oia, where you can attend the most breathtaking sunset of your life.

Year by year, Mykonos is strengthening its name among the top destinations around the world. Its recognition comes from afar since it is one of the places the jet set contributed to making famous. Everybody who wanted to follow a free-spirit lifestyle detected a wide-spreading sense of freedom and openness, ensuring Mykonos gained more recognition. That’s why today, the world wants to meet on this unique island and enjoy greek hospitality.

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In our flagship store, located on Kalogera Street in Mykonos, one of the island’s most exclusive areas, you can feel this dynamic energy. We amplified it through the local colors, the blue and the white, representing the sea, the sky, the typical greek houses, and the sun that permeates every corner through the large windows. If you visit Santorini, we hope to welcome you to our building located in Oia. Let our team exhibit the Kopajos collection, with the beautiful caldera view in the background. We kept the same design and colors as in Mykonos, the natural light through the window, and one of the most reprised Bougainville of Santorini.

How often have you come into sunglasses shops and said, “I can’t find mine”? It does not happen here. With more than 110 models and 5000+ available options, we set the goal to please (almost!) everybody. We establish high-quality standards and an incredible customization rate, so it’s easy to deliver original combo. Moreover, we want our trends and ideas to influence the market, not necessarily the contrary. We do this by introducing new shapes, colors, and more options for our previous sunglasses every year, experimenting with materials like titanium or acetate, increasing the calibers, or restyling classic designs.

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Our unique style found recognition on different occasions. In 2017, American supermodel Bella Hadid showed up with two of our designs, Quantum, and New Vesper Lynd. Then, we had the chance to attend the 2022 ready-to-wear collection of Giambattista Valli in Paris. Models wore our Sandor design during the catwalk (for more: https://youtu.be/RwpeuGqKEPM).

“Take care of your Kopajos” will be your effort. Our promise is to grant our warranty program. The lenses we chose for our sunglasses are resistant polycarbonate, 400 UV protection, and a polarization filter. However, we know that they are still fragile and delicate. Since our goal is to provide the best care possible, all our sunglasses come with a warranty card. You can contact us twice during the sunglasses’ lifetime, and if the lenses are scratched, we will replace them for free.

As Mykonos gave so much to us, we decided to give something back. We are committed to helping stray animals on the island, providing them food and the health care they need, and finding adoption in Greece and abroad. Aegean cats, dogs, and even donkeys need your help! Parts of our profits are donated to local organizations and advocates through the donation boxes in our stores. We are also involved directly, acting every time an animal is in need.

more. www.kopajos.com

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