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Image courtesy of LAIT LUCE

La_it Luce. Luci non convenzionali
By Annalisa Seghetti and Miro Mascitti

LAIT is an amusing acronym L and A are the initials of AnnaLisa and IT is the identifier made in Italy. Together they sound like ‘light’ and in French ‘lait’ means milk. A game that we liked from the start. Lait Luce is therefore the idea of Annalisa Seghetti and Miro Mascitti. In 2014, a bit for fun, the first lamp was born from recycled materials that were transformed to house a light bulb. It was the barter_light. Since then the ideas have evolved and that lamp is now part of a much larger family, flanked by other product categories.

Image courtesy of LAIT LUCE

Everything we create is the result of design and artistic contaminations as well as the technical training we have acquired over the years. Every lamp signed Lait Luce has a green component that is the daughter of something that has already been produced and that is processed and reinterpreted according to a philosophy and a new romantic style. Our way of making light is sartorial, but what we like to say is that every lamp we commission is not just an object but the representation, the physical story of what is given to us and what it should be.

Image courtesy of LAIT LUCE

The ideas, prototyping, and realization have their genesis in a workshop in San Benedetto del Tronto located in the south wing of a 16th-century building called “Caserma Guelfa”. “We believe that the place has the function of transmitting and containing ideas like a box. Every place holds the essence of those who inhabit it, hiding life stories, eras, changes, and revolutions. We chose this place, connecting to its past to start a new story“. Architects, carpenters, glassmakers, ceramists, craftsmen, and artists collaborate with us. Together we combine our training and create table lamps (in small serial productions) and custom-made chandeliers that certainly do not only aim to give the place a light but also to tell their own story in tune with the environment they illuminate.


Image courtesy of LAIT LUCE
Image courtesy of LAIT LUCE

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