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Lianna Sheppard | Modugram

Design, Fashion | May 6, 2013 |

Tetra / Modu_Gram by Lianna Sheppard

Lianna Sheppard | Modugram

Modugram is a collection or series of pieces, each named separately including: “octa“, “tetra“, “edra“, “poly“. Inspired by mathematical models of shapes one might make as a child. It is a collection of 3D wearable structures on both small and large scale, initially created through the use of the simple fold to create and generate form.

Edra / Modu_Gram by Lianna Sheppard

Flat – Fold – Form. The pieces themselves transform through the use of several different means; light, reflection, movement, form and colour. It is as much about process as it is about product, looking in depth at the whole generati­­­ve sequence, unpack – assemble  – create – perform – transform.

Poly / Modu_Gram by Lianna Sheppard

Modu_gram looks at the interrelation and interplay between shapes and forms with the body and the new silhouettes that emerge and the form and counter forms that arise by doing so. The video, also named Modu_gram needs to be shown alongside; you can find it here:

Tetra / Modu_Gram by Lianna Sheppard

Lianna says of herself: “When designing I take inspiration from abstract images and forms, looking at the shapes within these to inform my garment shapes and silhouettes. Looking at the interrelation and interplay between flat and 3D structural shapes and forms with the body central, within the process of creation new silhouettes emerge and form counter forms that arise through human interaction and engagement.”


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