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Image courtesy of Ligarti

Passionate Art and Craftsmanship

LIGARTI is a German art company founded by Hanna Ligeti, a talented Wuppertaler artist with Hungarian roots. Hanna has been passionate about art since childhood, her favourite motifs always being animals. Along with painting, Hanna used to self-print T-shirts and sold them at street festivals and to friends. It was this hobby that later led to the creation of LIGARTI – Hanna Ligeti’s small animal world on T-shirts, art prints, and postcards.

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Image courtesy of Ligarti

With positive feedback and encouragement from customers, Hanna Ligeti and Alex Kissing (a friend from philosophy studies and later co-founder) decided to turn their passion into a proper company. After a year of travelling through Portugal, they returned to Germany and founded LIGARTI with the help of Sami Taha, a friend and third co-manager.

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Image courtesy of Ligarti

The name “LIGARTI” is a combination of Hanna’s surname Ligeti and the word ‘art.’ This focus on art is the company’s main goal. It’s all about bringing art into the everyday life of its customers – either through Hanna Ligeti’s original paintings or her artwork on high-quality products. Rather than mass-produced goods, LIGARTI strives to produce artistic products that are durable and sustainable.

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Image courtesy of Ligarti

Hanna Ligeti’s artistic process involves a delicate touch and a deep appreciation for nature. Her paintings feature intricate details of feathers, fur, leaves, and other natural elements, often with a touch of abstraction that adds dynamism to the work. The company’s products include hand-painted originals, art prints, and postcards, but also household items like drinking cups, textiles or paper products. Each item is made with great care and attention to detail, ensuring that customers receive a truly unique piece of art. LIGARTI is committed to producing its products as locally and regionally as possible, and with minimal plastic usage. Many of its products are made from sustainable, regrowing or even recycled materials, and the majority are handcrafted in its own manufacturing facility in Wuppertal.

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Image courtesy of Ligarti

LIGARTI is more than just a company; it’s a passion project that combines art and craftsmanship in a way that’s rarely seen in today’s world. If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind art pieces that are made with love and care – or if you are just as much of an animal enthusiast as Hanna Ligeti – LIGARTI is the place to go.


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Image courtesy of Ligarti
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Image courtesy of Ligarti
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Image courtesy of Ligarti

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