Fashion | November 26, 2021 |

Lightia Eyewear01
Image courtesy of Lightia

Berlin, Germany

Eyewear brand lightia launched in Summer 2021 with a collection of protective bluelight blocking glasses. The debut line features five timeless signature frames and six custom colors, each made of high quality Mazzucchelli acetate or lightweight metal. The materials are recycled and vegan. Made for a digital generation, lightia offers a solution to the negative effects of blue light overexposure by finding the best balance between protection, comfort and style.

Lightia Eyewear02
Image courtesy of Lightia

The creators of the brand are two friends from college, Truong Nguyen and Mogen Brattström. Their passion for entrepreneurship and fashion combined with their experienced need for bluelight protection as digital natives led to the ideation of lightia. Now – a year later – they have successfully actualized their vision and can also soon be found carried by international marketplaces. “Protective eyewear created by digital natives for digital natives”.


Lightia Eyewear03
Image courtesy of Lightia
Lightia Eyewear04
Image courtesy of Lightia
Lightia Eyewear07
Image courtesy of Lightia
Lightia Eyewear05 1
Image courtesy of Lightia
Lightia Eyewear 06
Image courtesy of Lightia

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