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Mam 001 2 1000x563 Renamed 28003
Image courtesy of MAM

A Collection Inspired by the Cyclical Movement of Life.

What does the cyclical movement of life mean? Life is full of significant endings and new beginnings. Flowing in absolute confidence and having the ability to accept change is the goal. Realize that when a stage ends, something bigger is about to begin. Welcome the unknown with love and acceptance.

Mam 002
Image courtesy of MAM

From MAM, we invite you to move towards the new and the unknown with a feeling of confidence and relaxation. Consider that life will always take you exactly where it wants you to go, to continue learning and thereby continue to raise your frequency.

Mam 003 2 1000x563 Renamed 7944
Image courtesy of MAM

This new collection MAM SOLID is composed of rings, bracelets, and ear cuffs of circular shapes that represent our life cycles. Pieces created with high-quality sustainable materials, and plated only with the finest 18k gold and sterling silver.

Mam 004 2
Image courtesy of MAM

“Be grateful, trust in life and follow the path” Anthya Tirado Solano, MAM Co – Founder and Creative Director. MAM was founded by Jordi Enrique Alber, CEO and Anthya Tirado, Creative Director. MAM is an ethical fashion brand from Barcelona. MAM creates innovative designs that are revolutionizing the way you use accessories. MAM creates genderless pieces that you can customize in a creative way. MAM is more than a brand, it is a creative community.

Mam 005
Image courtesy of MAM

At MAM we design products without rules or stereotypes that are revolutionizing the way we use accessories. We create genderless pieces that give you the freedom to personalize and explore your individuality in a creative way.

M – Movement: We are always trying to step forward in product design and innovation.
A – Art: We love art in every form, and that is why we support artists from all over the world, Especially the Young Urban Creatives.
M – Mission: We have a mission since we started this project, which is to be as ethical as possible with the environment


Mam 006
Image courtesy of MAM

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