María Rojas Rioja – Public vote winner of THE WORLD – Faces. Places. Spaces award | ITSLIQUID

María Rojas Rioja – Public vote winner of THE WORLD – Faces. Places. Spaces award

Art | March 10, 2014 |

María Rojas RiojaImage courtesy of María Rojas Rioja

María Rojas Rioja – Public vote winner of THE WORLD – Faces. Places. Spaces award

María Rojas Rioja was born in Chiclayo, Lambayeque, Peru. She studied Business Engineering at the University of the Pacific in Lima. Her artwork is kind of a nomad’s artwork, she is always looking for many different places and things which she takes photo of if it has a natural sense or has a harmony, and some of them are kind of biographic.

María Rojas RiojaImage courtesy of María Rojas Rioja

She finds inspiration for artworks in each of the things that are around her no matter the kind. As a photographer, she considers that photography reveals the way we perceive things and even who we are. For her, an artist shouldn’t have prejudices, she considers that kind of thinking limits the artist’s mind. For her, art shows the world how we perceive it with no restrictions of any kind.

María Rojas RiojaImage courtesy of María Rojas Rioja

She says that the artist always has to be free, to express, to tolerate and be tolerated, and one way or another we are always free because artistic minds generate ideas. She has never gone to an art university, she believes that artist are born as artist: “once an artist, forever an artist.”


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