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The label “Marie Raz” was created in Berlin by the Brazilian designer Mariana Razuk. Her taste for geometrical forms and graphical elements is always mixed with her Brazilian background – colorful and easy – which makes the clothes never too serious, never too stiff, simply different.

The first collection FORMAS E METAMORFOSE had the idea of taking architectural forms / straight lines and breaking it with colors and cut-offs, giving it all a different attitude: Elegant, but with a relaxed coolness. The pieces are artisanal, with self-made material finishing as the adding of colorful stripes that didn’t exist before or the use of wadding to create dimension.

The Spring / Summer 2014 BREATH OF LIFE Inspired by a very personal moment, where the beauty of the south of France overtakes all the madness of life and makes you stop and enjoy it. This collection has the easiness and the elegance you find in everything there: Warm tones of stone with touches of color and the use of natural materials such as linen and silk form simple but elegant silhouettes, with pieces that are flowing and light to wear.

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