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Image Courtesy of Me&Glenda


Glenda Menia Cadore is the owner of an historic eyewear company founded by her father in 1983 in Cadore, Italy. The design education and the work experiences carried out before totally committing to the management of the family business, pushed her in recent years to resume her passion for design and to create a collection of high-quality manufacturing eyewear capable of expressing important concepts: craftsmanship, beauty, passion and emotion.

The eyewear manufacturing company is specialized in the production of eyewear with a modern and sophisticated style, hand-crafted by skilled Italian artisans who work with cellulose acetate, the raw material of the highest quality.

Image Courtesy of Me&Glenda

Me&glenda is an eyewear collection that springs from the combination of the Italian artisan tradition and the love for design. The highest expression of passion, art and high manufacturing and the result of a 40 years artisan experience. Handmade by expert craftsmen, the glasses are synonymous of style, elegance and refinement.

The me&glenda collection is inspired by Venice and in particular by the exhibition “from Botero to Kandinskij” that Glenda Menia Cadore saw at Palazzo Zaguri.

“Art, colors, clean and elegant shapes intertwine and connect to each other to give life to new visual identities”, she states.

The noble material par excellence which Glenda Menia Cadore has chosen for the me&glenda collection, is cellulose acetate. It is used to create a refined contamination of shades and transparencies that blend and merge into a single essence.

Image Courtesy of Me&Glenda

Glenda Menia Cadore see the glasses she design taking shape inside her company: “They are not simple objects, but authentic expressions of the brand’s personality, unique pieces made one by one”, she affirms.

Passion, care and the continuous research give life to a high-quality manufacturing product, which are built with the respect for the environment and are aimed to convey emotions, sustainability and craftsmanship.


Image Courtesy of Me&Glenda
Image Courtesy of Me&Glenda
Image Courtesy of Me&Glenda
Image Courtesy of Me&Glenda
Image Courtesy of Me&Glenda
Image Courtesy of Me&Glenda
Image Courtesy of Me&Glenda

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