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Mii Amo Spa Renovation and Expansion

Design | December 3, 2023 |

miiamospa gluckmantang 01
Image courtesy of Gluckman Tang

Mii Amo Spa
Location: Sedona, Az
Status: Completed, 2023

Nestled in the red rocks of Sedona’s Boynton Canyon, Mii amo has set the standard for US wellness retreats since 2001. Now, the destination spa has emerged from its own journey of renewal and expansion. The design celebrates place and holistic well-being. We refreshed and expanded the building, designed by our firm in 2001, staying true to the original intent. The experience of the natural surroundings – the tones and shapes of the canyon, the unique quality of light and sky, and the texture of the landscape informed the design.

miiamospa gluckmantang 002
Image courtesy of Gluckman Tang

The building frames the natural surroundings with simple forms, natural materials, and a vivid, earthy palette. The decoration is artfully restrained. Organic materials and textures create a dialogue with the canyon’s red rocks and soft green hues. Our goal was to enrich mind, body, and spirit and connect to the place. A sunken living room replaces a former indoor pool with sumptuous, tufted lounge seating. Daybed niches line the perimeter of the room, with skylights and windows offering connections to the sky and sun.

miiamospa gluckmantang 003
Image courtesy of Gluckman Tang

The updated spa is warm and luxurious. In the pre-treatment lounge, upholstered “bancos” in local Alder wood offer personal space in a group setting. Skylights gently illuminate spas, steam rooms, and saunas. Post-treatment, guests are provided with their own space to recline with a view of the canyon. The journey lounge, with a stunning metallic-tile-clad fireplace, is a place for contemplation or gatherings.

miiamospa gluckmantang 004
Image courtesy of Gluckman Tang

Hummingbird, the resort’s new restaurant, is airy and luminous. Dining banquettes invite a social experience, while cozy, u-shaped booths, nestled between textured fin walls, allow for privacy. Custom wallpaper, designed by a local Yavapai artist, represents the wings of a hummingbird. A coffered wood ceiling celebrates the volume of the room. Low furnishings, a restrained palette, and an operable glass wall draw the eye to the view up the canyon.

more. www.gluckmantang.com

miiamospa gluckmantang 005
Image courtesy of Gluckman Tang
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Image courtesy of Gluckman Tang
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Image courtesy of Gluckman Tang
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Image courtesy of Gluckman Tang

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