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Image courtesy of Red Dot Design Museum

Milestones in Contemporary Design 2021-2022
Red Dot Design Museum, Essen, Germany
June 22, 2021 – May 31, 2022

From 21 June, the Red Dot Design Museum in Essen will be showing two new exhibitions presenting excellent design highlights from all areas of life. With a total of around 1,500 products, the exhibitions “Milestones in Contemporary Design” and “Design on Stage” offer an overview of the state of the art in the world of design. The two exhibitions will be on view until the end of May 2022.

Image courtesy of Red Dot Design Museum

The special exhibition “Milestones in Contemporary Design 2021-2022” presents the 116 best products of 2021 – the current milestones in international product design. These include the “Maxi-Cosi Coral” car seat, which was designed as a seat within a seat, which significantly improves usability. The DJI FPV goggles for drone pilots, on the other hand, offer a particularly intense flight experience from a first-person perspective.

Image courtesy of Red Dot Design Museum

And the “Illan” pendant light delights with its filigree appearance, made possible by innovative use of materials and technology, while nothing disturbs the purist overall impression of the 34 kg “Mark Levinson № 5105” record player. The exhibition also explores the question of which characteristics a product must have in order to achieve the highest design quality.

Image courtesy of Red Dot Design Museum

On five floors, the “Design on Stage” exhibition offers visitors a comprehensive overview of current trends and developments in product design. The exhibition is designed in such a way that visitors have the opportunity to first get to know some general basics of good design – the “Design Fundamentals” – at the beginning of their visit. Thus, on a tour of the ground floor of the museum, with the help of short introductory texts and exemplary products, they are put in a position to judge for themselves the products they encounter on their tour.

Image courtesy of Red Dot Design Museum

Among these exhibits are also large products such as the industrial robot “Motoman HC20DT” from the Japanese manufacturer Yaskawa, the futuristic electric motorbike Verge TS from Finland or medical products whose design is rarely consciously taken note of. In a separate area on level 1, under the title “Robot design – between humanoid and technoid”, the question is also explored as to how robots must be designed so that they are not perceived as a threat but are accepted as a natural part of the world of life and work.


Image courtesy of Red Dot Design Museum

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